Monday, January 2, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views ...... January 2 , 2017..... Quick Hits For Early Monday morning - 1) Europe Economic Data : Manufacturing PMIs For Italy , France , Spain , Germany , Greece & EZ Generally Show Better Than Expected Output Growth ; Inflation Appears To Be Accelerating - EZ Sees Quickest Pick Up In Inflation Since July 2011 ; The Telegraph Pans Transition Difficulties Constructed By Obama To Impede Trump ; Euro Drops In Thin Holiday Trade Today ; Dax Higher - But Prospects May Be Dimming ; 2017 Is Here , January to Guide Investors. 2) Asia In Focus : China Key & Interesting News For Monday ( New Cash Transaction Rules Not Capital Controls - Bitcoin Crossing 1,000 Says Otherwise , PBOC Adviser Calls For 6-7% Growth - G.L.W.T , China Factory Index Steadies Near Post 2012 High - But Prices Surge Like In Europe ) ; India Demonetization Hits India PMI - December Compared With November Reflects Worst M/M Change Since Nov 2008 , India Stock Market Drops Today With PMI Data. 3) Turkey In Focus : ISIS Officially Claims Istanbul Reina Nightclub Terror Attack ; NYT Resorts To Shielding Names Of Its Journalists In Turkey - Journalists in 2017 , Face Same Or Worse Pressures From 2016. 4) Iraq In Focus - Huge Explosion In Baghdad's Sadr City As France's President Hollande On Official Visits To Reaffirm France's Commitment Against ISIS- Death Toll Now At 32. 5) Libya In Focus - Domestic & International News Of note. 6) Odds & Ends !


(3) | Markit: Output charge inflation accelerated to the quickest pace since July 2011

(2) | Markit: Price pressures intensified during December with input costs reaching a five-and-a-half high.

Eurozone Markit Manufacturing PMI Dec F: 54.9 (est 54.9; prev 54.9)

Greek Markit Manufacturing PMI Dec: 49.3 (est 48.7; prev 48.3)

Italian Markit Manufacturing PMI Dec: 53.2 (est 52.3; prev 52.2)

Italian Manufacturing Sector Shows Strongest Output Growth For 6-Months – Markit

(2) | Markit: The rate of increase in input prices was the most marked since June 2011.

French Manufacturing Output Grows At Fastest Pace Since May 2011 - Markit

French Markit Manufacturing PMI Dec F: 53.5 (est 53.5; prev 53.5)

Germany Markit/BME mftg PMI Dec final 55.6 vs 55.5 exp

Spanish Manufacturing Production Rises At Fastest Pace Since January – Markit

Spain Markit mftg PMI December 55.3 vs 54.6 exp

The Telegraph offers criticism directed toward Obama regarding transition phase ....

drops below $1.05 in thin holiday trading despite decent PMI numbers across the .

Bond and stock markets starting higher to the year. 's 10y yields drop to 0.157%, lowest in 8 weeks.

assets starting buoyant to the new year. While FTSE MIB trading 1.5% higher, 10y Italy risk spread over Germany shrinking to 157bps.

's Dax starts higher to 2017 >10,500 points but analysts see little potential left after Dec run, Predict Dax at 11,823 at end-2017.

Good morning from Berlin. Investors brace for 2017 shocks. Jan has proven to be difficult mnth, w/S&P 500 falling >3% in Jan2014, 2015, 2016

Over 100 migrant arrivals recorded on Greek islands in 24 hours


China Factory Index Steadies Near Post-2012 High As Prices Surge – BBG

PBoC Adviser Calls For 6%-7% Growth Target Range – BBG

PBoC’s Ma: New Cash Transaction Rules Not Capital Controls – BBG

jumps above $1000 as introduces new cash transaction rules to curb capital flight.

Demonetization hits India Manufacturing PMI hard in December - at 49.6 vs 52.3 prev, first contraction in 2016 , worst M/M since Nov 2008

PMI signals first manufacturing contraction in a year as Cash shortages cut demand.

Quick look at Asia. Most markets closed due to holidays. stock mkt lower after Dec PMI has dropped below 50.

Turkey .....

ISIS had the time to build a huge network in & now its openly declaring war on the country.

ISIS officially claims responsibility for nightclub attack. Statement refers to Turkey as "protector of the cross".

