Friday, April 14, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......Early April 14 , 2017 Post......Quick Hits For The Early Morning -1) France Election State Of Play : Melenchon Becoming Choice Of Left wing Voters As Hamon Fades , Le Pen Be The Ultimate Beneficiary In A Le Pen - Macron Second Round Face-Off. 2) Turkey In Focus : April 16th Referendum Looms , Key Items To Consider ; ISIS & PKK Related Stories To Ponder As Security Ramped Up As April 16th Looms ; Turkey To Make EU Final Visa Free Travel Offer After Vote , Economy Similarly To Become A Focal Point - After The Vote ; Additional Items To Consider. 3) Greece News Round Up - Focus On Economy , Creditor Talks & Politics. 4) US Political Wrap From April 13th - CIA Director Calls Wikileaks A Non State Hostile Intel Service ; NSA McMaster Seeks Tens Of Thousands Of Ground Troops To Take On ISIS In Iraq & Syria ; POTUS Off To Florida For Easter Weekend ;"MOAB" Deployed For First Time In Afghanistan ; Hot Button Issues Of North Korea / Border Wall / Replace & Repeal / Planned Parenthood In Focus. 5) Odds & Ends : Libya : Haftar Meets Kobler And Benghazi & Also Discusses Russia Role / Breaching UN Arms Embargo ; Iraq - Battle Against ISIS In Mosul Grind On In Old City , Kurds Face Problems Getting Referendum Together , Shiite Cleric Calls For Irbil & Baghdad To Mend Fences ; Syria - Iran And Qatar Work Out Evacuation Deal Four 4 Besieged Towns , US Mistakenly Hits SDF Forward Base Instead Of ISIS , Additional Items Of Note ; North Korea - US Conflict On Nuclear Weapon Testing Could Come To A Head This Weekend - China War Could Break Out Any Moment.


Lots of undecided voters in France....

Not sure how he can justify that type of insurrection !

France asks EU to suspend Le Pen's immunity over fake jobs allegations

French Election could be bedeviled by voters casting two ballots !

Far-left firebrand JL Mélenchon, who wants to quit NATO and confront the EU, is fast becoming the default choice for left-wingers in Fr elex

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2/ Mélenchon is gaining from the near collapse of socialist candidate Benoit Hamon who faces increasing pressure to drop out and back him

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3/ but Mélenchon is more threatening to Macron, because so many of his supporters plan to abstain if the final round is Macron vs Le Pen

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4/ at Lille rally, many said they were prepared accept a Le Pen presidency rather than vote for Macron."Tant pis" was a frequent response

Perfect timing: 9 days before the election judges want to lift Le Pen's parliamentary immunity on corruption charges

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Little evidence from the campaign or past year that they'll break for Le Pen: highly-motivated core vote, will benefit from abstention.

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This is what will determine tight election: Do they return 'home' to the political centre? Abstain? Or get swept up in the Mélenchon wave?

Mélenchon receives support from Amnesty France, while Macron is criticised for having few "concrete" policies on civil liberties.

Mélenchon platform: a “citizen audit” of public debt to assess its “illegitimate part…”

’s Election: All Four Candidates Within Poll Error Margin.

Worth noting the attacks on Mélenchon. Russia, Venezuela and Maoist jackets - but nothing on his policies. Sign of how popular they are.

Absolutely ridiculous reporting from France24. What is a "Chairman Mao jacket"?

Two weeks ago the gap between Macron and Mélenchon in Ifop polls was 11.5 points. It's now 3.5.


IFOP daily: Mélenchon now even with Fillon (19%) both close behind Macron (22.5%) and MLP (23.5%)

Elabe Poll – 2nd Round: Macron To Beat Fillon Or Melenchon, Melenchon To Beat Fillon Or Le Pen - RTRS


Erdogan moves to repair late crack in key referendum alliance as Lira keeps falling.

He isn't puffing , it's how he views destiny of Turkey.....

Turkey to deport Italian journalist detained in Hatay ||

Turkey seeks 3 consecutive life sentences for 150 officers on coup charges ||

President Erdogan: Turkey should reinstate death penalty after referendum ||

Yes or No? Turkey is voting on its future in Sunday's referendum

Lira is fluctuating ahead of this weekend's referendum. Latest poll done by pollster Gezici sees 'yes vote' at 53.3%.

3 days to referendum & I are live on Facebook page at 09.30London time/11.30Turkey time to take your questions


An important item to read on Greece and unprecedented experiment underway.....

US gov't sees 'supportive role' for in 's bailout program

Tsipras tries to rally ministers before they face constituents, sees end of bailout review as 'golden opportunity'

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Greeks paid €7bn more in taxes in 2016, as middle-classes vanish and poverty increases

Suppliers wait longer for payments

Income tax load mostly burdens an unlucky tenth of taxpayers

'Safe-deposit' gang strikes again

Influx of migrants picks up as weather improves

Greek coastal shipping sector underperforming

US Political News...

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BREAKING: Treasury puts China, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Germany & Switzerland on special currency "monitoring list", names none manipulators

NEW: White House explores new direction on tax reform

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Trump currently has funding for just seven miles of border wall: report

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Top House and Senate Democratic leaders want guarantee for health subsidies

US prepared to launch preemptive strike if North Korea goes forward with nuclear test: report

Trump signs bill allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood over abortion services

British spies first noticed suspicious "interactions" between Trump allies and Russia in 2015: report

CIA Director: Wikileaks a ‘non-state, hostile intelligence service’

Report: McMaster pushing for “tens of thousands” of U.S. ground troops for Syria and Iraq to finish off ISIS?

2 Tomahawk capable destroyers /American heavy bombers positioned in Guam/ USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group diverted to area.

No Trump senior staff are on Air Force One, and none are meeting him in Florida this Easter weekend, a White House aide tells .

The U.S. drops its largest non-nuclear bomb on ISIS positions in Afghanistan

CENTCOM statement on "mother of all bomb" use, first time on battlefield. (They cost ~$16M each)

Odds & Ends.....


This morning, LNA AF carried out airstrikes against MSCD positions in Al-Fatayih, south of Derna.

EU Trust Fund for Africa assigns €90 million for migration management in Libya

LNA resumes airstrikes on Tamenhint as Misratans target Brak Al-Shatti: report -

One hundred feared dead in latest migrant boat sinking -

Key dialogue member says Arab League envoy should resign -

Price of Dollar falls sharply against Dinar on the black market for 2nd day. Reached 10 Dinars on Tues, now at 6.50

Promising to reveal all in a press conference soon, he warned that what he had said in this statement was just the ‘‘tip of the iceberg’’.

Central Bank in Tripoli announces Seddik al-Kabir (Governor) will hold a press conference in the coming days.

Fire breaks out at the 'People's Hall' in the Hay al-Andalus area of .


: Finger pointing begins, as services slow to be restored in

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’s two main parties of KDP and PUK face problems bringing all parties into referendum committee

Shiite cleric calls for mending ties, national reconciliation between and Erbil

Map showing the situation in between and forces on 13 April 2017

More images coming out of Rapid Response Division using Raysun MD1 Multicopter drone jammer against UAVs in west .

Old district map update .


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Update: Hundreds of Syrians evacuated in new deal brokered between and within four besieged towns.

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Until this moment, around 7000 civilians and militants left Fua-Kefraya and Madaya-Zabadani, .

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The biggest exchange of demography ever in : 1st hundreds of Fua-kefraya on one side & Madaya-Zabadani are out

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The deal was concluded between & (representing ) & & . AQ asked to exchange 2be concluded away from media+

: A strike on was requested but was actually an SDF forward position

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Russia’s Vladimir Putin and President reach agreement to implement the agreement in .

: Misdirected US-led coalition strike kills 18 Syrian Democratc Forces in : officials - via

: EXCLUSIVE - Syria's Assad says army 'gave up' all chemical weapons

: EXCLUSIVE - Syria's Assad says chemical attack '100 percent fabrication'

North Korea....

The US firebombing of North Korea was so intense it even sickened Gen. McArthur. 630,000 tons of bombs, mostly napalm dropped by the US

Start time changed to 520am again; neat rows of vehicles moving slowly through streets of presumably for parade today

NK threatens to attack US military bases in South Korea - says it could destroy them in minutes.....

China suspends flights to North Korea as possible crisis looms.

Japan getting ready for an emergency involving North Korea.

Allegedly movement by Air Defense units of Russia toward Vladivostok - near Russian border with NK.

Keep your eyes on North Korea this weekend.....

US could destroy North Korea's nuclear site this weekend: report

BREAKING: China says conflict over North Korea would have 'no winners'

The U.S. prepared to launch preemptive strike against N.K if officials believe Pyongyang is going to go through with nuclear weapons test.

China warns against using force on North Korea as Pyongyang readies for important event

US VP Mike Pence will travel to South Korea on a scheduled trip, amid increasing tension with North Korea

Japan's prime minister warns of possible missile strike by North Korea: reports

Unpredictable Trump unsettles China as North Korea policy wobbles

North Korea: ‘We Will Go To War’ If US Chooses To Provoke – AP

If North Korea tests another nuclear bomb or a missile, China warns of restrictions on oil exports.

I have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea. If they are unable to do so, the U.S., with its allies, will! U.S.A.

China has suspended all coal imports from North Korea in line with a UN resolution