Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Economic News & Views ....... March 14 , 2017 ........ What's Hot This Snow Day Morning - 1) Libya Fighting In Both East & West : Oil Crescent War Sees Fresh Chapter AS LNA Tries To Regain Ras Lanuf & El Sidra Oil Ports ; Tripoli Also Sees Fresh Bout Of Militia Fighting - Various Theories But The Fact Remains Fresh Fighting In Libya's Capital. 2) Turkey - Netherland Diplomatic Tiff Updates For Tuesday. 3) Turkey Threatens To Kill EU-Turkey Migration Deal - Impacts On Greece & Europe Would be Profound If Turkey Follow through On The Threat . 4) Data From China ( Retail Sales YTD& Jan & FEB Industrial Production ) , Europe ( German ZEW Current Conditions & Feb Final CPI / EZ Industrial Production JAN / World Oil Demand - 2016 & 2017 / US PPI - FEB . ) 5) Europe In Focus - UK Updates , Dutch & French Elections News & Polling Data , Bank Of England Surprise Resignation Of Charlotte Hogg , Italy To Hold Referendum On Labour Legislation April 28th , Additional Items To Consider.



Clashes continuing in all western districts in Tripoli including the use of tanks. Many streets have blocked as residents are terrifying

Video - H/T Tom Feneux showing today's fighting in Tripoli. Be safe in Tripoli today....

More video on Tripoli clashed furnished by T.F.....

sent more reinforcements from the area of to support his in

1 hour ago
Clashes are escalating in . Tanks can be seen in residential areas. Homes hit by start bullets. Situation tense

: Fighting still going on & now Haitem Tajuri guys (militia allied with the UN-appointed PC) bringing tanks thru coast road

: Fighting still going on & now Haitem Tajuri guys (militia allied with the UN-appointed PC) bringing tanks thru coast road

1 hour ago
Tensions seem to be between local forces and Misrata Brigades....

Images showing the situation in Gergarish area .

Oil Crescent War.....

LNA Spox Col. Ahmed Mismari: We have taken control of Ras Lanuf. Sidra and Bin Jawad.

LNA Spox Col. Ahmed Mismari: Libyan army has complete control of oil ports, moving forward to Harawah

Air Force of LNA announces the expand of its strikes to Jufra Air Base. # Oil Crescent War

LNA recaptured all oil terminals in oil crescent. BDB militias fled west & south to Jufra. LNA air force carrying out airstrikes in Jufra

pics from both port and on

EU and U.S. call for an end to hostilities in 's oil crescent

Video on Oil Crescent fighting - again H/T Tom Feneux....

Oil Crescent: Today is a major ground offensive, not just airstrikes

Breaking News: TV showing LNA forces retaking Ras Lanuf from the Islamist (MB and Al-Qaeda) militants and now moving to retake Sidra

1 hour ago
Ground offensive by LNA follows reports of airstrikes against BDB forces.

LNA have started an offensive to recapture oil crescent from BDB Islamist militias. Reports of LNA capturing Ras Lanuf are premature.

State of play regarding fighting in both East & West....

- Hiftar camp in Moscow - Thinni in Cairo - Swehli in Doha Meanwhile INSIDE prospect of negotiated solution more elusive than ever

Turkey - Netherlands Diplomatic & Political Tiff.....

Turkey President warns Netherlands of further retaliation after its 'state terror', reports AFP

Turkey - Netherland diplomatic row continues on Tuesday....

Erdoğan says there is room for further sanctions on the .

: Turkey’s main opposition leader calls for recalling of ambassador to as diplomatic spat escalates.

Erdogan bring Srebrenica into current row between Turkey & Netherlands....

EU turmoil makes sanctioned the safe haven mkt. Nation’s debt cheaper to insure against default than .

BREAKING: "I find it bizarre that Turkey is levying sanctions when Netherlands has reasons to be very angry": Dutch PM -

bans Dutch Ambassador from returning to Ankara, blocks diplomats from flying here and cancels high-level dialogue with

suspends high-level diplomatic ties with

imposes sanctions on the Netherlands. France has biggest financial exposure to Turkey followed by UK, US, .

EU-Turkey Migration Deal On Deathbed ?

