Thursday, March 16, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views...... Match 16 , 2017......Quick Hits For Thursday -1) Markets : Asia Economic Calendar For Friday , Data & Market Moving News ; US Markets - US Stock Indexes Essentially Unchanged Today , Bond Yields Rise , Gold Takes Flight. 2) US Political Round Up - Repeal And Replace Obamacare Updates , Trump Wiretap Allegations Updates , Budget Updates , North Korea Subject For A "Different Approach " , Russia Related Issues Updates , Border Wall & Immigration Matters. 3) Europe In Focus - Scotland Faces Difficult Paths To Either Second Referendum Or EU Membership , BOE Keeps Interest Rate At 0.25% And Keeps Gilt Purchase Plan At 435 BN Pounds , Building Coalition Next Challenge For Rutte Even As Europe Breathes Sigh Of Relief Over Dutch Election Outcome , Turkey Blast ECJ Headscarf Decision & Says Europe Has Started War Between Crescent And Cross , Tsipras Slams Snap Election Rumors As Fake News From Reuters. 4) Odds & Ends - US Airstrike On Mosque Kills At Least 70 In Northern Syria ( Rebel Held Portion ) , Mosul Campaign Updates , Libya State Of Play , Duterte Hit With Impeachment Complaint ,



Economic data due from Asia today - a light one

EUR⬆️on hawkish Nowotny; DXY to finish⬇️for 2nd wk; Asia equities best week since Jul; XAU & CL to fin wk ⬆️snapping 2 negative wks

Suga: Japan not considering public funds for Toshiba

This is a big deal ... China to allow investors to buy mainland bonds in HK

PBOC drains 120bn this week vs drain of 110bn prior

yuan fixed at 6.8873 vs close 6.9003; PBOC to inject 60bn via RRPs

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All the China rate hikes in one spot (recap/summary)

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NZ ANZ Consumer Confidence (MoM) (Mar): -1.70% (prev -1.00%) NZ ANZ Consumer Confidence Index (Mar): 125.2 (prev 127.4)

New Zealand - BusinessNZ Manufacturing PMI (February): 55.2 (prior 51.6)

BOJ Q4 Flow of Funds Report: BOJ held 39.1% of JGBs at the end of Dec


US stocks end the day near unchanged levels

US Politics.....

Let it die? How the GOP could just wait for Obamacare to “collapse”

Trump on the House’s health-care bill: “We will take care of our people or I’m not signing it”

There may be 22 House Republicans ready to sink the GOP health-care bill

Great progress on healthcare. Improvements being made - Republicans coming together!

As of Thursday, Pres. Trump and White House have provided no evidence to substantiate Pres. Trump's wiretap allegations against Pres. Obama.

Senate Intel Cmte. leaders: "We see no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance" by US gov't during election.

Interesting thread ( 9 tweets ) , casting doubt on theory Brit spy agency used to spy on Trump.

Trump's budget director says climate funding is "a waste of your money"

Trump's first budget eliminates programs that help the poor to fund military spending:

Trump cuts to USDA budget will target food safety, international food aid:

Three airport security programs axed under Trump budget

OMB Director: ‘This is a hard-power budget’ (not a Big Bird budget)

Flynn worked for multiple Russian firms

NEW: The 19 federal agencies Trump wants to eliminate

California Judge to ICE: Stop "stalking" courthouses

NEW: GOP leaders want details before funding Trump’s border wall

Tillerson: Diplomacy has “failed” with North Korea, so who’s up for … something “different”?

Clinton ally Mike Morell says smoke but no fire: No Russia-Trump collusion

Appeals court won't rehear case on Trump's original travel ban

Maryland issues nationwide block on 90 day travel ban.

Europe In Focus.....

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Scotland path , if attempted , has Spain as a possible impediment....

May rejects second referendum for Scotland....battle with Sturgeon now joined.



Economic policy could expose fissures in Dutch coalition talks: parties split on labour market reforms, immigration

Turkey’s President criticises the decision, which allows employers to ban women from wearing headscarves at work in EU.

They have started a battle between the cross and crescent. There is no other way of putting it — Turkish Pres. on decision.

Tsipras' office, after earlier rejection of Reuters' story on possible snap elections by gvt srcs, now accuses news agency of 'fake news'

Tsipras' office: 'We are officially in the era of fake news. This time, with the seal of Reuters' >>>

PvdA leader Asscher says he sees no role for his party in new coalition gov't. That means Jeroen Dijsselbloem will leave cabinet.

spreads shrink as pol establishment held on to power in Dutch elections. Weak Wilders seen as leading indicator for rest of Europe

10y risk spread over falls to lowest since Jan as probability for Le Pen victory has dropped below 30% after Wilders defeat

Odds & Ends.....


Here's a write-up of tonight's attack in Aleppo. confirms that the strike was carried out by US aircraft.

BREAKING: Confirmation that US airstrikes killed 70 people at mosque in rebel-held part of northern Syria

To be clear: this was a unilateral US strike, not part of anti-ISIS Coalition activities.

A suspected U.S missile strike hit a mosque full of 300 people tonight in Al-Jinah, west . 57+ killed so far.

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: Note any military action that knowingly hits a place of worship = war crime. The strike also took place during evening prayers.


Retweeted مركز نينوى الاعلامي (): last updated map of situation in Mosul 16/3/2017-8:15PM @hushamalhash…

Retweeted مركز نينوى الاعلامي (): Map of old Mosul 16-3-2017 / 7:17pm

The majority of killed in west (+80%) were foreigners. is using all what remained of his forces.


Turkish cargo ship sinks off , seven crew members missing.

Nat'l Forces Alliance: Insecurity in is hard evidence of the poor performance of the Pres. Council.

Ageilah Saleh: Solution to crisis is for current Pres. Council to exit.. they failed in managing the country

Abu Salim Central Security: We support the Presidential Council and reject military rule.

Absolutely !

More than 5 years since the killing of Qaddafi, remains govern-less with militias roaming free & holding its people hostage.

not approving the agreement signed last night between Bishr and Musrata along with PC

Brigade Joins of and on not approval of the agreement signed last night in with

More Odds & Ends

Duterte hit with Impeachment Complaint !