Saturday, March 11, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views...... March 11 , 2017 ....... 1) Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - 6 Years Ago Today And The Disaster Continues Unabated. 2) Market Overview : Doug Noland's Weekly Commentary " Unparalleled Credit And Global Yields " , Data & News For The Week That Was , Global Bonds And Stocks Battered Last Week. 2) Europe In Focus : Germany Warns Trump On Border Tax Implications As Merkel US Visit Looms ; Greece - Creditor Talks Updates ; Turkey Vs EU Nations - Turkey Threatens Germany , Netherlands & Greece on Various Issues While Dangling Cancellation Of Migration Deal Card Over EU's Heads ; France Election Updates ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) US Politics : US Political News For Saturday. 4) Odds & Ends - Mosul Campaign , Syria & Libya Updates , India Assembly Election In Uttar Pradesh Result In Big Win For BJP. .


6 years later , still many unanswered questions....

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Market Overview.....

Credit Bubble Bulletin : Weekly Commentary: Unparalleled Credit and Global... 

Global stocks have lost $351bn in mkt cap this wk as tumbling bond & oil prices break momentum. Steeper bond curves show reflation not over.

Global bonds have lost another $110bn this week on hawkish Fed shift. Mkts price Mar at 100% & odds of 3 rate hikes this year rose to 60%.

Friday Afternoon Links

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[Bloomberg] Yellen Claim Fed Isn't Behind Curve Challenged by Robust Hiring

[Bloomberg] U.S. Subprime Auto Loan Losses Reach Highest Level Since the Financial Crisis

[Reuters] China corporate debt levels excessively high, no quick fix: central bank governor

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[NYT] Oil Price Drop Triggers a ‘Herd Mentality’ of Selling



Merkel will warn Trump that border-adjustment tax could spark retaliatory measures incl higher tariffs for US firms.

Merkel to warn Trump tax plan risks German retaliation, reports, citing preparatory documents for US visit.


Out-of-court settlement system to include debts to state

IMF Chief: Tsipras Asked for Fund to Stay in the Greek Bailout Program


Dutch Consulate in Turkey has its flag replaced with Turkish flag , row continues.

Turkey tells Netherlands it will retaliate in the "harshest ways" after Turkish ministers were barred from speaking in Rotterdam.

LATEST — Thousands gather in front of Dutch missions in Ankara, Istanbul to protest ban on Turkish minister's visit to Rotterdam consulate

Anti-Dutch protests being encouraged from "the veterans of 15 July" in Ankara and Taksim Square

[live] Erdogan Spokesman: "Turkish minister is 'still' not allowed to enter Turkish embassy in Rotterdam"


1 hour ago
Dutch police briefly detain Turkish news agency AA and TV channel TRT crew, force them to go back to Germany.Police accompany them

Turks becoming increasing confident , some might say arrogant , with their attempts of projection of power outside of their borders.

1 hour ago
Theater of Absurd...

The comedy continues - another Turkish minister is to enter Holland by road for a rally in order that they can't cancel her flight

Dutch government said it had withdrawn permission because of "risks to public order and security" caused by the proposed visit of Cavusoglu.

Turkey says all deals with EU in jeopardy if no visa liberalization

Vast majority in see and as enemies via

Aegean: Turkey escalates tension claiming Greece’s president visited an “occupied island”

Not content to threaten Netherlands , Germany and EU ( Migration deal ) , Turkey back to threatening Greeks !

PM Tsipras says he informed EU leaders about recent escalation of provocative rhetoric & military activity by Turkey


Very interesting read about how people in 's poorest and richest towns will be voting at the .

Le Pen ignores summons over expenses case

Macron strengthens core vote, seen beating Le Pen in French election

The outsiders you'll never hear about who could (in theory) become the French president

Little reminder of how wrong polls can be 6 weeks before a French presidential election. Le Pen ended 2nd; Jospin out


Turkey - Dutch row really going to get hot after this move by Dutch Authorities....

Dutch police arrest Turkish Minister....

Rotterdam mayor issues emergency order for city centre that citizens comply with police, on pain of criminal penalty

To give full context, Minister Kaya does not have diplomatic immunity. Since she refused to leave Holland voluntarily, she is being deported

Extra units of riot police entering Rotterdam - in prep for or response to sit-down protest ?