Report: Netherlands PM Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel agreed to a secret deal to accept refugees from Turkey

From RT article - In particular, they gave consent to the idea of Europe taking between 150,000 and 250,000 Syrian 1

refugees from Turkey each year even after massive inflow of asylum seekers and migrants to Europe would have subsided. 2

This particular 'deal' never made into the official text of the agreement and remains a “gentleman’s agreement” 3

between Merkel, Rutte and Turkish authorities , Robin Alexander ( Die Welt ) writes in his report, citing unnamed 4

officials that “were directly involved in the negotiations” between the three leaders on the night before the summit. 5

ND warns of 200,000 refugees and migrants in , if - Deal breaks apart

Here report one year after the - deal

Merkel, Rutte secretly agreed to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees from Turkey each year – report

BREAKING: Turkey says migrant deal with the EU has ended, as the other side did not keep its promises

Turkey should 'reconsider' EU refugee deal

BREAKING— EU Min. Çelik: The subject of crossings from land in Turkey - EU migrant deal should be reevaluated as Europe fails to do its part

Morning Data.....

PPI for final demand increases 0.3% in February; services rise 0.4%, goods advance 0.3%

US PPI (YoY) Feb: 2.20% (est 1.90%; prev 1.60%) -PPI (MoM) Feb: 0.30% (est 0.10%; prev 0.60%)

OPEC: World Oil Demand Growth In 2016 Is Expected To Increase By 50 Tb/D To Now Show Growth Of 1.38 Mb/D

Eurozone Industrial Prod. (MoM) Jan: 0.90% (est 1.30%; rev prev -1.20%) -(YoY) Jan: 0.60% (est 0.90%; rev prev 2.50%)

German ZEW Current Conditions Mar: 77.3 (est 78.0; prev 76.4) -Econ. Sentiment Mar: 12.8 (est 13; prev 10.4)

| FEB FINAL CPI M/M: 0.6%; Y/Y: 2.2%


| RETAIL SALES YTD Y/Y: 9.5% V 10.6%e

Europe In Focus .....

UK PM Spokesman: Govt Committed To Engaging Scottish Govt In Brexit Process - RTRS

UK PM Spokesman: PM May Will Not Attend EU Summit In Rome, March 25th - RTRS

UK PM Spokesman: Govt Respects Hogg's Decision To Step Down From BoE - RTRS

Bank of England confirms Charlotte Hogg will still vote at the Monetary Policy Committee rate meeting this week despite resignation

Another day , another scandal for Fillon. Wasn't he running on fighting corruption ?

Opinionway Poll: 1st Round – Le Pen 27% (Unch); Macron 24% (25%), Fillon 20% (Unch)

Opinionway Poll: 2nd Round – Macron/Le Pen 60/40 (62/38), Fillon/Le Pen 57/43 (58/42)

Fitch: Political Fallout Quelled In Europe Credit Markets As QE Masks Risks

ZEW: Political Risks Resulting From European Elections Are Keeping Uncertainty Surrounding German Econ. At ‘Relatively High Level’ - RTRS

ZEW: Slight Upward Movement In Sentiment Shows Uncertainty Surrounding Future Econ. Development - RTRS

Netherlands: 2.4%p lead of PM 's liberal VVD (ALDE) over ' far-right PVV (ENF) in final LISS poll before tomorrow's .

Netherlands: ' PVV (ENF) down to new record low in LISS poll one day ahead of election: 13.6%. 2012 election: 10.1%.

Netherlands: Jesse Klaver's Green GL (G/EFA) to record high (11.7%) in LISS poll 1 day ahead of election. 2012 elex: 2.3%.

Reports Italy To Hold Referendum On Labour Legislation On 28th May

AFP Reporting Valls Denies Media Report Of Him Endorsing Macron


Italy, EMG poll: M5S-EFDD: 30% ↑ PD-S&D: 27% ↓ LN-ENF: 13% FI-EPP: 12% FdI-EPP: 5% DP-S&D: 4% AP-EPP: 3% SI-LEFT: 1% ↓ CP-*: 1%

Germany, INSA poll: SPD-S&D: 31% ↓ CDU/CSU-EPP: 31% AfD-ENF: 12% ↑ LINKE-LEFT: 9% FDP-ALDE: 7% ↓ GRÜNE-G/EFA: 7%