Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Economic Markets , Data & Views....... January 3 , 2017 , Quick Hits For Tuesday - 1) Markets : Economic Calendar For Asia & Data Plus News Of Note For Wednesday ; US Stock Indexes Jump Off Green For 2017's First Trading Day ; USD Has A Winning Day Again ; Oil Finishes Lower After A Rollercoaster Session - Additional Oil Related News Of Note ; Europe Stock Major Indexes Have Their Green Jackets On Today - New Money Coming Into The Markets For 2017. 2) US Politics : Transition Related Items , Congress Related News , Economic Items Touching Upon Politics. 3) Libya Beginning To Boil - East & Misrata. 4) Syria State Of Play & Various Updates To Consider. 5) Turkey - Post Reina Shooting Info & Turkey News De Jour. 6) Odds & Ends.



Economic calendar coming up from Asia - Japan PMI the feature

BOJ's Kuroda says Japan economy is at a critical point to end deflation

China said to consider options to support the yuan & curb outflows, including asking SOEs to convert foreign currency into yuan

Chinese regulators already encouraged SOEs to sell FX under current acct, may cut US Treasury holdings more to keep yuan stable

Westpac China Consumer Sentiment (December): 116.6 (prior 114.9)

Update: Ringgit weakens further to 4.4983 (getting there)

Yuan fixed at 6.9526, vs 6.9498 last

$35 trillion in impaired Chinese financial assets and a population eager to get its savings out.

ANZ on China's new yuan basket: Expect higher volatility in USD/CNY fixing & spot rate

SK FinMin: Will actively promote Korea's stance if the U.S. makes any irrational trade demands --Rtrs

JN Nikkei Manufacturing PMI (Dec F): 52.4 (prev 51.9)

US & Europe.....

US stocks get a little boost at the end of day.




How does one "quietly" drop a bomb or bombshell ? Impact still causes vast havoc and commotion...

US ISM Manufacturing New Orders Dec: 60.2 (prev 53.0) -Employment Dec: 53.1 (est 52.5; prev 52.3)

US Construction Spending (MoM) Nov: 0.90% (est 0.50%; rev prev 0.60%)

Even on a bad day the US dollar still wins


WTI crude oil futures settle at $52.33 per barrel

| PM al-Abadi tues: Kurdish region exporting more than allocated quantities of through . urges transparency. RTRS.

| first cargoes of Sharara field crude to be shipped this month. 3 cargoes so far at 630k bbl each. loading program. BBG.

European stock markets in a good mood in 2017

US Politics.....

The "Intelligence" briefing on so-called "Russian hacking" was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!

Midnight Rules Relief Act-would allow lawmakers to bundle multiple rules & overturn them en masse in joint resolution of disapproval.

Premiums exploding , state run health co-ops are mostly bankrupt , many individuals have sham coverage as a result exhorbitant deductibles.

The new Republican Congress rolled back their plans to weaken the office. has the details

Keep your eyes on this..

Paul Ryan Is Re-Elected House Speaker

Looks like Ford is going to forgo a planned Mexico expansion..

So , we will get some type of briefing from PEOTUS on Russia & alleged hacking efforts by same , after all.

VP-elect Pence shares Trump's concerns about Congressional Rs trying to weaken ethics oversight office, Sean Spicer said on press call.

Trump criticizes fellow Republicans for move to weaken congressional ethics watchdog office.

The great "Russians Are Hacking The Grid" meme , falls apart under slightest bit of scrutiny...

Trump tweets warning to General Motors.

Two cabinet spots left and RCP is tracking who's up for the jobs



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Libyan Satire: Cartoonists react to the resignation of Presidency Council member Musa Al-Koni

Pres. Council VP Ahmed Maiteeg: Airstrikes on al-Jufra base undermine reconciliation efforts.

Things coming to a head...

Southern tribes meet to try and prevent war.

power cuts south Libya

Haftar comments certainly going to ruffle feathers..

AirForce Operations Room Chief Mohamed Manfur confirms army strike at airbase targeting airplane transporting ammunition

Army Spox Ahmed al-Mismari: The AirForce targeted a meeting of militias, including Al-Qaeda commanders, at airbase

Ibrahim Beit al-Mal, head of Misrata military council, was injured in the airstrike at airbase

Air Force: The area between Brega, and Sebha is a military zone closed to all types of aviation

LNA Spox Col. Ahmed al-Mismari say Al-Qaeda targeted in strikes on al-Jufra.