MHP Head orders sit-down protest by his supporters in Rotterdam in front of the Consulate there !

Turkey asks Dutch Ambassador to extend his leave and not to return to Ankara for some time.

Hmm , Turkey - Dutch row deepening ? Now being reported Dutch Embassy & Consulate closed for security reasons !

Turkey - Dutch tensions. This is Turkey's family minister tweeting

Kijk de beelden. Erdogan noemt Nederland fascistisch en Turken zwaaien vrolijk met Turkse vlaggen in Rotterdam. Walgelijk. Ons land uit!

Translated from Dutch by 
Look the images. Erdogan calls Netherlands fascist and Turks waving Turkish flags joyously in Rotterdam. Disgusting. Our country!

Russian hackers use Dutch polls as practice

Dutch government said it had withdrawn permission because of "risks to public order and security" caused by the proposed visit of Cavusoglu.

🇳🇱 | Today's results of LISS rolling poll show in the lead and PVV 2 pp behind

Netherlands: Green GL (G-EFA) reaches record high of 13%. Strongest left-wing party 5 days ahead of election. ( poll).

Netherlands: PvdA (S&D) drops from 25% (2012 election) to 6% (today's poll). CDA (EPP) and PVV (ENF) fight for 2nd place.

US Politics....


1 hour ago
BREAKING !!!! Preet Bharara tweets he was just fired moments ago !!

Preet Bharara, a U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, is refusing the Trump administration's demand to resign.

"This data is not shared outside CIA. It's only inside CIA," Morell said in an interview with "CBS This Morning" on Saturday.

Loophole could have let intel agencies survey Trump campaign without wiretapping

The temporary restraining order, granted by U.S. District Judge William Conley in Madison, applies only to the family of the Syrian refugee.

Wisconsin Judge bars enforcement of T.B to deny US entry to wife & child of Syrian refugee already granted asylum in US. 2

Maryland becomes 5th state to sue Trump over travel ban

The President firing Preet Bharara would be a major, unforced error

Second largest health insurance group backs GOP ObamaCare repeal plan

Trump, called out for being out of health care spotlight, tweets about it again.

1 hour ago
Top political cartoons of the week are here |

Human Trafficking a serious crime of our time. Looking the other way hurts young girls like 14-yr old "MB", forced into over 1K sex acts.

Odds & Ends....


If Kurds want independence , they need a referendum !

ISIS crumbling fast on many fronts (Iraq and Syria): In few weeks, security forces liberated 50% of west from .

1 hour ago
ISF has recaptured Rahma hospital.

Ashur hotel one of the oldest hotels in Mosul was destroyed by an airstrike.

Lt. Gen. Talib Shaghati, the head of Counter Terrorism Units announced that 50% of west city have been liberated.

19 days into the bloody battle to capture West Mosul, city remains the primary target for Coalition airstrikes

500+ bodies were found, all were executed by when they took control of Badush prison NW city back in 2014.


Syrian rebels want Astana meeting delayed to assess ceasefire

Death following even to Syria: 45 Iraqi pilgrims killed and 120 wounded in explosion today


Good statement by MPs affirming support 4 the LPA as only framework 4 solution in & the pivotal role of :

75 MP's reject decision cancelling the adoption of the political agreement

Representatives & Municipal Council: We are not a party to the conflict occurring in 's oil crescent

Reuters: Russian security firm says it operated until last month in eastern

Unity Govt Def Minister: Sending 600 troops to support the oil installations guard.

Unity Govt Def Ministry: Will not allow presence of terrorist orgs among parties to oil crescent conflict.

Haftar can turn defeat in the oil crescent into domestic & international strength I said to


1 hour ago
Modi’s party wins landslide victory in Indian battleground state polls

BJP - Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 
1980:11 1985:16 1989:57 1991:221 1993:177 1996:174 2002:88 2007:51 2012:47 2017:300+

Outages today....

Interestingly , there have been a few outages over the past day. ATT had a big outage early today & anecdotally still seems ongoing....

AT&T is having issues since 10:09 AM EST RT if you're also affected