Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views..... December 14 , 2016.... Quick Hits For Wednesday 1) Markets & Market Moving News : Asia Economic Reports & News From Asia For Thursday ; US Markets - US Stock Indexes ( As Well As Oil , Gold & Bonds ) Have Biggest Selloff Since The Election As Fed Hikes & Is Bearish For 2017 & Not Really Sold On Trump Fiscal Stimulus Plan ; FOMC Meeting Dissected ; Additional News Of Note. 2) Europe News Of Note - Items Of Interest From Germany , Greece , Italy , EU Generally & More. 3) US Political Updates For Wednesday. 4) Odds & Ends.



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Economic data due from Asia today - Aussie jobs report the biggie


PBOC sets USD/CNY central rate at 6.9289 (vs. yesterday at 6.9028)

And, debt stress is starting to weigh on corporate demand. China credit story shifting from over-levered corporates to debt-light households

Japan Nikkei Manufacturing PMI Dec P: 51.9 (prev 51.3)

Australian Full Time Employment Change Nov: 39.3K (rev 42.2K) Australian Part Time Employment Change Nov: -0.2K (rev -31.3K)

The BOJ is considering an upgrade of its economic outlook

Australia - Consumer Inflation Expectation (December): 3.4% (prior 3.2%)

More from the BOJ Tankan - firms have a higher outlook for CPI

Hong Kong Monetary Authority raises its base rate to 1% (from 0.75%)

China November new yuan loans 794.6 bln yuan, higher than forecast

New Zealand - BusinessNZ Manufacturing PMI (November): 54.4 (prior 55.2)

More NZ data - Q3 Construction Work up +1.4% q/q (expected +2.1%)

US Markets......

JUST IN: Fed raises interest rates for second time in a decade

Here's the new Fed dot plot

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Yellen hikes, dollar spikes

FOMC recap/response: Fed "signaled a faster pace of increases in 2017"

Responses to the Fed's FOMC: 'upbeat and more hawkish than anticipated'

Moody's, Fitch on the Federal Reserve rate hike

Evercore: "More Hawkish Than Expected Fed" Leaves Markets Behind The Curve: 2Y/USD Headed Higher

Stocks Slip As Yellen Says Trump Fiscal Boost "Not Needed", May Not Improve Productivity

Europe .......

Decision to freeze debt relief in response to one-off Xmas payout for low-income pensioners will hardly reflect well on EU among Greeks.

Eurozone halts Greece debt relief over Tsipras steps, says spokesman

Short term debt measures on hold , talks with Greece and its creditors frozen for now.

Greek shares drop over 3 pct after debt relief frozen

So 24 hours after Juncker spox says ESM projections for Greece are cool & the IMF isn't, the ESM itself puts debt relief decision on hold?

How Greek Bailouts Work 1 Greek officials brief reporters that IMF is being unreasonable 2 Reporters dutifully attack IMF citing "sources"

3 IMF publishes blog to defend itself 4 EC takes bait, chides IMF 5 ESM says, wait, Greece has broken most of its promises, no debt relief


The realty is every new killing , assault or sex attack makes a dubious policy more unpopular.

LATEST: Spain's Constitutional Court suspends Catalan Parliament decision to hold new independence referendum in 2017.

Good morning. Asia shares in limbo ahead of Fed decision as investors anxious on rate outlook. JP bonds rally as CenBank ramped up purchases

US Politics.....

Former UK Ambassador Says Source Of Clinton Emails Was "Disgusted" Democratic Whistleblower

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. officials say Putin helped direct the use of hacked materials

Feds refute letter claiming agency had said Trump must give up DC hotel before inauguration

Yeah , blame everything on poor Huma , while you're at it. Knew this was coming..

So , MSNBC was in the pocket of Trump all along...says David Brock....

NEW: Sanders makes pitch for Ellison as DNC chair: It's time for "real change in the Democratic Party"

No point of having a first rate ground team , if you ignore what the ground team tells you.

Three notable budget bills on deck for 2017...

Without wasting too many characters , this latest desperate fantasy will disappear after Monday...

Glitzy party for HRC special backers , paid for with campaign funds....Alrighty now.

Lost in russian hack meme is the fact Obama Administration ducked dealing w/RUS-despite knowing about it for months.

Michigan’s electoral integrity problems weren’t in Trump country

To give a full picture , President Obama should declassify not just the CIA assessment , but the FBI & ODNI Reviews.

Zeke Emanuel to talk health care policy Wilbur Ross on trade policy Andy Beal, economic adviser pastor Paula White.

Can't blame russian hacking or the FBI for what occurred regarding Michigan.

Trump adds 3 to his team of 16 business advisers: Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber; Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla; Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo.

Odds & Ends.....


Rebels saying evacs to start 6 AM tomorrow. team in + will be awake to give you latest news. Until then, good night

Quick recap on latest news before bed - Rebels announced a new truce deal tonight, w/ evacs of civilians & wounded early tomorrow >>

Confirmation from both Nureddin al-Zinki + Ahrar al-Sham that deal has been reached. But denial from pro-govt sources who say talks ongoing

Main sticking point seems to be Fuaa + Kafraya. Some pro-regime sources saying evacuation from there is part of new deal. Rebels say no way

Syria rebels announce new evacuation deal for Aleppo

REPORT: Ceasefire dead as regime and friends pound last rebel-held pocket of east Aleppo by air, ground today.

Erdogan and Putin to talk today , guess we shall have to see how the two work out problems with E Aleppo surrender.

Hours of electricity cuts have exceeded 10 hours in some districts in Tripoli today. The city also suffers from shortage of water

: HoR Chair Agueela receivd in official visit in on Tues. Moscow consistntly pro Tobruk/UAE/Egypt, etc

Ashraf Tulty: The core of the PresidentialGuard does not exceed 550 members but it seeks to recruit 4000 men for the first [training course]

PC spox Ashraf Tulty: The Presidential Guard's role is to protect sovereign state institutions & emergency deployment to protect civilians

150,000 government and military employees among the 1 billion Yahoo accounts hacked: Bloomberg

BREAKING: Yahoo says hackers stole data from more than one billion user accounts.


Demonetization will not solve corruption in India. Illicit economy is merely symptom of deeper structural problems.

S&P expects short-term pain from India demonetization, growth to revive next year

India’s demonetization dampened sales for the world’s biggest diamond producer