Friday, March 17, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......March 17 , 2017...... Quick Hits For Friday -1) Markets : US Stocks Finish A Second Day In A Row Basically Flat , USD Lower Against Euro & Yen , Oil Settles At $48.78. 2) US Politics Wrap For Friday : Secret Service Screws Pooch Again - Loses Laptop With Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Information , Sensitive Communication Information , White House Evacuation Plans , Perimeter Pins ; Trump -Merkel Meeting And Comedic Moments Follow ; Revised Travel Ban Injunction Appealed ; DOJ Supplies Documents To Congressional Investigators Regarding Trump's Wiretap Claim ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : EU Debate ; Russia Ruble Gains As Russia Outlook Revised Higher ; IMF To Be Pressured By US GOP Politicians To Walk Away From Greece; Updated Polling Data For France ; Brexit News ; George Osborne Becomes Editor At Evening Standard ; Market Moving News Primarily From Europe , Spicer & McMaster Apologize T0 Brits Over GCHQ Slur ; Additional Items Of Note. 4) Odds & Ends - Libya , North Korea & Syria In Focus.


US stocks end the day little changed

US stocks trade at highs for the day ahead of Trump/Merkel presser

Forexlive Americas forex news wrap: USDJPY cracks below the 100 day MA

Baker Hughes US Rig Count 17-Mar: 789 (prev 768) -Rotary Gas Rigs 17-Mar: 157 (prev 151) -Rotary Oil Rigs 17-Mar: 631 (prev 617)

WTI crude oil settles at $48.78 /BBL

US Politics.....

. There were actually TWO laptops stolen from agent's car (1 agency-issued, 1 personal), per my sources

1 hour ago
. SCOOP: Among items stolen from agent's car was a secure 2-way radio that agents use to communicate.

Just out of curiosity -why is all of this specific information being released ?

News gets worst ....

Apart from the laptop , communication equipment and perimeters pins stolen as well. Heads must roll for this.

Leader of House conservatives: GOP healthcare bill doesn't have the votes

For some reason , don't get the sense Merkel & Trump get along very well. Probably better than Australia PM though.

Merkel always says a lot , just with her expressions !

tells Merkel he backs NATO if members pay “fair share”

JUST IN: Trump to appeal court ruling blocking his revised travel ban

Regarding Trump's claim of being tapped , Justice Department supplied documents today to House/Senate investigators.

This account of the tragic mosque incident doesn't cast a good light on the US.

: Kellyanne Conway's husband is Trump's top pick to head civil division at Justice Department

Europe In Focus .....

The EU debate: So much more than a cost-benefit analysis

Ruble cheers as S&P outlook revised higher. With BB+ and outlook positive, Russia is on course to regain investment grade status.

US pressures to walk away from : Déjà vu, All over again!

IFOP Poll: 1st Round Le Pen 26.5% (unch) Macron 26 % (prev 25.5%) Fillion 18% (unch)

IFOP Poll: 2nd Round Macron To Beat Le Pen 61/39 (prev 61.5/38.5)

Intelligence sources told The Telegraph both Mr Spicer & General McMaster , the National Security Adviser, have apologised over the claims.

US Briefing 17-Mar-17: EU Said To Rule Out Pre-Brexit Trade Talks; Mnuchin Dismisses Trade Wars

Can't see how he can remain a MP...

My threshold for being shocked just rose a little more: George Osborne new Editor of Evening Standard. And it's not even fake news.

Odds & Ends.....


will prevail in

Rumblings from Misrata - something to keep an eye on !

army is announcing the complete clearance of the "12 buildings" west of from all terrorists.

EU's Mogherini: Meeting to be held in Cairo in support of regional and UN efforts in

Statement signed tonight by 22 armed groups (TRB, Ghneiwa, al Nawasi, Saadawi, 210...)in Tripoli rejecting LNA & asking for an army / police

Hundreds took to the streets in 's Martyr Square supporting Army & Police against armed groups & militias

Haftar: Army will not dissapoint people of .. will not be long till city returns as a symbol of civilization

LNA reported as advancing toward Jufra AB. Stay tuned.

News for Friday..

North Korea.....

GOP lawmaker: Conflict with North Korea would be "worst war" since WWII

Sirens blare as Japan, fearing North Korea, holds first missile drill

North Korea is behaving very badly. They have been "playing" the United States for years. China has done little to help!

TILLERSON: It may be necessary to take pre-emptive military action against North Korea

Tillerson's different approach to N.K may include military action.


US acknowledged strike on Mosque area near Al-Jinah, confirmed by remains of Hellfire missile retrieved. 70+ killed.

PHOTOS (graphic): Aftermath of alleged US airstrike on mosque west of that killed 70+ people -

US says it's investigating reports of civcas - and has confirmed bombing within 50 feet of mosque but says didn't 'target' it

Update on mosque strike says 62 killed, 6 missing, 100+ injured. Suggests US attack may have been on a weekly dawah religious meet

Ahrar al - Sham calls US airstrikes om Mosque a war crime.

Chinese bitcoin exchanges to be subject to banking / money-laundering laws & required to collect information to verify client identity.