Thursday, December 15, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views...... December 15 , 2016 ..... Quick Hits For Thursday - 1) Markets & Market Moving News : Asia Economic Outlook for Friday , News & Data Of Note ; US Stock Indexes Pop Higher ; Oil News For Thursday ; USD Strength Continues , Yen & Euro Weakening Also Continues ; US Treasury Troubles Continue Post FOMC / Japan Overtakes China As Largest Holder Of Treasuries & TIC Flows Data ; Fed Increases Discount Rate 25BPS ; Additional News Of Note. 2) Europe In Focus : European Equities Gain Thursday ; EU-Turkey Refugee Deal Loophole Exploited ; Draghi Opines On Brexit , Availability Of Collateral ; Italy Prepares To Pump Billions Into Is Sick Banks ; EU-Ukraine Deal Updates ; Lagarde Set To Walk From Sarkozy Scandal ; Greece News De Jour - Greece B.O Wobbling As Relations Between Greece & Creditors Get Toxic , Greece Parliament Approves Tsipras Pension Bonus ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) US Politics - Transition Notes , Fake News , Electoral College Elector Intimidation , Russian Hacking , Jill Stein Update. 4) Odds & Ends - Syria , Libya & Turkey In Primary Focus.



PBOC sets USD/CNY mid-point today at 6.9508 (vs. yesterday at 6.9289)

PBoC fixes yuan at 6.9508 (prev 6.9289)

And the selling resumes: 10Y JGB rises to 0.10%, highest since January. Will BOJ step in to "anchor"

China press: Fed rate hike raises yuan fall pressure

Australia budget update coming on Monday - why its an important one

Economic data due from Asia today (fuggedaboudit)

" Down goes Frazier ......"


The S&P 500 rose 0.39% to 2262.03, rebounding after the Fed’s decision

No today, though stocks still closed higher. Perhaps tomorrow?

No one can agree on when the oil market will re-balance after the OPEC deal

Oil closes near $51 as Kuwait reportedly considers cutting sales to U.S.

Iraq is raising instead of cutting oil exports, according to shipping documents

Iraq’s national oil company plans to boost deliveries of its Basra oil grades by about 7% to 3.53 million bpd compared with October levels

NY Fed: FX swaps with foreign cbanks 1.1465bn ($11m with BoJ, rest with ECB)

Japan overtakes China as the largest holder of U.S. Treasuries

Treasury curve collapses as Fed-induced bond selloff escalates

China Tsy holdings %1.116tln (prev $1.157tln)

US Total Net TIC Flows (Oct): $18.8bn (prev rev -$154.4bn) Net Long-Term TIC Flows (Oct): $9.4bn (prev rev -$26.2bn)

Bonds are flashing a warning sign for stocks

Fed approves 25 basis point discount rate hike to 1.25%

30 year bond yield trades at session low

US dollar remains strong. Major pairs trading at extremes

Gold getting pole - axed as well. Off $36.40 or 3.14%.


Not surprisingly, refugees/migrants & their smugglers -have found potentially a huge loophole in EU-TURKEY deal.

Draghi: Brexit bad for all in medium term, worse for UK

News of Milan's and Monte De Paschi Trial.

Italy market watchdog approves Monte Paschi reopening of debt swap offer

Reuters: Italy prepared to pump 15 billion euros into ailing banks - sources

ECB Draghi: Concerns about availability of collateral has risen

Still not a done deal , Rutter offers no guarantee Dutch Parliament will approve this.

Dutch gov about to sign EU-Ukraine deal despite ppl voted NO in referendum. This arrogance is what created Trump and will create more Trumps

Case against IMF's Lagarde in Sarkozy scandal is 'weak', prosecutor says

European equities and the day with gains

Greek hospital doctors protest working conditions

Greek lawmakers approve pension bonus that angered creditors

Greece won’t bow to EU pressure over pensioners’ payout

parliament approves ' benefit for pensioners w 195 votes: Approved by SYRIZA, Golden Dawn, Dem Coal, Communists, ANEL >>

European Finance Commissioner: IMF Makes ‘Politically Impossible’ Demands of Greece

" The EZ decision is shameful. Behind this decision is the evil hand of Schäuble." 1

Ouch! Euro drops past major support at 1.0458, lowest since January 2003.

