Monday, March 13, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....March 13 , 2017.....Quick Hits for Monday -1) Asia Economic Calendar For Tuesday & Market Moving News & Data ; US - Mixed Market For US Exchanges , Oil & Gold Have a Sluggish Day. 2) Europe In Focus : Netherlands Gear Up For Wednesday's Presidential Contest , Dutch - Turkey Diplomatic Row Deepens ; UK House Of Lords & House Of Commons Clear Way For PM May To Finally Trigger Article 50 ; French Election Updates To Consider & Local News Of Note. 3) US Politics - Healthcare In Focus With CBO Report Out On GOP HC Plan , Dems Plot To Impede Trump's Border Wall , "FISA-gate" Likely To "Fizzle Out , Additional Items To Consider. 4) Odds & Ends -Iraq , Syria & Libya In Focus !



Economic data due from Asia today - China data the focus

China Retail Sales (YtD) (YoY) (Feb): 9.50% (est 10.60%, prev 10.90%)

China Jan-Feb combined Industrial production 6.3% y/y (expected +6.2%) + retail & more

PBOC sets USD/CNY central rate at 6.9118 (vs. yesterday at 6.8988)

RBA's Bullock: Key focus is the strength of household balance sheets

PBOC Official: Sees slower home mortgage growth -Sec Journal

Australia data - Feb. NAB Business Conditions: 9 (prior 16) & Confidence 7 (prior 10)

US ......

Forexlive Americas forex news wrap:

Europe In Focus... .....

Netherlands .....

Dutch elections: Barclays says several four-party coalitions are possible

Netherlands: Today's I&O poll shows GL (G/EFA) second and PPNL (G/EFA) in parliament. ' PVV (ENF) 3 %p behind 's VVD (ALDE).

Apart from Various Steps Against Dutch Diplomats Announced Today , Turkey says EU-Turkey Immigration/ Refugee Deal Is Over From Turkey's POV

Turkey suspends high-level diplomatic ties with the Netherlands

Turkey says Dutch ambassador can't return, will advise parliament to withdraw from Dutch-Turkish friendship group: AP


This is today's winner on Twitter ! Lol

UK PM May preparing to reject Sturgeon demand for independence referendum

UK (Scotland): Scottish independence voting intention, Opinium poll: Yes: 48% (+3) No: 52% (-3)

Work ahead to guide expectations...

End of March for Article 50 triggering....

ICYMI: UK parliament officially gives permission to begin Brexit

How to trade the pound when Article 50 is triggered h/t

1 hour ago
UK parliament - upper house backs down on their Brexit amendment

Article 50 bill passes Commons unamended. Govt defeats Lords amendment to give Parliament a veto on no Brexit deal, by 331 v 286; maj 45.


Poland’s government dismisses Le Pen’s offer to help it dismantle the EU

IFOP Poll: 1st Round Le Pen 26.5% (prev 26%), Macron 25% (prev 25.5%) Fillion 19% (prev 19.5%)

Police to travel for free as Paris region boosts security on RER trains

Project or 'purge'?: François Fillon confirms his austerity plan for France

Some excellent graphics via Deutsche Bank on the French election including potential scenarios and market impact

US Politics...

Democrats hint: We’ll shut down the government to stop funding for Trump’s border wall

1 hour ago
: Trump administration slams CBO report on GOP healthcare plan: "It's just not believable"


Pressure: Trump to campaign for GOP health-care bill in Rand Paul’s home state of Kentucky next Monday

A copy of the CBO report on the bill is available here:

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the GOP health care bill would reduce the federal deficit by $337 billion between 2017 and 2026.

It also estimates that 14 million fewer people would have health insurance by 2018, compared to current law.

That number could jump to 24 million by 2026 under the Republican health care bill, according to the CBO.

Time will tell , but could be a situation for applying that new maxim of "where there's smoke , there's just smoke."

House Intel Panel demands White House provide evidence by Monday of Trump's claim of Obama wiretap ....

Odds & Ends.....


Retweeted مركز نينوى الاعلامي (): last updated map of situation in Mosul 13/3/2017-8:20PM @hushamalhash…

: security forces liberate the most difficult and strategic Mosul al-Jadida neighbourhood in west .

militants in will die, no way out: US Envoy


NEW MAP: continues its advance vs. in eastern countryside and liberated Humaymah al-Kabira near .

: "We decided not to participate in Astana b/c reinforcement of ceasefire was not implemented." - Ahmad Othman (Sultan Murad) to

: Syria rebels will not attend Astana peace talks: spokesman - via

is also joining d cities under control with Hay al-Waer agreement cncldd. Over 2000 militants and 7-8000 civ expected2 leave

Al Qaeda fighters surrender Al Wa-er District to Gov't - the last hold-out in Homs.


Abdulrahman Sewehli thanks Qatari emir for his support -

UN envoy Kobler: The time has come for the House of Representatives to unite on a vision to move forward

Ageilah Saleh confirms commitment to suspending dialogue.

Italian economic delegation arrives Zintan to sign investment agreements, incl airport, hotel, hospital & wells

Financial Monitor transfers January and February salaries to banks.

's Wahda Bank branch receives 1 million Dinars to solve liquidity crisis

's Ambassador to says Moscow working on initiative to resolve the Libyan crisis w/ agreement from US

Khalifa Haftar meets with members of the Obeid and Werfalla tribes.

meanwhile in tripoli

Ongoing clashes b/w and near oil crescent has caused LD exchange rate to rise to 6.6 so far. Everyday 's continue to suffer

Libya crude oil output said to fall 11% on field closings. As Sidr and Ras Lanuf ports remain closed.

Pro LPA members of HoR met in Tripoli Sunday. Will we now see a Tripoli based HoR , along with East based HoR ?