Sunday, March 19, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......March 19 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Europe In Focus : Germany - Outgoing SPD Chair Sigmar Gabriel Endorses Macron , Martin Schulz To Lay Out His Plans To Unseat Merkel , Turkey Fumes After Germany Allows 30,000 Kurds To Rally Against Turkey's Referendum In Frankfurt - A Week After Turkish Politicians Blocked From Politicking In Germany ; France - Orly Incident Follow Up , France Presidential Contest Offerings. ; Greece Updates - Social Dynamics In Focus ; UK Political Round Up For Sunday. 2) US Politics - Round Up Of News & Views For Sunday Morning - Updated During Day. 3) Libya News for Sunday - Tension At Abusita Naval Base , Refugee Related News , International Politics Updates. 4) Syria & Iraq In Focus !



Deutsche Bank to issue 687.5mln new shares at €11.65 each. The subscription period will run from Mar21-Apr6.

Erdogan accuses Merkel of using 'Nazi measures'

Germany Slams Trump's Claim That It Owes "Vast Sums" To NATO And The U.S.

And, by endorsing , Gabriel signals the SPD no longer supports France's Socialist Party. Major policy change.

"My intention to pursue policies that make the lives of hard-working people a little better is apparently finding a lot of support."

Turkey fumes over Kurdish rally in Frankfurt

Germany trades barbs w/Trump on defense after Merkel meeting. “There's no debit account in NATO,” German DefMin says

No, Germany doesn't owe America 'vast sums' of money for . Security experts attacked the flaws in Trump’s logic


'My son was no terrorist': Airport attacker's father

Orly attacker doesn't fit the profile of a jihadist , but rather a low level , petty criminal without religious inclinations.

France, Odoxa poll:: Macron (EM-*): 27% Le Pen (FN-ENF): 26% Fillon (LR-EPP): 19% Hamon (PS-S&D): 13% ↓...

Outgoing Chairman imagines a progressive victory in France, as well:

Meet the candidates vying to become the next French president

France's presidential candidates: The view from abroad


Thousands of asylum claims pending despite influx drop

Rally held in Athens to mark UN Anti-Racism Day

ND denies it opposed citizenship for descendants of Greek Jews


Interesting read.....

Labour prepping for early General Election....

Ruth Davidson On Andrew Marr....."SNP Is Not Scotland"...

Brexit Plan B......

Westminster voting: SNP still dominant on 47%. Tories distant 2nd on 28%. Labour much more distant 3rd on 14%. LDs/Ukip irrrelevant on 4%/3%

Not a good start for FM. All new EU members are treaty bound to adopt the Euro as their currency, try reading the

On the Sunday Politics, Nick Clegg, Labour's Elections & Campaigns Coordinator Andrew Gwynne and NHS Providers chief exec Chris Hopson (1/2)

US Politics....


JUST IN: House intel chair: "No evidence of collusion" between Trump campaign and Russia

Health secretary shoots down clean repeal of ObamaCare: That would put "vulnerable people at risk"

Chinese president offers praise for Tillerson

After big Tuesday, Rachel Maddow takes ratings hit Wednesday

GOP lawmaker: Intelligence community leaks "have to stop"

Canadian border authorities detaining record number of Mexicans

Senate Intel Committee asks top Trump adviser to preserve Russia-related records ahead of investigation

1 hour ago
Top Trump adviser "on the rise" in Trump's inner circle: report

Philadelphia's largest Cinco de Mayo celebration canceled over deportation fears

Odds & Ends.....


Good overview of today , connects events of past 2 days. Questions abound and strange silence from some quarters.

Source from Unity Govt Defense Ministry denies rumors that Col. Mahdi al-Barghathi has been kidnapped.

1 hour ago
City Council says was elected democratically, will continue work despite attempt to impose change by force

Khalifa Ghwell attacks Pres. Council, reveals meeting between himself, Abdullah al-Thinni and Ageilah Saleh.

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Looks like LNA will handover oil terminals again to NOC.

NOC hopes to raise crude production to 800,000 bpd end April from 611,000 now

PC only spoke out , it would appear , after gunmen forced the issue today.

News of the day to consider !

News: The Ghwail government (a GNA rival in ) just announced they are about to launch a military attack to take back gov HQs

When you dont get a report you go and get one with guns

ميليشيات ليبية تقتحم مقر المجلس الرئاسي لحكومة الوفاق وتجبر رئيسه فايز السراج على إصدار بيان يهاجم فيه الجيش الوطني وقياداته
Translated from Arabic by 
A Libyan militia invade the headquarters of the Presidential Council of the Government of reconciliation and force head Fayez AOS on a statement attacking the national army and their leaders

Former US Envoy to Libya Jonathan Winer asks what is the expectation as to what diplomats can do regarding Libya ?

Just pass by the Abusitta naval signs of any attack. Normal movements on the street

Disturbance at Abustitta Naval Base and Libyana HQ vacated - something afoot perhaps Sunday ?

| Tension near Abusitta naval base (Presidential Council headquarters). Employees evacuated from LTT HQ

Unconfirmed report of shootings in naval base...Seraj and Koblers office

There are unconfirmed reports regarding a shooting and protest in front of Abu Sitta naval base (HQ GNA PC) in Tripoli. No other information

Employees of and telecommunications companies in area been asked to leave

Update: Fayaz Sirraj regarded insults and hate slogans against Misrata by Dignity Operation protesters as freedom of speech

Update: Fayaz Sirraj statement about Friday protest sparked outrage in Misrata and Tripoli

LNA soldiers accused of "heinous" war crimes after Ganfouda victory -

The 3,000 rescued - just for Sunday !

In the meantime off the Libyan coasts... more than 900 refugees rescued by in only night!

1 hour ago
Joint Communique of the Quartet meeting on Libya - ReliefWeb

UN's thoughts regarding Libya....

Martin Kobler to be replaced as UN Envoy to Libya by Richard Wilcox.

Misratans said they were suspending all contacts with PC until there had been an apology for inflammatory statements from Tripoli crowds.


MoD issues stern warning to , says if they target our aircraft again, we'll destroy its air defense without hesitation.

: Syrian opposition fighters enter a district within Damascus in what appears to be a surprise advance north east of the capital.

For nearly 4 million refugees in who fled the war zones in neighboring , the future remains uncertain

1st batch have left al-Waer neighbourhood consisting of 300 militants and 1,065 civilians & they are now going towards NE Aleppo countryside


There are daily reports now of large numbers of civilian bodies left trapped under the rubble of West Mosul, most reported killed by strikes

Displaced families from return to their homes in areas designated as safe by Iraqi armed forces as they continue to battle .

: Displaced families in Hamam Al-Alil, largest town south of the city.

residents flee the city with dead bodies of loved ones, human shields of

map update. Green= liberated and under forces control. Orange= frontline clashes. White= controlled areas.

Iraqi Forces advancing in Old Mosul - Map of latest Situation in Mosul Map: