Sunday, January 1, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views........January 1 , 2017 ...... Quick Hits For New Years Day 1) Horrible New Years Eve Shooting At Reina Nightclub , Istanbul - Tragic Harbinger For 2017. 2) Europe News For Sunday January 1st - Greece , Refugees Stranded In Europe , Hollande Gives Comments On Risks For France , Further Items Of Interest. 3) Libya Items From Past Seveal Days Of Note. 4) Odds & Ends - Iraq , US Politics , Syria , South Korea , Saudi Arabia & Assorted Items Of Interest.

Reina Nightclub Shooting...

( Much more at Twitter T.L)

Istanbul : premières images du tueur de la boîte de nuit

FWIW - unofficial ISIS accounts attribute attack to ISIS member and allege he escaped Istanbul safely.

Trail cold ....for now.

. says they received photos from a "credible source" [likely from a security source as they were taken during border control.]

Wrong photos....

Note photos are wrong....

Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate made all mosques across Turkey to condemn new year celebrations on Friday Prayers. This warning yday:

A banner in few days ago: 'We are Muslims. No to New Years Eve and Christmas celebrations.' source:

Foreigners killed in Istanbul attack: 7 Saudis, 4 Iraqis, 2 Indians, 2 Tunisians, 1 Canadian, 1 Syrian, 1 Israeli, 1 Lebanese,1 Belgian

Dressed as Santa Claus Terror attack on nightclub in killed 35 (5 , 4 ).

💥 First photos of suspected 's (Santa Shooter) released by police. "

ISIS twitter accounts apparently claim that the attacker was ISIS member and got out of Istanbul safely.

💢 Some graphic images released by Turkish media (gag holds) from the aftermath of Istanbul's New Year massacre:

Deaths thus far: : 5 : 2 : 1 : 1 : 2 : 2 : 5. : 1 : 1

Identities of 20 victims confirmed in Istanbul attack, including Saudi Arabian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Libyan nationals

The nightclub was hosting a large party with nationals from , , , & celebrating NYE together.

(Where Daesh = ISIS) used so as not to accept/accord association with Islam.

List of terrorist attacks in Turkey since summer 2015, including 5 on Istanbul over the past year. Source: New York Times

[VIDEO] Death toll rises to 39, including 15 foreigners, in İstanbul nightclub attack - Turkish Minute

First insight. Nationality of foreigners @ Reina giving clues on attacker's motivations assumption may be a dead end.

It's confirmed at least 16 killed at are foreign nationals. Their origins -still unknown- might hint motivations of the perpetrator.

IS claim over attack might not mean it was orchestrated by IS (IS claimed 19 inspired attacks in last 6months)

Changing at least 4 magazines swiftly while attacking to a crowd surely requires military training or experience. An ex-jihadist makes sense

One-man IS-inspired attack cont.: 108 people took at least one hit; and most assault rifles has 30'ish bullets; so it requires changing mags

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu backs up the claim that there was only one assailant.So the IS-inspired attack theory might still be viable


2016 ended with an attack in Baghdad. 2017 started with an attack in Istanbul. Horrible.

Photos from the aftermath of terror attack on Istanbul nightclub

One killer may have escaped - seen shedding Santa costume...

Footage of attacker shooting his way into Reina Nightclub - Graphic , so view with appropriate caution.

Footage of the attack from a distance. The Terrorist kept on shooting and shooting. Non stop!

Footage from outside the club , start of the attack. Graphic footage warning.

( String of 18 tweets - interesting thoughts.) 
1. It's too early to say who's behind nightclub attack in Istanbul, but I wanted to share some context regarding ISIS threats against Turkey

18. Just now on the Khilafa Italian channel, ISIS explains it's beef with New Years, including that January is named after a Roman deity.



Nearly 11,000 refugees, migrants stranded on northern Aegean islands

New poll gives opposition 6.3 pct lead over SYRIZA

FinMin says cut-off mechanism beyond 2018 considered

Broader Europe......

!! Leaked papers reveal that as Luxembourg’s PM, Jean-Claude Juncker obstructed the bloc’s tax reforms efforts

1,000 + migrants tried to jump a high double fence between Morocco & Ceuta on Sunday in a violent assault that saw one officer lose an eye.

. reports that over 76,000 including are stranded in Europe

Hollande says must defend values in Cold War climate. Outgoing French pres sees democracy, freedom at risk.

The highlight of 2016. results. The beginning of .


Third Force attacks Barak Al-Shatti airbase, confirms spokesman - The Libya Observer

Libya oil production moves up to 685,000 bpd !

