Friday, April 21, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....April 21 , 2017......Quick Hits For Friday 1) Markets : US Major Stock Indexes End Modestly lower On Friday ; Panic Buying Of Euros In The Final Stanza Of Today's Trading ; US Crude Ends Below 50 Bucks & Price Falls Below 100 Day Moving Average ; US Oil Rig Count Higher Again This Week , Up 44 % Since OPEC Announced Production Cuts November 30th ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) French Elections Set For Sunday , Friday Polling Data , Get Your Popcorn. 3) Greece News De Jour. 4) US Politics Round Up For Friday : New Healthcare Bill Still Not Rolled Out But Apparently Getting Closer ; Executive Actions Set For Today On Dodd- Frank & Corporate Inversions ; Gov't Shutdown Prep Ongoing ; Trump Tax Plan May Be Rolled Out Next Week ; Russian Interference in Election 2016 Back In News Cycle ; Treasury Dept Denies Exxon Waiver On OFAC Sanctions. 5) Blackouts Hit Major Cities In US Today. 6) Odds & Ends For Friday !


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US stocks end with modest losses on the day

1 hour ago
Pretty bizarre move here into the close. 20 pips in the past half-hour.

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Oil below $50, Trump tax plan coming

US crude oil futures settle at $49.62/BBL

The US rig count is up 44% since OPEC announced quotas on November 30.

April 2017 PMI data for both Services & Manufacturing fell sharply. Q-1 2017 GDP growth likely 1.1% rather than 1.7%

France .....

Join The Local on Sunday for LIVE coverage of the French presidential election

BREAKING: Trump tells that Paris attack will “probably help” far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in France’s upcoming election.

Macron And Le Pen Seen Level On 23% Of Votes In First Round Of French Presidential Election, Melenchon On 19.5, Fillon On 19 - BVA Poll

Macron fades in final BVA French election poll

Odoxa Poll: R1 Fillon and Melenchon Both At 19%

Odoxa Poll: R1 Macron slips to 24.5%, Le Pen Gains to 23%

Ipsos poll data.....


Champs-Elysées: An ode to the world's most famous avenue

Marine Le Pen accused of 'exploiting' Champs-Elysées attack

State of play in France election campaign ...


Greece blows EU-IMF bailout targets away with strong budget performance

Greeks ignore health insurance, opting to pay their own way

Primary surplus chokes market

Dip in Greek tourism arrivals and revenues at start of year

IMF admits to misjudging economic performance

US Political Round Up ...

Trump now says it "doesn't matter" if healthcare vote is next week

Freedom Caucus May Be Ready To Flip As New ObamaCare Bill Sports "Significant Changes"

New healthcare bill could be released as soon as today - report

better than OPEC and "Greece is fixed" headlines



POTUS looking to accomplish things where he can and to avoid Congressional statemates -via Executive Actions.

State readout of Tillerson Lavrov call. discussed OPCW investigation into Syria CW. Lavrov wants changes, Tillerson wants as is

JUST IN: Russian officials tried to infiltrate Trump's campaign through his advisers: report

House Intel Committee calls Sally Yates to testify in public on Trump-Russia ties

Yates, Brennan, Clapper hearing to be scheduled after May 2nd.

Blunt answer from to sanction waiver request from :

Spicer previewed 100-day accomplishments: --"so far passed 24 laws" --"instituted tough immigration policies" --removed job-killing regs.

White House preps for possible govt shutdown even as Trump says in Oval Office "we’re in good shape” to avoid that.

The White House is preparing for a government shutdown, though Spicer says they "remain confident that we are not going to have a shutdown."

Power Outages Hit US Cities Today.....

LA , San Fran & New York hit today with power outages Friday. Causation still unknown....

Major power outages hit LA, New York, and San Francisco around the same time today 🙃:

Power out in San Fran..

Major power outage reported in downtown San Francisco (via )

Power still down in SF

well then...

Odds & Ends.....

Eight Venezuelans Electrocuted To Death While Looting Bakery Amid Massive Protests

Satellite images of Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site (April-19) indicate North Korea may have resumed preparations for a possible nuke test.

Italy downgraded to BBB..

Freed Qatari hunters fly out of - (grab from interior ministry footage)

Very true..

Snap election: PM wants the power. But what will it mean for ? 's Henry Newman joins us to discuss

China Denies Media Report Saying It Put Bombers on High Alert: BBG

Wow !