US Politics......

President Obama will hold an impromptu press conference Friday at 2:15 p.m. ET before leaving for his annual family vacation in Hawaii...

Jeh Johnson: “No evidence” of hacking electoral machines or ballot counts

Democratic donors want an autopsy on Hillary stunning loss

The Democrats’ “divestment or impeachment” bill aimed at Trump is futile but not stupid

Richard Haass is under consideration to be State Department deputy under Rex Tillerson

Monica Crowley joins Trump Administration.......

Democrats: Let’s delay the electoral college vote - The latest twist in Democrats’ campaign to undermine the el...

FB tools exclude users from flagging fake news from "legtitimate" news organizations -who makes that determination?

Take the time to read this article. John was right on concerns re: Russia , before it became fashionable.

This is completely outrageous-if this has in fact occurred.This would constitute criminal conduct & won't succeed.

President-elect intends to nominate U.S. Congressman as Secretary of the .

Agencies that have released alleged content on russian hacking to the media , should brief Congress.

Trial balloons floated re : John Bolton and Elliot Abrams running into pushback...

Second demand letter from aggrieved parties to WaPo.

Jill Stein spent $1mm of the total $7.3mm raised on "staff payroll," "consultants," "administrative expenses," and "compliance costs.

Odds & Ends........


: Crown Prince: All capitals’ security is linked to the security of the

Syria ....

( Much More At Twitter Timeline....)

SAA next logical target appears to be Idlib. Targeting Idlib by SAA , will truly test TUR-RUS understandings.

🔴: Turkey's has spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. and German Chancellor over crisis.

Update on al Aleppo evacuation is underway , Turkey supported FSA up the pressure on ISIS at al Bab.

UNSC will meet behind closed doors tomorrow at 12PM to get briefing on evacuations & humanitarian access, requested by France

Number (Jihadists & rebels)who left east with their families r 5000. No trace of the remaining 150.000 civilians by count so far

Simultaneously busses left the surrounded cities of Fua and Kfarya with civilians and reached .

: Another shot from of first buses leaving rebel-held today -

All Jihadists ( ) and rebels left east and reached Khan Tuman+


( Much More At Twitter Timeline...)

Strike of tanker trucks drivers plunges Tripoli in fuel-shortage crisis

| Armed / armored vehicles & prepaid cards (al Mardar) have been found today by the in , .

US troops continue operating in Libya monitoring situation after ISIS defeated at Srite

Pres. Guard commander says force has no connection to other armed formations in

Former MoI Ashur Shuwail: The idea of forming a Presidential Guard goes back to the National Guard and is promoted by the Islamist current

Ashur Shuwail: Moreover the Presidential Guard is meant to protect the Presidency Council and the latter is not widely accepted

Ashur Shuwail: Why are they recruiting for the PresidtlGuard if there are 120,000 policemen & thousands of military personnel all over Libya

Of the many meddlers in 's conflict, Egypt is the only one whose army chief of staff is consulted on Libya's 'political process'

The presidential guard idea is facing huge backlash as an "Islamist" idea that goes back to 2012/13 to create a national guard.

LNA continues its heavy bombardment and air strikes on Ganfouda targets where main & final pockets of BRSC/IS remain.

-Long-hours power outages -Long queue in fuel stations -Long queue at banks -Water shortages in some areas

Field Marshall Hafter called on officers and soldiers to be ready for the offensive to free Tripoli. He was speaking to members of the LNA.


HDP co-chair Figen Yüksekdağ charged w/ “making propaganda for a terrorist organization” and acting against Turkish electoral law.

Human rights lawyer beaten by police while under detention ||

Today in Crackdown: 30 district governors, candidates arrested over coup charges ||

Today in Crackdown: Syrian-Turkish columnist arrested for insulting, denigrating Erdoğan ||

A man who thinks literacy is bad for the country is appointed to lead Turkey's top education board

New HRW report says Turkey's media crackdown shields gov't from scrutiny ||

Turkey’s Justice Ministry asks personnel to spy on colleagues: leaked doc ||

Turkey dismisses 2,341 doctors under post-coup witch hunt ||


Shocking, a German nuclear plant suffered a disruptive cyber attack! #cybersecurity#data#hack#insiderthreat