Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views ...... March 15 , 2017......Quick Hits For Wednesday -1) Economic Calendar For Asia For Thursday , Market Moving News & Data ; US : US Stocks , Gold & Bonds & Oil Roar Today As FOMC Less Hawkish Than Expected. 2) Europe In Focus : Dutch Election - PM Mark Rutte Wins Election - Will Need To Form Coalition Gov't - Right-Wing Geert Wilders Does Worse Than Expected ; Turkey VS EU Nations Tiffs Continue ; Greece Updates - Economic , Domestic Politics, Bailout Talks Updates. 3) US Political Updates : Repeal & Reform Of Obamacare Updates ; Russian Probes Updates ; Another Major Data Breach ; Border Tax Under Attach From Conservative Groups ; Additional Items To Consider. 4) Odds & Ends - Global Round Up !



Economic data due from Asia today - NZ GDP, Australia jobs, Japan BOJ

PBOC sets USD/CNY mid-point today at 6.8862 (vs. yesterday at 6.9115)

PBOC injects 80bn yuan through OMOs today

AUS Employment Change (Feb): -6.4k (est 16.0K, prev 13.7K) AUS Unemployment Rate (Feb): 5.90% (est 5.70%, prev 5.70%)

AUS Full-Time Employment Change (Feb): +27.1k (prev -44.5K) AUS Part-Time Employment Change (Feb): -33.5k (prev 58.2K)

NZ GDP (QoQ) (Q4) 0.40% (est 0.60%, prev 0.80%) NZ GDP (YoY) (Q4) 2.70% (est 3.10%, prev 3.30%)

Westpac, CBA & AMP On Today's Aussie Labour Market Report


US stocks end with solid gains (no record closes though)

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Forex today: dollar tumbles on FOMC less hawkish than expected By

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Dollar dumped despite rate hike

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Netherlands, Ipsos exit poll: VVD-ALDE: 21% CDA-EPP 13% PVV-ENF 13% D66-ALDE 13% GL-G/EFA 11% SP-LEFT 9% PvdA-S&D 6%

🇳🇱 | / EXIT POLL - seats VVD 31 PVV 19 CDA 19 D66 19 GL 16 SP 14 PvdA 9

One possible coalition acc to exit polls: The 4 mainstream parties, Liberals, Christian Dem, D66, Labor. Would 've 78 seats out of 150 (BBG)

Dutch FinMin Dijsselbloem from Labor is biggest loser of dutch elections. Labor might want to go into opposition after the defeat.

Netherlands: Collapse of party PvdA (S&D) to record low, Wilders' far-right PVV comes 2rd, 3th or 4th.

The Dutch may be first of the big 3 planned Eurozone elections this year, but that doesn't mean they'll be first to have a government. (BBG)

It takes an average of about 3mths to form a coalition. All you need to know about the all important Dutch election.

Turkey VS EU

BREAKING: In the continues diplomatic row between Turkey & EU countries Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu says it might cancel the Turkey-EU refugee deal

Turkey's Erdogan says 'spirit of fascism' rampant in Europe as tensions soar

German FinMin Schaeuble says economic support plan on hold.

Looks like hackers took over twitter account. Things getting tenser between and


Ministers brief SYRIZA MPs on progress of bailout talks

Cosco reports February fall in containers handled in Piraeus

Reports: Parcel bomb was sent to Schaeuble from Greece

Hospital workers clash with police during Athens protest

Debt cut must come with reform

to take control of 14 Greek regional airports over Easter

Salaries have been sliding 3.1 pct a year in

Greek credit contracts 1.4 pct y/y in January

Bookstore owned by ND vice president damaged in bomb attack

US Politics .....

Meanwhile, US President Trump speaking (remarks on latest travel ban block)

Federal Judge in Hawaii blocks Revised Travel Ban....

Second Travel Ban blocked nationwide before it goes into effect....

JUST IN: Ryan accuses Rand Paul of "insulting" Trump's intelligence

Ryan: Trump is "all in" on ObamaCare replacement plan

Obamacare sign-ups fall below expectations, last year’s levels

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Trump in Graham’s cross hairs as Russia probe kicks off

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Scarborough accuses Trump of leaking his own tax returns as a distraction

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Trump shuts down speculation he leaked his own 2005 tax returns

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TRUMP TO PROPOSE BUDGET PLAN WITH 31 PCT CUT FOR EPA, 28 PCT CUT FOR STATE DEPARTMENT mick the knife mulvaney getting to work...

Meanwhile, files emergency motion for TRO ahead of order taking effect at midnight. We are still waiting for Judge Robart to weigh in

White House to bring on NSA hacker for national cybersecurity role

Grassley: Law enforcement is withholding info on Russia from our investigation

Sen Intel Cmte Vice-chair Burr says he hopes to announce details of a public hearing for their Russia Investigation by the end of the day.

Source: Mike Flynn was being investigated by the FBI as recently as December

Database with personal information on 33 million individuals apparently breached

Conservative groups lobby against border tax | WATCH

Odds & Ends....

Talk is that up to 34 lawyers were killed in the blast today. How this helps in toppling from power am not sure.

1/3 fighting : reports of a meeting btween leaderships of Pres Council, Tripoli & Misrata leaderships ref fighting

2/3 fighting : .. to halt fighting & implement LPA stipulation of all militias outside capital ..

3/3 fighting : Meeting accepts capital is unique & all have right to access to it & to impose LPA 40 km rule

map update. Green= liberated and under forces control. Orange= frontline clashes. White= controlled areas.

| People are leaving Raqqa on the eve of the battle for the city

Crazy !

Francois Fillon has been placed under formal fraud investigation

Renault's entire management implicated in pollution test fraud: investigators

Ukrainian oligarch's offices and Russian bank attacked in Kyiv. Photos:

ICYMI: Fighting forces in map, updated for oil crescent battle

Important ruling regarding detention of ayslum seekers.

Lots going on - North Korea on full alert , South Korea politically wobbly , Seal Team 6/Delta Forces practice taking out "Dear Leader" ...