Saturday, April 15, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......April 15 , 2017......Quick Hits For Early Saturday -1) North Korea Holds Its Annual Military Parade , As Part of 105 Anniversary Of The Birth Of Founder of North Korea Kim II Sung ( In Cult Of Personality North Korea , This Year Is Junche 105 ) - Dear Leader Kim Jong -Un Present But Does Not Speak. 2) Libya News De Jour : US Treasury Issues Sanctions Against ISIS Militants In Libya ; CB Governor Tripoli Promises " Tell All " Press Conference ; Items Dealing With Security ; Libya Facing Wider Conflict While Possibilities Of Political Break Through Appear. 3) Turkey Referendum Looms As Turkish Voters Choice May Come Down To Choosing Stability Of Present Regime & Autocracy Of Erdogan Or Maintaining Status Quo Politically. 4) Syria State Of Play. 5) Odds & Ends For Early Saturday.

North Korea.....

Fine Day For A Parade.....

North Korea surprises with display of new missiles on Military Parade -Full Parade 2017

The Korean People’s Army publicly unveiled its Pukguksong-2 nuclear-capable ballistic missile during a military parade in Pyongyang.

North Korea Parades New ICBM, Sub-Based Missiles As US Carrier Group Approaches

No nuclear test or test of ballistic missiles -- so far !

North Korea surprises with new long-range ‘Frankenmissile’ Analyst: “We’re totally floored right now.” 

North Korea surprises with display of new missiles

Orders to spies go out on radio broadcast ahead of big anniversary celebration and military parade....

Kim Jong - Un's first public speech was April 15 , 2012....

Caught in mid-step during the military parade in

puts on show of force in military parade in as tensions rise on the Korean peninsula

Tank with mechanical problems leaves parade. Not exactly demonstrating military readiness.

Some people started crying when they streamed past at this morning's military parade in

My first, quick take: North Korea's 2017 Military Parade Was a Big Deal. Here Are the Major Takeaways

Turns out the submarine-launched ballistic missile wasn't the big unveil. This is:

However, this year is Juche 106! The Juche calendar started with his birth 105 years ago.

There is a distinct cheer used just to welcome the leader of . I sometimes hear it in my sleep.

's big parade, poised & ready to begin now in .

Looking back: On this day 5 yrs ago, heard 's voice for first time.

Good morning on the biggest holiday of the year in : founder Kim Il Sung's bday. It's like Christmas & Easter rolled into one.


This Masquerade.......

PM Serraj calls for international intervention to stop further escalation of violence in south Libya.

Oh gawd, just when you think things can't get any worse...

Gunmen reopened gas pipeline connecting Wafa oilfield wd Rwais power plant, hrs after closure, 2day after promises made 2pay financial dues

Central Bank of Libya announced sales of more than 75 million US dollars to Libyan families at the official exchange rates (LYD1.43)

Governor in press release says devaluation of LD alone is no solution to Libya's economic problems..

Governor in press release says cbl has no "magic wand" for Libya's economic woes..

in press release warns that his revelations are just the "iceberg" & promises more in press conference soon

Governor in press release accuses who attacked his home of wanting to coerce him into changing cbl policy

Governor in press release accuses "corrupt money" of waging campaign to distort image of CBL..

Governor accuses last 6 Libyan govts of being useless & ff scapegoating CBL for their inadequacies..

GECOL says pipeline to Ruwais power station is blocked again....& will lead to power cuts...

Anti-Misrata Municipality protesters closed HQ of Justice and Construction Party in the city and called for freezing all political parties

LNA airforce hits Third Force positions outside Sebha -

Dinar continues to fluctuate on black market -

UN chief warns that Libya risks a return to wide conflict - Gettysburg Times

Demonstration in the town of Sousa demanding power be handed over to a military council led by Khalifa Haftar

US Treasury Department imposes sanctions on Libyans Abdel Hadi al-Zarqoon & Ahmed al-Safrani for supporting

Young fighters must be absorbed into state institutions says Maetig -

The acting director of Civil Registry Authority Khaled Bibass was freed on Thursday after days of abduction in Tripoli.

Sanctions against IS militants in Libya - Al-Safrani, Zarqun - responsible for financial OPs & Hamma Hamani who provided support to IS.

Among other microscopic signs that coming weeks could lead to political breakthrough in

People in Misrata literally shut down the city council today for refusing to leave office. 'Mayor' Eshtewi will still say all is ok 😂

Unbelievable and outrageous this is happening in 2017 , but yet it is......


That's The Way Of The World....

The ballot for tomorrow's . Evet = Yes; Hayır = No.
picture of a ballot for the Turkish referendum, showing "Evet" on a white background, "Hayir" on brown.

Goldman Sachs apparently carried out a massive referendum survey and then gave the results to a MHP MP (?!)

Erdogan makes final push before vote on presidential powers

President Erdoğan, PM Yıldırım focus on Istanbul on the last of campaigning for referendum

Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul has launched a probe into 17 individuals including US politicians, bureaucrats and academics 1

Turkey probes below American and FETO members residing in the US

Erdogan is repeating his baseless claim that the opposition leader was in league with the July coup plotters

Replying to 
He started saying it just a few days ago, amid perilously narrow polls. Might be a sign he's worried about the referendum going against him.

