Sunday, March 26, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....... March 26 , 2017......Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Syria In Focus : ISIS Warning Tabqa Dam Could Collapse Imminently , Syria Peace Talks Allegedly Underway. 2) Iraq In Focus : Despite Heavy Civilian Casualties From Recent Airstrikes , Offensive In West Mosul Continues ; ISIS Retaliates Against East Mosul With Mortar Strikes Today. 3) Libya In Focus : Examination Of Migration Flows ; Comments From US Africa Command Concerning Libya ; Domestic & International Politics ; Odds & Ends. 4) Turkey In Focus : Erdogan Comments On Europe Highlighted.


Raqqa State Of Play.....

| A satellite image shows the complete destruction of the Euphrates Dam administration building

warns of Tabqa dam collapse, evacuates militants in

Something to definitely keep an eye on. Could be ISIS fear mongering , could be a true claim.

IMPORTANT: Reports that Da'ish is telling civilians to flee Raqqa bcos the Euphrates dam might collapse. Probably planning to detonate it.

1 hour ago
Announce throw his Agency that the Euphrates Dam could collapse anytime Due Airstrikes And high water level

1 hour ago
1- re Announce Via loudspeakers in cars Scour the city that The Euphrates Dam is ok and ask civillans to not leave #

2- Chaos situation in between And civilians after all the new about the dam collapse

Aamaq: Tabqa Dam is out of service and could collapse at any moment due to Coalition air raids + significant rise in water level held by dam

calling civilians 2leave "because d dam is about to break and flood the city". It is not possible for to fight w/o civi

A technical source at the Dam in tells operations have stopped because fighting damaged the dam's power station.

1 hour ago
's Tabqa dam is out of service after fighting damaged its power station, source tells . Danger not imminent, repairs needed though

Geneva Peace Talks Amidst Ongoing Fighting.....

Jaafari arrives for meeting during Geneva peace talks

Spokesperson of Riyadh opposition delegation (HNC)2Geneva talks:recent rebel offensives r not spearheaded by

posted pic of their leader Al-Jolani commanding rebel offensive on government held Hama province in central Syria.

: municipality workers start cleaning up in city eastern districts as fighting ended 5days after rebels pushed towards the city


units began breaking through neighborhood, detonated a number of large VBIEDs with suicide bombers.


Grief and questions amid wreckage of Mosul air strikes as dozens of civilians are killed

Mosul: Iraq recovers 61 bodies as airstrikes probed

War Media Cell issues official statement on recent civilian casualty allegations in Read release here:

Nearly 4,000 civilians killed in Western since start of fresh operation late February

calls for further and immediate investigation into strikes, which killed hundreds of civilians.

Reports that Da'ish militants are more focused on evacuating their families out of western districts of than fighting 's forces.

A wide-scale collapse among Da'ish ranks is taking place in front of a large push by 's special forces in western as we speak.

Ignore reports Iraqi forces have paused Mosul offensive. It continues. Have seen gunships firing and heard much activity in last few hours

1 hour ago
Terror attack in eastern . Da'ish fired mortars from the western side of the city on the Nabi Younis market on the eastern side.

Contradicting Pentagon, Iraqi special forces officer says Trump has already eased rules against civilian deaths.


1 hour ago
End of meeting commuinque..looks like any recommendations of cut extensions delayed until April meeting

Positive news from Libya ....

Libya's Biggest Port Loading First Oil Tanker Since Clashes - Bloomberg

Nigerians stuck in Libya return home with a song - News24

Libya owes $300 million say Jordanian hospitals -

Women and Tribal Leaders Call for “Balanced” Libyan Peace Process - ReliefWeb

Mohamed Siyala (Unity Govt FM): The priority now is to convince Haftar to work under political leadership.

Fayez Serraj arrives in Doha, Qatar on an official visit.

Smugglers inform migrants via Facebook about place of departure, number/nationality of fellow migrants, and hours to reach “battleships”.

- Some very interesting comments made by CO of - nothing new, but all first time officially addressed: 1/

First open admission of having teams on the ground conducting FAC (again, was obvious but never openly announced) 2/

had been contained, but not eliminated. Will remain a threat in even if don't control territory 3/

Not only that, but movement of fighters, including to neighboring countries is the working assumption 4/

The US is aware of reports of Russian military buildup throughout North Africa and specifically in 5/

And are concerned with 's growing influence, particularly in regards to 6/

Again- none of these things are new/previously unknown, but are for the first time directly and officially referenced, making it unique 7/7

Top 10 countries and territories of origin for Italian migration flows clearly show the switching from the Eastern route to the one

A private plane landed y-day in Benina airbase coming from Germany & carrying equipments to detect explosives mines, protection & com' gear.

sea gets confirmed as the most lethal global frontier in 2016, and 2017 is confirming the same trend

Where do migrants arriving in and come from? Here´s the Top 10 for 2016. More:


LIVE — Erdoğan: EU countries are asking themselves why we are calling them fascists. I’m asking them, why are swastika signs on our mosques?

MORE — Terror supporters hold banners showing a weapon on my head in front of the Swiss parliament, the parliament does not object to this

MORE — EU is threatening us with not selling weapons, but they have weapons to give to Daesh, YPG, PKK terror groups

Turkey may hold referendum on EU accession bid: Erdoğan