Sunday, March 12, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......March 12 , 2017......Quick Hits For Sunday 1) Europe In Focus : French Presidential Election Updates - Macron Hit By Anti-Semitc Smears Coming from Fillon's Les Republicains Party , As Well As From Left Former Candidate Vincent Pillion , Fillon Faces Latest Query Over Dubious Practices - This Time Over Expensive Suits & How They Were Paid For , Additional Items Of Note ; Netherlands Polling Data ; Netherlands - Turkey Diplomatic Row Updates for Sunday ; Germany Updates - Election Polling Shows CDU/CSU & SPD Neck To Neck , Essen Mall Terror Plot Updates , Turkey- Dutch Diplomatic Threat Sees Turkish Family Minister Shunted Off To Germany , Merkel- Trump Set To Meet Tuesday ; Greece Updates - Turkey " Safe Status " Asylum Decision due This Month , Greece- Creditor Talk Updates , Refugee Issues Not Solved Despite Cash Thrown At Problems. 2) US Politics For Sunday - Replace & Repeal Updates , Trump Pushed To Prove Wiretapping Claim , Preet Bharara Firing In News Cycle , Additional News Of Note. 3) Odds & Ends - Mosul Campaign , Libya Updates & More.



France's Le Figaro produces poll asking if Turkey should face punitive measures for calling Germany and Holland Nazis.

Fillon’s Les Républicains party was accused of attacking the independent centrist Emmanuel Macron on anti-Semitic grounds on Friday. 1

Friday saw a leftist rival ( Vincent Pillion) drew an awkward parallel between Macron’s campaign and Nazi gas chambers. 2

French Election 2017: Where the candidates stand on energy and climate change

France's Fillon faces queries over cash for bespoke suits

The first round of voting in the takes place on 4/23. So who are the top contenders?

The French election is a horror show - Business Insider

Macron could beat Le Pen in French election - poll -

Teen rioters lob Molotovs into French election

Netherlands Polling Data.....

Netherlands: 24% of people who are pessimistic about own financial future vote for PVV (ENF). Only 8% of optimists would vote PVV.

Netherlands: Liberal parties D66 and VVD (both ALDE) are popular among the rich (42%) and unpopular among the poor (16%).

Netherlands: Education largely determines whether you support far-right PVV (ENF) or not.

1 hour ago
Netherlands: Today's poll shows liberal VVD (ALDE) ahead of far-right ' party PVV (ENF) and CDA (EPP).

Netherlands, poll: VVD-ALDE: 16% PVV-ENF: 15% CDA-EPP: 14% ↓ GL-GREEN: 13% D66-ALDE: 11% SP-LEFT: 10% PvdA-S&D: 6% 50+-*: 3%

Netherlands, Liss poll: VVD-ALDE: 16% PVV-ENF: 14% D66-ALDE: 12% SP-LEFT: 12% GL-GREEN: 12% CDA-EPP: 11% ↑...

Netherlands: Green GL (G/EFA) rises from 2% (2012) to 12% in Wednesday's election (LISS poll). Gov't parties down 28 points.

Netherland - Turkey Row.....

( See Saturday's Post or Twitter Timeline for additional background.)

Turkish diplomatic scrum with Netherlands , now has additional repercussions , as Danish PM cancels Turkish PM's visit.

Explained: What just happened between and the that caused a diplomatic meltdown

Turkish media reports Denmark's call on Turkish PM to delay planned visit over NL related diplomatic issues.

Turkish FM slams 'fascist' Netherlands from 'serene' France

Dutch Consulate in Turkey has its flag replaced with Turkish flag , row continues.

Turkey tells Netherlands it will retaliate in the "harshest ways" after Turkish ministers were barred from speaking in Rotterdam.

minister says she witnessed “inhuman treatment” at the hands of Dutch authorities

🔴: Turkish President says will pay the price for setting the dogs on Turks in Netherlands.

Prime Minister Rutte: I have been on the phone with PM 8 times.

"Turkey-Netherlands Crisis" is win-win for and


Germany, Emnid poll: SPD-S&D: 33% ↑ CDU/CDU-EPP: 33% LINKE-LEFT: 8% AfD-ENF: 8% ↓ GRÜNE-GREEN: 7% FDP-ALDE: 6%

Germany hunts possible contacts of mall attack plotter

Ouch! German FinMin says row w/ makes econ aid difficult. B/c of current account def in need of foreign cap

Germany frees one of two held over mall attack threat

Turkish minister escorted from Rotterdam to Germany: mayor

Prudent Merkel meets unpredictable Trump amid tense ties


Brussels keeping 2015 emergency Grexit plan locked away

Greece and lenders still apart but Athens eyes progress by March 20

So much money, so few results

Stakes high as Greek court set to decide fate of EU-Turkey migrant deal

Court to rule on Turkey's 'safe' status after appeal of Syrians denied asylum

US Politics.....

Kremlin spokesman: Russian ambassador met with Clinton campaign advisers too

Paul Ryan: We risk losing the House if this health-care bill doesn’t pass

Ted Cruz was one of the most vocal opponents of Obamacare…where is he now that it could be replaced?

Tom Price: Nobody will be worse off financially under our health-care bill

Cotton said the bill as it is cannot pass the Senate, adding that it would have "adverse consequences for millions of Americans."

What's the impact of replacement proposal, AHCA? With no CBO score, here are some of the estimates in one place. RT if helpful.

House Intel Panel demands White House provide evidence by Monday of Trump's claim of Obama wiretap ....

McCain: Trump should either prove the wiretapping charge or retract it

How Preet Bharara’s firing went down

Across the aisle, uproar over Preet Bharara’s firing

Odds & Ends....


Nearly 100,000 have been displaced since operation to liberate western Mosul began, Iraq ministry says.

Challenging thread on why high civilian casualties always to be expected at W Mosul - and why reporting them 'can be a trap'

Images from Al-Fasalyia a few meters away from old bridge.

Most recent map for Mosul state of play...

Rapid Response Division are 300 away from old bridge and 500 meters from Al-Nuri mosque.

Joint Operations officially announce Al-Aghwat district completely liberated by Counter Terrorism units.

HUGE When Bab Al-Tub is liberated then forces next target will be Al-Nuri mosque the place where announced caliphate

2) Locals report up to 300 killed by airstrikes in al Mansour and al Salmood neighbourhoods alone in the past few days


Pro LPA members of HoR met in Tripoli Sunday. Will we now see a Tripoli based HoR , along with East based HoR ?

Abdulrahman Swehli arrives in Doha, for an official visit.

Saif Al-Islam transferred to new place of detention in Zintan -

Moscow reassures EU about intentions in in communications, says seeking stabilization through cooperation

Pretty interesting the same day in Nalut, kidnapping of Ibrahim Jadhran & closure of the Libyan - Tunisian border to prevent smuggling.

Great to see 's Tradition, Culture & Art all gathered in a festival in Tunis. Glad to to have met talented Libyans today

Haftar can turn defeat in the oil crescent into domestic & international strength I said to