Saturday, March 18, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....... March 18 , 2017.......Quick hits for Saturday -1) Europe In Focus : Greece - Economic Developments , Bank Deposit Outflows Hit 4BN Since Beginning Of 2017 , Status Of Greece - Creditor Talks ; France Presidential Race Updates For Saturday , French Open Anti-Terror Probe Ove Orly Shooting Of Suspect Known To Security Services ; Germany In Focus - Trump - Merkel Meeting , G-20 Minister Meet In Germany , Election Politics & Polling ; UK / Brexit - Items To Consider For Saturday. 2) US Politics - Items On Wire Tapping Claim , Presidential Election Politics , Healthcare , Secret Service Fiasco , Immigration , Russia Probes & More. 3) Libya Updates For Saturday. 4) Mosul Campaign Updates



AIA extension contract inked at long last

Piraeus, Med’s biggest port, plans its next development steps

Deposit outflow reaches 4 bln euros since the start of 2017

On counter-measures only pending issue relates to reduction in single-property tax (ENFIA), MoF sources say.

After Fri teleconference, new priv & inv fund, privatisations & out-of-court workout concluded, labour still pending, acc 2 sources

's government and creditors fail to bridge gulf in bailout talks (Surprise, surprise!)


Man shot dead at Orly airport in Paris after trying to seize weapon from officer via

UPDATE: Paris prosecutors' office confirms its anti-terrorism section has taken over Orly airport investigation.

French open anti-terrorist probe over shooting, saying the suspect was known to security services

Thousands rally behind far-left presidential candidate Mélenchon

Emmanuel Macron propose le retour du service militaire obligatoire, cette machine à fantasme

Emmanuel Macron provides the return of compulsory military service, this fantasy machine

11 official runners for the French Presidential Election, final list now confirmed. Macron strong favourite.🇫🇷

Economic frustration drives young French voters towards Le Pen

Latest poll 1st round of French presidential: Le Pen/Macron both 26%, Fillion poor 3rd on 18%, left-wing socialist Harmon nowhere on 13% 1/2

France's Macron seen defeating Le Pen, Hamon losing support: BVA poll


German Foreign Minister says Turkey further away from EU membership than ever

German spy agency chief says does not believe Gulen behind Turkey coup attempt

New rifts emerge as Trump administration rejects free trade statement at meeting.

US vs rest of G-20 , seems the drift of comment from French Fin Min Sapin.

Japan's Aso tries to engage in damage limitation. Says no G20 member was against free trade despite rift w/ US admin

No free trade endorsement in G20 communique. says no cause for concern. But others, like French FM, says they're disappointed.

on : "sometimes at these meetings you have to limit yourself to not ask too much of a partner". That would be US.

So the sentence about trade in communique is: "we are working to strengthen the contribution of trade to our economies." Tada!

G20 ministers struggle to find consensus at Germany meeting

1 hour ago
Tensions show as Trump and Merkel meet for first time

Turkish opposition TV starts broadcasts from Germany, aims to highlight anti-democratic practices in

Germany, Civey poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 33% ↓ SPD-S&D: 32% ↑ AfD-ENF: 10% LINKE-LEFT: 7% GRÜNE-G/EFA: 7% FDP-ALDE: 6%


refuse to negotiate with us until we have settled imaginary exit bill. We should repeal European Communities Act & immediately

EU officials are ruling out Brexit trade talks until Theresa May settles her bill

"Britain must be worse off after it leaves" is, unintentionally, the best argument for leaving. My column.

JUST IN: Queen Elizabeth II signs Brexit bill and moves UK's exit from EU one step closer

BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II has granted royal assent to the Article 50 Brexit Bill without consulting Nicola Sturgeon.

US Politics ....

THIS - the NYDN reports that the thief stepped out of a car, possibly an Uber, on a street in Bath Beach and stole the laptop 1

from the agent's vehicle, which was parked in her driveway. He was then seen on video walking away with a backpack. 2

Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nevertheless, Germany owes.....

...vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!

JUST IN: Trump hits Merkel in tweet demanding more money from Germany for NATO

Head of House Intel Committee: I don't think Justice Dept. info will prove Trump wiretapping claims

GOP breaks from Trump in furor over wiretapping

1 hour ago
New Jersey passes bill forcing presidential candidates to release tax returns

Leader of House conservatives: GOP healthcare bill doesn't have the votes

9th Circuit judges in nasty feud over Trump travel ban

Secret Service member's laptop with "highly sensitive" national security info stolen

Justice Dept. sends immigration judges to 12 cities to speed up deportation

Number of Mexicans crossing Canadian border surges after Trump promises immigration crackdown

Trump jokes that he and Merkel were both wiretapped by Obama

Secret Service laptop, pins, radio stolen

Experts warned a Senate subcommittee that Russian threats go deeper than expected

Opinion | “Let Obamacare unravel and blame the Democrats” seems to be Trump’s approach

Great meeting with the Committee this morning at the !

Secretary of State Interview by Erin Pike of Independent Journal Review - Focus for Foreign Policy on China & North Korea !

North Korea is behaving very badly. They have been "playing" the United States for years. China has done little to help!

Exclusive: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected to travel to Turkey March 30


Misratans said they were suspending all contacts with PC until there had been an apology for inflammatory statements from Tripoli crowds.

AU, Arab League, EU, UN among parties at Libya peace meeting today in Cairo.

Tobruk-based government army says has captured 1 of three militia enclaves in Benghazi

Arab League meeting on begins in Cairo

TV station has deleted report of attack and kidnapping of staff. Reason unclear.

Haftar: Army will not dissapoint people of .. will not be long till city returns as a symbol of civilization

Breaking: Hafter offers militias in TRIPOLI last chance to hand over their weapons as this would be appreciated, he claims.

Presidency Council protests over the shootings against demonstrators at Martyr Square today in Tripoli

16 hours ago
Very sad, hooligans attacked in 's old town & set it on fire fire. It is a historic building near the Clock Tower.


West Mosul battle is a hard slog. Update with sourcing from Joel Wing !

Federal police declare full control of Wednesday market in old district & advance toward the outskirts of Al-Nuri mosque.

Significant gains today made on all axis in old district, Federal Police have launched assault on from multiple axis.

map update. Green= liberated and under forces control. Orange= frontline clashes. White= controlled areas.