ISIS at war with Turkey. Istanbul attack "continuation of blessed operations carried out by Islamic State against protector of the Cross."

I have seen ISIS statement claiming Istanbul nightclub attack in Turkish, French &Arabic. Attack carried out by "one fighter of caliphate".

ISIS says Istanbul attack is "response to the order of Emir of Believers". Lately al-Baghdadi singled out Turkey &urged attacks against it.

This is 2nd time that ISIS openly claims an attack in Turkey. First claim was a car bomb blast in Diyarbakir city back in November.

If Turkey is not safe for NYT reporters, imagine our Turkish colleagues.

Fevzi Yazici. A good friend with whom I worked years in the same newsroom. One of Turkey's leading designers. In prison for 161 days.


First report from bombings: Sadr city market - 37 dead Al-Kindi hospital - 13 dead Imam Ali hospital - 21 dead Plus many injured.

A car bomb exploded at a parking lot near Al Kindi Teaching Hospital in eastern Baghdad, casualty reports unknown-via local media outlets.

: Third bomb attack rips through , Iraq's Interior Ministry tells .

Second explosion in as French president praises security improvement on his official visit to .

Car bomb blast kills at least 35, wounds 61 in Iraq's capital Baghdad during French president's visit to the city

: Death toll increases to 32 in suicide bomb attack in Sadr City.

Suicide car-bomb blast kills at least 17 people in — Police.

Car bomb rips through Jamila market in , Sadr city as French President on official visit.

: Huge explosion in Baghdad as France's President on official visits to reaffirm France's commitment against .

"With you have an ally for a long time. Your role is important during this period" — France's President .

In regards to foreign fighters returning to Europe, 's says this issue will be addressed, they will be arrested.

France's President says his country has taken responsibility both politically and militarily.


Another attack from the Third Force against 12th Brigade has been reported this morning near "Gwirat Al-Maal checkpoint", north of .

The 12th Brigade of Mohammed Bin Nail still controls Gwirat al Maal gate btw and Birak al Shati. قويرة-المال

Persisting challenges for govt in Tripoli, will recently released budget help?

House of Representatives holds accountability session for 's Interim Govt

The son of al-Wahda Bank branch manager escapes from kidnappers in .

- photo of an EO-5C surveillance aircraft purportedly flying over this morning

- photo of an LNA "tank" targeted by unspecified ATGM near Chinese Building area, southern

0 Libya In focus - Domestic & International News touching On Libya. 2 hours ago
- claim destroying LNA Emirati Tygra , loot Egyptian mortar shells, PKM in southern

Jala Hospital: 5 Libyan army members killed, 103 wounded in western clashes during December.

7 men for Zawiya released, were kidnapped in Wershafana two weeks ago.

Unity Govt Foreign Ministry: 1 Libyan killed, 3 wounded in nightclub attack.

to put crisis in the forefront during its EU presidency

Soldier killed by landmine explosion in the Ganfouda area of .

Special Forces Spox: 15 killed, 43 wounded during December in .

Security patrols in the town of Shahhat continue despite snowfall.

Egyptian Armed Forces Chief of Staff receives delegation from 's House of Representatives

Odds & Ends.....

January 10th - Farewell Address from President Obama.

Trump aide says U.S. sanctions on Russia may be disproportionate

SCOTS are overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of holding another independence referendum this year, according to a new poll.

NEW: Labour slumps further in latest poll, as Tory support wanes and Lib Dems continue to show signs of resurgence

France sees 650 cars torched on New Year's Eve

Over 100 migrant arrivals recorded on Greek islands in 24 hours

1,000 + migrants tried to jump a high double fence between Morocco & Ceuta on Sunday in a violent assault that saw one officer lose an eye.

BREAKING: 1st car bomb targeted security checkpoint followed by a truck bomb which targeted Peace hotel, popular foreign diplomats.

BREAKING: Two Massive car bombs target heavily guarded peace hotel near 's Halane military base in - Witnesses

president threatens to pull his troops out of due to non payment of forces by for 11 months.

Pro-AQ accusing Ahrar al-Sham and other rebels of delivering information against the group.

An apparent US drone strike killed several senior JFS/AQ figures in today, inc. Abu Omar al-Turkistani; a lead figure in unity talks.

This was a pretty big deal.....