Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....April 11 , 2017....Quick Hits For Tuesday -1) Markets : Asia Economic Calendar for Wednesday , Market Moving Data & News ; US : Major Indexes Finish Modestly Red , But Well Off L.O.D ; Gold Rockets 20 Bucks Off Various Geopolitic Concerns ; Oil Ends Up 35 Cents But Private Inventory Data Shows Larger Draw Than Expected , US Treasuries Benefit Off Safe Haven Move Despite Second Day Off Mediocre Auctions ( 2 year yield 1.233%, -4 bp, 10 year yield 2.296% -7 bp, 30 year 2.927% -6 bp. ) 2) US Politics : Sean Spicer's Bad Week Continues With Ill-Fated Assad- Hitler Comparison ; Syria Airstrike Updates ; China Just Might Take Out North Korea's Nuclear Facilities , Before the US Military Does The Deed ; Replace & Repeal Not Dead Yet - So Says Freedom Caucus ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : Dortmund Football Team Narrowly Escapes Tragedy As Three Explosion Go Off Near Team Bus ; French Election Items & Refugee Camp fire Aftermath , Additional News Of Note On France ; Greece Economic & Political Updates ; UK News To Consider. 4) Odds & Ends - Libya In Focus !



Good morning from Berlin. Asia drops as risk off continues though not incremental occurred. Possibility NK carries out 6th nucl test weighs.

Economic data due from Asia today - China CPI day

Japan Self-Defense Forces scrambled fighter jets after 6 Russian military aircraft flew off Japan’s northern coastal regions: BBG

US To Include Trade Deficit In Talks With Japan – Nikkei

Japanese PPI (MoM) Mar: 0.3% (exp 0.2%; prev 0.6%; rev prev 1.1%)

Japanese Bank Lending (YoY) Mar: 3.0% (prev 2.8%)

Japanese Core Machinery Orders (YoY) Mar: 5.6% (exp 2.5%; prev -8.2%) - Core Machinery Orders (MoM) Mar: 1.5% (exp 2.7%; prev -3.2%)

Japanese PPI (YoY) Mar: 1.4% (exp 1.3%; prev -1.2%; rev prev 0.3%) - PPI (MoM) Mar: (exp 0.2%; prev 0.6%; rev prev 1.1%)

And the spotlight falls on SK: Commerce Dept Finds Korean Steel Producers Dumping OCTG in U.S.

South Korean Unemployment Rate Mar: 3.7% (exp 3.8%; prev 4.0%)


US stocks end the down but what a comeback

OIL - Private inventory data shows larger than expected draw in inventory

US Politics

Trump: "Steve is a good guy, but I told them to straighten it out or I will.”

The government has not formally charged Page with any wrongdoing - despite obtaining the FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page last summer.

Maybe he should stop trying to clarify - each times he clarifies , he creates more confusion.

Anne Frank Center calls for Spicer to be fired

In about a ten-minute span, Sean Spicer managed to:

Spicer has had a bad past two days regarding communications of the message from the President & answering questions.

What’s Trump’s plan for Syria? Five different policies in two weeks

General Mattis says there's "no doubt" Syrian regime released chemical weapons on their people--provides no evidence

mattis: syrian air force not in good shape. US strikes damaged about 20 Aircraft. probably should not have said that ~20pc in statement yest

Trump's messages to China seem to have resonated. China now signaling it may act to handle N.K menace on its own.

Official background document supporting military action last week.

White House Official Says There Is No Evidence To Support Russia Claims That Syria Chemical Attack Was Fabricated --Rtrs

Freedom Caucus chair says Republicans "close" to agreement on ObamaCare repeal



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LIVE: Police believe explosions near Dortmund bus were 'targeted attack’

Three explosions near team bus of German football club . Player Marc Bartra injured. Game postponed.

BREAKING: Three explosions near Dortmund football team bus


As French Election Nears, a Bernie Sanders-Style Candidate Rises in the Polls

The dark horse candidate in the French election who wants to slap a 100% tax on the rich is surging in the polls

Not shocking a far left Candidate advocating a position that one would expect from a far left wing Candidate...

A little tightening here..

Who are the eight million French voters ready to back Emmanuel Macron?

Fire destroys French refugee camp

TheLibertyEagle: Huge Fire Destroys French Refugee Camp

Several hundred migrants have disappeared after a fire ravaged their camp in France


Backlog of home auctions growing by the day

Income tax declaration deadline is June 30

State arrears keep piling up

As islands struggle, EU seeks more committees

Government officials say IMF spring meetings crucial


1 hour ago
Boris Johnson insists Russia could face sanctions as Government colleagues criticise 'total let down' at G7 summit

SNP's Controversial NYC Visit: Timeline of What We Know

Having Us E.ON: Corbyn Names and Shames Energy Firm That Sponsored Labour Conference

The European Union's credit rating will be damaged if Britain refuses to pay a Brexit divorce bill

Which questions will negotiators need to answer in order to calculate the bill?

bill - at end-2018 the EU will have outstanding commitments and liabilities totalling €724bn:

Interesting though they are, my big issue with analyses like this & David Goodhart's is they imply Brexit is recent, transient, cultural. /1

Odds & Ends....

Tripoli Central Bank allocates $550 for food imports before Ramadan.

Violent clashes between Omar Mukhtar Brigade and armed groups south of Jaghbub.

G7 calls on Libyan parties to end hostilities and engage in comprehensive political dialogue

leads the talks between 's Sergio Mattarella and 's Vladimir Putin in Moscow

IOM Learns of 'Slave Market' Conditions Endangering Migrants in North Africa -

Black market exchange rate hit 8.5 LYD to 1 USD. Collapsing LYD has clear potential for even more violence.