Saturday, March 25, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views ......March 25 , 2017.......Quick Hits For Saturday - 1) Greece In Focus : Independence Day Congrats To Greeks All Over The World ; Economic Items To Consider , State Of Play For Ongoing Bailout Talks With Creditors. 2) France : French Election Updates ; Orly Attack Investigation News. 3) UK - Round Up On Political News For Saturday. 4) EU Set To Celebrate 60th Anniversary In Rome Even As Storm Clouds Gather ( UK Brexit , Greece , Poland. ) 5) Bulgaria Faces Key Election On Sunday And The Race Is Very Close Between BSP & GERB . 6) Germany Updates : Saarland Regional Election Sunday ; Local News ; International Issues ; Odds & Ends. 7) Belarus Sees Mass Arrests Today.


President Trump's Full Speech Celebrating Greek Independence Day at the White House: via

said it received on Fri 3 binding offers for the sale of 67% stake in Thessaloniki Port (OLTH).

EU’s Juncker: Eurozone Lenders and Greece Should Achieve Technical Deal by April 7

down by another 1.4 pct over week as Brussels talks prove inconclusive

Juncker responds to Tsipras on labour rights. Says is part of EU acquis but adds there's no simple solution


Fillon et Macron sont les deux candidats les plus cités dans la presse cette semaine

Translated from French by 
Fillon and Macron are the two most cited candidates in the press this week

Macron represents hope , as Fillon falls and Hamon is ho hum-the differences between left and right seem increasingly artificial.

Two charged with supplying arms to Paris Orly airport attacker

Macron still ahead (26%), Fillon stagnating, Hamon slowly preparing to break 10% threshold on the way down

France's Macron seen winning first round of presidentials, Fillon slips - BVA poll

How stay-away voters could sway the French election

Marine Le Pen meets Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, less than a month before the French election. Amazing

Putin says he has "no intention to influence" French election result after visit by Marine Le Pen.


Thousands demonstrate in London against leaving the EU

We owe a lot to MEP He saw at first hand in what the truly is. Thank you!

Why London's bankers need to spell out the cost of Brexit, and fast

1 hour ago
Plus all their shark jumping in the aftermath of the Westminster tragedy. An appalling week for the so-called alt-right.

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Burning bridges with the UK is not in the EU's interest, says Romania's EU minister

Carswell does the right thing....

We should prepare for Britain walking out of Brexit talks without a deal, EU officials say

Europeans blocked from about 25% of jobs in department running Brexit

How long will the Brexit process take and what happens if there's no deal? Here's a guide

EU 60 Anniversary.....

With the UK notably absent, leaders meet to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which laid the EU's foundations.

UK absent as EU leaders seek unity on 60th birthday

Poland and Greece plot Brussels MUTINY as Britain stays away from backslapping EU summit

Today we celebrate the Treaties of Rome and 60 years of peace in the EU. Watch my speech LIVE in Rome:

Polish PM signs despite threatening not to

Poland warns it may not adopt EU's Rome declaration


Bulgaria: Two days ahead of election, Socialist BSP (S&D) 3 points behind GERB (EPP). New party Volya (*) at 7%.

Bulgaria prepares to vote in tight parliamentary poll -

Turkey’s hand in Bulgaria's elections - taking place tomorrow - angers Sofia

Document: Uses Rigged Polls, Fake News to Sway Foreign Elections. Is One Example.

Farm Protests are Expected Again in Various Parts of Bulgaria via


Thousands in Berlin demonstrating against in the

Germany's biggest political magazine sends a declaration of love to London: "London - Dramatic times in a wonderful city."

Germany watchers: The regional election in Saarland on Sunday - indicator of trends to watch in National Elections in September.

Are there holes in the official Germanwings crash story?

Six ways Germans could learn to deal with foreigners better

A Wounded Metropolis: London in the Age of Terror and Brexit

Two Years of Uncertainty: Europe Prepares for Tough Brexit Negotiations

Targeting Terrorists: Germany's Dilemma in Dealing with Islamist Threats


: belarus arrested before planned

Thousands defy ban to protest in . Many arrests. 50+ human rights observers detained (pic via )

Some people who intended to protest in Minsk, ended up watching from a café as police vans filled up

In , , riot police being currently redeployed to Yakub Kolas square to contain the :

Mass arrest continue in Minsk, Belarus. Live feed: |EMPR

Belarus detains opposition leader ahead of protest

Several already detained in ahead of protest start. So far it's a square full of journalists and police. others stopped.