Sunday, April 23, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....April 23 , 2017......Quick Hits For Sunday - 1) France - Today Is The Day French Voters Decide Which Two Candidates Go On to the Second Round. Today's Post Section For France Will Be Divided Into Early Morning News ( C) , Afternoon News (B) And Results ( A ) When They Become Available. 2) US Political News Round Up For Sunday - Sunday Talk show Subject Matter , Gov't Shutdown Follies , Swampland News , International Matters & More. 3) Greece's Creditors Due To Return To Attempt To Conclude Review , Additional News Of Note For Greece. 4) Odds & Ends - North Korea , Syria , Saudi Arabia , Iraq & Libya In Focus !



Macron and Le Pen move on toward 2nd round...

Le Pen's early lead in counting in the French election may not hold

From 45.97m voters (95.56%): Macron 23.82%, Le Pen 21.58%, Fillon 19.97%, Melenchon 19.48% - French Interior Min at 00:56am

From 41.01m voters (85.43%): Macron 23.61%, Le Pen 22.20%, Fillon 19.87%, Melenchon 19.07% - French Interior min at 11:31pm

From 37.59m voters (78.14%): Macron 23.41%, Le Pen 22.6%, Fillon 19.86%, Melenchon 18.85% - French Interior Min at 11:01pm

From 33.42m voters (69.47%): Macron 23.12%, Le Pen 23.06%, Fillon 19.80%, Melenchon 18.64% - French Interior Min at 10:35pm

EU's Juncker congratulates Macron

Juncker wishes Macron well for the run-off

Melenchon refuses to endorse Macron. Says that voters must examine their own "consciences".

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French establishment is swiftly lining up urging voters to now back Macron: Fillon, Hamon, Ayrault, Valls, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo

By 11:00pm or midnight, the view should be clear. Of note: pollsters are quite accurate. And Fillon conceded

ONCE MORE: French Interior min issues votes COUNTED IN. Pollsters give estimates from extrapolation as big cities are still not accounted


Some trouble in Paris tonight involving anti-fascist protesters unhappy at Le Pen getting through to second round:

| For the first time since 1965, neither of France's two mainstream parties are on track to make the presidential run-off election.

Unlike Fillon , Melenchon yet to concede - hoping results from big cities push into Second round.

French interior min, on 12.75m votes: Le Pen 24.79%, Macron 21.66%, Fillon 19.65%, Melenchon 17.97% NB: NOT ESTIMATES

French interior min at 8:40pm, out of 9.2 million voters: Le Pen 25.06%, Macron 21.28%, Fillon at 19.65%, Melenchon at 17.94%

French candidate concedes defeat and endorses Emmanuel

B )  Afternoon News....


More detailed turnout breakdown by region

1 hour ago
Exit polls not allowed b4 8pm; Voting stations open till 7pm this yr so reliable polls could be delayed

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Read this thread to stop hyperventilating on a so-called RTBF "exit poll"...

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Estimation participation 81%

1 hour ago
Turnout at 5pm slightly lower than in 2012 - French Interior Ministry

( C ) Early Morning News .....

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of "Les Quatre Mousquetaires Politiques."

Heightened security as France votes today.

France: No exit poll Projection after 8pm based on initial counts Anything before then likely to be bollocks

France, preliminary exit poll (La Libre): Macron 24% Le Pen 22% Fillon 20,5% Melenchon 18%

Five things to watch in France's election

: Pour les Franco-tunisiens, la question de la binationalité est "essentielle"
Translated from French by 
: For the Franco-tunisiens, the issue of the binational is "essential"

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French election LIVE: Voter turnout slightly up on 2012

1 hour ago
Two hours lines to vote in the French elections in London's South Kensington.

I have NEVER seen queues this long. SO proud of all the Frenchies in London - 3hrs+ is DEDICATION TO DEMOCRACY.

Great thread and closing thoughts from Sophie Pedder on today's election. 15 tweets in the thread , well worth checking this out !

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Many voters are taking chances on the smaller candidates.The feeling is that this is not an ordinary election and that anything can happen.

No electronic voting at French election, nor single ballot paper. Voters put one individual slip of paper in envelope

First indication: voter turnout matches that in 2012. Early sign the French are voting in line with usual high trend for presidential poll

Voting now under way in France. Only official info to be released will be turnout rate, at midday and 5pm. Exit polls under embargo till 8pm

US Politics.....


Trump Tax Plan slipping we learn Plan details will not be ready until June ( if then.)

