Sunday, March 26, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......March 26 , 2017...... Quick Hits For Sunday........ -1) Europe In Focus : Bulgaria Election Has GERB Party Leading In Exit Polls , Right Wing Party UP Continues Trend Of Declining Support ; Saarland Regional Elections A Big Win Sunday For CDU & Merkel , No "Schulz" Effect For SPD ; France : Election Related News On Major Candidates & Recent Polling ; Greece Updates For Sunday ; UK Sunday Talk Show Highlights , London Attack Updates. 2) US Political Round Up - Replace & Repeal Aftermath , GOP Civl War On Display , New Executive Order Coming Tuesday " Energy Independence Executive Order " , Russia Investigation Updates , Odds & Ends.



Bulgaria: After Dutch vote, the decline of right-wing parties continues: UP (ECR/EFDD) down from 11.8 to 8.8 (Gallup exit poll).

Bulgaria, Alpha Resarch exit poll: GERB-EPP: 32.2 BSP-S&D: 28 DPS-ALDE: 9.7 UP-ECR: 9.5

Bulgaria, Gallup exit poll: GERB-EPP: 32.8 BSP-S&D: 28.4 UP-ECR: 8.8 DPS-ALDE: 7.8

Bulgaria: After Dutch vote, the decline of right-wing parties continues: UP (ECR/EFDD) down from 11.8 to 8.8 (Gallup exit poll).

Saarland Regional Election.....

Germany (Saarland state election): Rise in turnout. more votes for 's CDU (EPP) and far-right AfD (ENF) (FGW exit poll).

Updates on 's state election, results projections, data breakdowns, etc can be found here

Germany (Saarland state election): Voting intention / Age groups: SPD (S&D) not stronger among young people.

Germany (Saarland state election): SPD (S&D) gains among workers (+3), but loses among self-employed and public servants.

Germany (Saarland state election): Pirate party PIRATEN (G/EFA) collapses from 7.1% to 0.7%.

Germany (Saarland state election): Young voters favour the the left parties, Old voters support 's CDU (EPP).


Who is Le Pen's Biggest fan in Russia ( Maria Katasonova) ?

Le Pen vs Macron seen as likely face off...

RT LCI: "Nous plaidons pour la diversité des peuples" Marine Le Pen >>
Translated from French by 
RT LCI: "we advocate for the diversity of peoples" Marine Le Pen > >

Le Pen hits out at Fillon's love of money....

‘The European Union will die’ Marine Le Pen predicts bloc’s demise at rally

France's Fillon Mixes Facts And Fiction In Desperate Presidential Bid, Risks Blowing Up Elections

France's Fillon 'very likely' wiretapped, ally says

French Prez polling update
Trends / 1st and 2nd round polling average
Macron trending ahead of Le Pen on 1st round
Fillon definitely toast

Latest poll in France puts Macron (26%) ahead of Le Pen (25%). But look also at % of voters "this is my definite choice". Macron 3rd.

Macron gets more and more support from the French Socialists. His position is now formidable.

French center-right senators back Macron's presidential bid


Failing to Continue Greek Programme would be ‘Irresponsible,’ Gabriel Says

Truck Drivers Smuggling Migrants Detained by Greek Police

Corruption Prosecutor Resigns; Claims she was Targeted over Novartis Probe

Calendar of banks' 2016 results' releases: Mar 29 - Eurobank 30 - Alpha, NBG 31 - Piraeus


New arrest in Westminster attack. Keep an eye as more news to follow on this.

Restaurateur Fed 300 Emergency Crew During Terror Attack -

Whatsapp say they are "horrified" at the London attack & are "co-operating with law enforcement"

Andrew Neil with Douglas Carswell....

The guy wasn't under surveillance. So even if WhatsApp were entirely unencrypted, it wouldn't have made any difference.

If Rudd wants to make a better case she needs to come to the conversation with data, not anecdotes that don't even fit her argument.

WATCH: Farage: Uncontrolled Immigration Adds to Terror Worries [VIDEO]

US Politics......

Juliette Kayyem steps back from her prior sensational claim Flynn turned on Trump Administration and had flipped to the FBI. More fake news.

Budget chief: "Powers that be in Washington" won healthcare fight

Bannon encouraged Sessions to run for president before meeting Trump: report

Blame game underway as Trump lashes fellow Republicans....

1 hour ago
Here is letter from 's lawyers: offers public testimony & to "cooperate fully" to rebut charges "he has committed treason."

1 hour ago
Roger Stone has requested to testify in a public session before House Intel Committee.....

1 hour ago
Former White House ethics lawyer is suing Trump for questionable involvement with his family business |

White House denies German officials' claim that Trump handed Merkel a $374 billion NATO bill

1 hour ago
Report: Trump handed Merkel a bill for £300 billion owed to NATO

How Washington handed Trump his first defeat

Trump out. He was at Trump National Golf in VA less than 1 hour. I asked aides if a problem is drawing him back to White House, they said no

Trump finishing up meetings here at his VA golf club, aides say. Press load back into motorcade vans. We've been here under one hour.

E.O on Tuesday begins rollback of rule of past President Obama that slashed carbon dioxide emissions and discouraged coal-fired electricity.

White House is calling Tuesday's exec order the "energy independence executive order."

What exactly did Paul Manafort do wrong?

Was Pirro delivering a Trump-planted message? Senior aides to Trump and Ryan say no

After the fourth day of confirmation hearings, Democrats are under pressure to obstruct Trump at every turn |


Trump becomes ensnared in fiery GOP civil war

Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club For Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned Parenthood & Ocare!

.: "There are no conversations going on right now with regards to replacing" Speaker Ryan.

1 hour ago
This was a coincidence, several aides have told me.

After Trump tweeted to tell us to watch Judge Jeanine tonight, she opens with "Paul Ryan needs to step down."

Republicans wonder whether Trump’s heart was in health-care fight

Trump’s path forward only gets tougher after health-care fiasco

Is the Trump-Russia story an octopus or spaghetti?

How did Democrats handle Nunes’ meeting with Trump regarding potential surveillance by the intelligence community?