LNA always made it clear it would not tolerate the presence of BDB in Jufrah. Misrata & PC are allowing them to use Jufrah as a base.

Statement by Misrata's military, municipal &elders councils calls on forces to be ready for war in response to LNA air strike.

Joint statement from Misrata municipal & military council pretty much declare war on LNA lead by Hiftar More bloodshed & destruction

Calls for strike at Labour Ministry in protest of controversial sending of attachés overseas

Agilah Saleh to visit Tunis tomorrow to discuss the crisis with Tunisians officials. Haftar likely to visit Tunis in the future, too.

| People burn tires and "protest" in the streets of as power cuts last 12h or more per day. Published by witnesses.

Air force of Tobruk-based government says has targeted Jufra airbase, south-central Libya.

Air forces of both Libya governments bombing each other's forces southern Libya. No word on casualties yet.

has reached a new low. Long hours of power cuts, Fuel shortages, High prices, Intensified civil war & Political fragmentation

PC member Mijibri singles out government posts to friends while Sirraj in London for lavish wedding party


This information explain why wadi Barada is targeted, not included in the ceasefire deal, as long as is present

To halt growing Russian-Turkish military cooperation, Pentagon is reluctantly considering to join Turkey to capture al-Bab.

In the face of U.S. protest, Ankara says the US-led coalition did not provide air cover for Turkey's military campaign in al-Bab.

NEW MAP: 3 more militant held villages surrendered in West . This allows the to focus on Gov. in future ops.

Air strike on killing between 20-25 (JFS) according to pro-jihadists accounts.

Former Nusra Front group says US-led coalition struck HQ, killing 25

Reporting on airstrikes hitting an JFS facility not clear if a HQ or prison , reporting varies.

Elijah always provides rich food for thought !

Rebels divided btwn pro-Turkey (willing 2end the war in Syria due2 backfire) & Saudi/Qatar unwilling 2give up

Several air strikes have hit Sarmada area in Idlib countryside. Conflicting reports on whether it is a Russian or (US) Coalition warplane

Offer by opposition to trade access to water source for with halting of military operations by army


Marine Le Pen wants a common currency, the euro, in parallel to the French franc

Legacy problem: among most fiscally sound member states in Eurozone, yet also among most burdened by interest costs. (via Astellon)

25% of 's Target2 liabilities collateralized by gold. Gold reserves used by Bank of Italy in 1976 to guarantee Buba loan (viaAstellon)

Canister bombs go off outside official's Athens home

gen gov arrears down by ~400 million (-6.6%) year to date for the first time within 2016.

Oops. inflation rises to 1.7%, highest since 2013. Energy and food consist of most of the increase.

| Dec Manufacturing PMI New Orders: 58.5 …aka highest since June 2014

| May to trigger Article 50 in early March to allow to be discussed at EU Leader Summit held Mar 9-10th


Former counter-terrorism chief , who tracked extremist groups in Turkey, says ISIS has vast network of cells in the country.

Turkish media is very colorful.

Turkey extends state of emergency

LATEST — State of emergency to continue until FETÖ completely removed from all state institutions, Deputy PM Kurtulmuş says

Survivors not treated with respect or dignity after the shooting -as per the account of a survivor.

Odds & Ends....

+++ +++ Earthquake: South of Fiji Islands Magnitude: 6.8 | Depth: 10 km Via GFZ_Potsdam

China begins first freight train service to London

China News - Tuesday 1/2/17

land sale revenue down 61.5% in 2016 to 4-year low of 85.25bn yuan; the city sold total 44 plots of land, lowest amount since 2004

99 big Chinese steelmakers made total profit of 33.1bn yuan in Jan-Nov 2016, jump from 52.9bn loss in 2015, says & association

Benchmark Shanghai Composite closed 1.04% higher on first trading day 2017, Shenzhen Component up 0.84%; Nasdaq-style Chinext gained 0.06%.

regulator: it's not new that individuals are not allowed to buy forex for home purchases overseas; that has always been forbidden

It's the HIGHEST level since Jan 2013

Offshore strengthening sharply after set yuan fixing at 6.9498

ASIA WRAP: Equities up; lots from China >> Hibor rates jump after PBOC drains, currencies added to FX basket, calls for flexi growth targets