Proactive start to 2017 for the Presidential Council with 37bn budget on the way (without HoR approval) & new appointments.

GNA approves LD 10 M to Benghazi University and LD 8 M for Tobruk desalination – both ... -

What a year 2016 has been for

Snow amid the ruins

Govt: We haven't sought or made agreements to return citizens fighting for terror groups in other countries

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir: The Kingdom is for a peaceful political solutions in

Protest in demands law enforcement and the end to ongoing violence.

busts a terror cell in the capital - sixth cell dismantled since Anis Amri's Xmas market attack

Odds & Ends.....


Front yards become graveyards in Mosul.

Mosul Campaign grinding along...slow but steady..

: Security forces liberate Al-Intisar, Al-Karama, Sab'awi and Yafa districts in destroying 4 .

B-52 bombed positions in (file photo).

.3/ destroyed the tombs of this ancient monastery dating back 2 the 4thCentury in , just 20 miles southeast of .

.2/ There are two buildings at the site. The larger is a church, &next to it sits the tomb of 2 saints & his sister .

US Politics....

"Our goal in this report is to merely analyze the data DHS provided and share our findings."Mark Maunder – Wordfence Founder/CEO

US Govt Data Shows Russia Used Outdated Ukrainian PHP Malware via

David Spring provides his opinion regarding the evidence supporting a russian hack-as set forth in the joint FBI-DHS report. Worth a read.

Hey check this out Bill Binney explains in a few short paragraphs, why he doesn't agree with russian hack report.

Trump's tweets reflect his defensive posture against those he sees as trying to de-legitimize his election

RCP's "Behind the Cabinet" series examines the changes coming to Obamacare and the challenges facing HHS

Trump's lack of communications manpower could limit the new administration’s messaging efficiency

Trump's team draws target on federal regulations

Clearly Clinton thrown under the bus by Van Jones - didn't he support HRC or am I missing something ?

― Trump Hints At "Russian Hacking" Revelations In Coming Days: "I Know Things Other People Don't"

Irresponsible to speculate w/o any proof of nefarious dealings-or even dealings. Especially since no law enforcement agency has said a peep.

Think this through carefully....

Trump's chief aides asked if he could make commitment to VA sec job. He said he couldn't get out of Cleveland Clinic duties.

WaPo Issues Major ‘Editor’s Note’ to Clear up Report Claiming Russians Hacked US Power Grid

SCOOP: Trump is considering lawyer George Conway, husband of adviser Kellyanne Conway, to be US solicitor general.

UN Security Council backs Syria ceasefire brokered by Russia, Turkey

FM welcomes UNSC resolution on for nationwide ceasefire. hosts about 260K Syrian refugees.

Romania has people who dress up as bears. Here in Philly , we have a fine tradition of Mummers & String Bands on N.Y.D !

Death threats made to writers who produce articles people disagree with-no matter how strongly-are just dead wrong & perps hopefully caught.


Syrian civilians fear ceasefire will end after heavy bombardment of rebel areas

The same group which operates in north Aleppo CS had merged with Zinki, probably 2 diff commands/branches

Hmeimem Centre representative: Attack on Wadi Barada does not violate ceasefire bcoz rebels in the area are affiliated with JFS/Nusra

1,300 civilians flee Wadi Barada and go towards al-Rawda

Militants stormed base belonging to Faylaq alSham in Kaftin - Idlib countryside, kidnapping several rebels & stealing weapons/ammo/pickup

: According to one of those [leadership] sources, JFS is actively trying to "force" the merger, but "it still won't happen."

: I'm told by Ahrar al-Sham insiders that opponents of a JFS merger are being threatened w their lives unless they change their position.

Rebels denied few signature on (defined incorrect) document calling for the unification of groups and (JFS)

Nour al-Din Zengi also denied scholars signature on the unification (with ) document.

Hardline clerics are piling pressure on Ahrar al-Sham to merge with JFS & others - leaking internal advocates & publicly calling for unity:

En 6 mois depuis juin 2016 l' a revendiqué 11 attentats en Europe dans 6 pays (Fr, All, Be, Ita, Dan, Se) faisant +100 morts +500 blessés

The Jihadi Threat: ISIS, Al Qaeda & Beyond - by is clear eyed. Love the term: “marbling” of jihadi groups

By Putin?

Something to keep an eye on..

prez says "Last step of our commitments under to be taken on January 16 in Fordow Enrichment facilities."/1

's interior ministry releases images of wanted escapees from