62% of Americans support President Trump's military action in Syria, according to new NBC News/WSJ poll

Top Dem: Government shutdown over Trump's border wall would be the "height of irresponsibility"

Top Trump aide says he "NEVER met" Carter Page over 550 days on campaign trail

Ex-UN Ambassador John Bolton warns: It "just gets worse" with North Korea

Mulvaney downplays chances of government shutdown

Health-care vote likely in early May, House conservative says

Comey didn't trust AG Loretta Lynch during Clinton email investigations

NEW: Five things to know about Trump's steel order

NEW POLL: Trump approval at record low, but nearly all who supported his election say it was the right thing to do

Ryan: Focus is on keeping government open, not healthcare

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Trump reaches beyond West Wing for coins

1 hour ago
North Korea detains US citizen: report

1 hour ago
Top political cartoons of the week are here |

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North Korea warns it could sink US carrier "with a single strike": report

1 hour ago
NEW: Five fights for Trump’s first year

Eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, Mexico will be paying, in some form, for the badly needed border wall.

The Democrats don't want money from budget going to border wall despite the fact that it will stop drugs and very bad MS 13 gang members.

Current Trump aide Dan Scavino says in 550 days on road with Trump during campaign, he never met Carter Page.

"He’s not even a useful idiot. He’s just a plain idiot. He had no role to the campaign," ex-Trump aide on Carter Page.

ObamaCare is in serious trouble. The Dems need big money to keep it going - otherwise it dies far sooner than anyone would have thought.

Very interesting election currently taking place in France.

TRUMP SUNDAY: --calls Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan --Half an hour later, calls President Xi Jinping of China. --No other events.

OPINION: Has the Democratic Party put the Clintons in their rear-view mirror for good?

Ryan tells rank-and members today they will vote next week on omnibus, but gives no details on how issues resolved, if they are.

Jim Jordan is not worried about Trump’s primary threats, saying “I’ve never shied away from competition”

Trump’s pick to regulate banks is hardly a shake-up

There may be some strategic motives for GOP candidates to delay their bids for the 2018 midterms:

Will Trump’s hold on blue-collar, white voters prove true in Virginia’s upcoming gubernatorial election?

Last year, Trump released a Contract With The American Voter, outlining an agenda for the first 100 days. Here's the status of that agenda:


Institutions due to return for conclusion of review

A clear message needed

Squats hosting migrants prompt ire of owners

1 hour ago
FM letter to chief says talks adviser Eide lobbying for

IMF denies the Fund in existential crisis over one more bailout for To Fund or Not to Fund

primary balance - from deficit of 10.1% of GDP in 2010 to surplus of 3.9% in 2016, a fiscal consolidation of 14 pp of GDP.

, public revenues are 11bln (-11%) below 2008 levels whereas expenditure has been slashed by 36bln (-31%) since 2009

Odds & Ends....

North Korea....

French election first round over , time to check in on NK-US situation....

POTUS to discuss NK with leaders of Japan and China in separate calls....

Homeland Security secretary: Trump will deal with nuclear North Korea before his second term

A third US citizen has been arrested and remains in custody in NK. NK also threatens to sink a U.S. Aircraft Carrier. Just another Sunday.

North Korea sure proved Australia's FM wrong....

United States remains vulnerable to North Korean cyber-attack, analysts say

Unlikely that U.S. sabotaged failed North Korean missile launch


REPORT: "Bunker busters" destroy Idlib cave hospital: "Bombing a hospital is just commonplace now."

Turkish-backed "Eastern Shield Army" releases statement declaring its formation made up of factions from E Syria to fight YPG, IS & SAA


Haftar gives beneficiaries of the amnesty law with a military background until May 15th to join Armed Forces.

Seddik al-Kabir (Tripoli Central Bank): 's revenues have fallen from 70 billion dinars to 8.6 billion

Seddik al-Kabir (Tripoli Central Bank): Submitted files to Attorney General related to smuggling of 4 billion dinars

Seddik al-Kabir (Tripoli Central Bank): Liquidity crisis caused by withdrawal of 30 bil dinars by senior depositors

Steering Committee Chairman for Libyan Investment Authority: Suffering losses daily because of UN sanctions

Presidential Council appoints justice minister and head of public investigations.

Fayez Serraj: Presidential Council intends to expand fight against fuel smuggling operations.

Ageilah Saleh: The meeting with Swehli was mediated by and .

Saudi Arabia......

Out with the old Princes , in with the younger Princes ...

The new Saudi ambassador in Washington is the king's son and a fighter pilot who bombed ISIS in Syria.


right now. Millions are in the capital for Imam Al-Kadhim commemoration event.

map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control