Russian, Turkish Deputy PMs to hold talks in Moscow on April 18 to discuss lifting economic sanctions via

1 hour ago
Turkey could suspend EU migrant deal if no progress on visas, Cavusoglu says

Follow Turkey’s constitutional referendum Sunday live on and be the 1st to get the results

Stability or autocracy? Turkey divided over key referendum

1 hour ago
Ahead of Turkey’s major constitutional referendum, a look at how U.S. policy toward Turkey can evolve

Turkey's referendum explained

VIDEO - Turkey Referendum, Trump's Trigger Happy Foreign Policy (part 1)

I interviewed the head of the mission monitoring Turkey's referendum. Transcript here. A few highlights to follow


Where Have All The Flowers Gone....

Replying to 
First 15 buses of the civilians from Al Qaeda besieged Fuaa&Kafraya, Idlib have arrived to Ramouseh,Aleppo as the exchange continues tonight

1 hour ago
Replying to 
Despite the suicide attack today that caused tens of killed and wounded, the exchange is on: busses also from Madaya entered rebels area

1 hour ago
Replying to 
The attempt 2delay of 2stop the exchange (via a suicide attack)didn't stand: tens of busses entering now on both sides respective safe area.

1 hour ago
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From Fua & Kfarya, only civilians were evacuated (+wounded & corps of which Hezbollah among these).Militants stayed.

1 hour ago
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This is crucial because militants remaining in Fua-Kefraya may play an important role in the coming months.+

1 hour ago
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"Exchange deal" includes the release of 100s of prisoners and POW on both belligerents sides. Qatar paid big amount.

Death toll may be as high as 100 - as per Syrian Opposition Rescue Service.

Absolutely horrific video of the car bomb going off. You can hear the screams of the people...

Death toll more than 100 - with 70 civilians killed , as well as 30 members of Ahrar and HTS ( AQ ) killed as well.

Replying to 
: Early reports suggest 15+ killed & dozens more wounded in Rashideen - an area controlled by 's opposition forces.

Not good - A massive car bomb has just targeted civilian evacuees from Al-Fuah & Kafraya in 's Rashideen station. Many casualties.

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: 3,000-4,000 civilians & Shia militiamen from Al-Fuah/Kafraya are in Rashideen until / evacuees reach opposition areas.

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: Reminder, this population swap deal was agreed by Ahrar al-Sham & : Likely spoilers: AQ, , Assad.

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4 busses directly hit (65 ppl in each bus): civ survived years of siege in Fua & Kfarya 2die meters away from safety

Among those civilians killed today (Fua &Kfaray) there is a number of killed, present on demarcation line

Extremely high casualties today from suicide vehicle bombing-at least 70 killed & AQ most likely culprit. Waiting on UN & West to condemn.

First count: 15 killed and wounded by a (most likely) suicide against evacuated civilians from Fua and Kfarya

Replying to 
Many killed & wounded reported among evacuated civilians from Fua and Kfarya who were waiting to cross into Aleppo

There r already 130 civilians from Fua and Kefraya in need of urgent medical attention,wounded by the war, among those evacuated from cities

FYI: Madaya inhabitants shall not be moved outside their city. Only those who choose to leave, families of militants & armed militants left+

EU must use US missile strike on Syria to rekindle peace talks, says François Hollande

Qatar and Turkey negotiated on behalf of al-Qaeda and Ahrar al-Sham for the evacuation of Fua-kefraya / Madaya-Zabadani to take place

Damascus and allies wanted to force the way to Fua and Kefraya before Idlib but Russia rejected the military means.

Replying to 
Ex-US official says Russia informed US of plan to strike Khan Sheikhoun warehouse thought to contain toxic chemicals

SDF Jaish al-Thuwar denied rumours of negotiations to handover areas in northern Aleppo to Turkish mercenaries

Hezbollah media: Madaya is empty from militants since this morning, reconciliation committee entered to settle cases of those who remain

NEW MAP: ( branch in ) and allied "moderate rebels" are advancing vs. in 's neighbourhood.

Odds & Ends.....

Oh Yeah.....

Candidates % measured by voters declared - Macron : 23% ; Le Pen : 22% ; Fillon : 20% Melénchon : 20%.

France: Margin of Error, Odoxa poll: (FI-LEFT), (LR-EPP), (FN-EPP) and (EM-*) might qualify for 2nd round.

France: Left-wing candidate (FI-LEFT) on the rise (Ipsos polls).

Harder on Russia and softer on China, Trump's views evolving

Surprise! Now the establishment is praising Trump

Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul has launched a probe into 17 individuals including US politicians, bureaucrats and academics 1 of 7

Always enlightening weekly missive from Doug Noland......

This table out of US Treasury FX report highlights world's biggest currency manipulators in 2016.

Urges to Open Trade After Sparing Manipulator Tag - Bloomberg -

US urges China to buy more US goods after sparing it currency manipulator. The Swiss got special attention in FX rep

not branded as currency manipulator as US Treasury estimates that China heavily intervened to prevent a more rapid RMB DEPRECIATION.

WikiLeaks responds to CIA Director Pompeo..... worth taking the time to read , regardless of your pov on WikiLeaks.

This is a flip-flop of consequence by Pompeo & Trump: FOR Wikileaks when it helped party, AGAINST it when in office.

Karzai says its a violation of 's sovereignty and violation of the environment

'Mother of All Bombs' attack in Afghanistan killed at least 94 Daesh terrorists, Afghan provincian government says

- ANP foils large weapons smuggling attempt at Tindouf Province, near border with .

Tension in south following 's crackdown on fuel smuggling