Saturday, November 12, 2016

MENA Report ...... November 12 -13 , 2016 ( Updated Over The Weekend .... Quick Hits 1) Iraq In Focus - Mosul Campaign Updates , ISIS Crumbling Away but Causing Pain & Disarray. 2) Syria - State Of Play - Very Complicated Scenarios Playing Out. 3) Libya - Domestic And International Politics In Focus , Battlefield Updates , Economy & Business Related Items , Oil Refugee Situation.


is using chemical bombs in their , attacking group of Nineveh families leaving the combat area.

turned civilian houses into "Tasni' al-Harbi" (explosives & rockets manufacturing) and prisons for locals in . Many found.

Advisor to President-elect Donald Trump says one of main priorities is to eradicate including presence

Despite its "tenacious resistance", ISIS is losing ground fast. In 1month, most of Nineveh plains r liberated. That is crumbling

ISIS is losing neighborhood after neighborhood, crumbling fast in Mosul, but putting up resistance in high density urban area.

history of running over people with tanks is known and their fabrication of video to get support

(1) Daily Mosul Report - Mosul Eye© Nov. 11th, 2016 Follow the following tweets for the latest updates

(2) ISIL executed 50 young men in various obnoxious ways, then hung some of them on power poles for a couple of days.

(3) Their accusations were carrying a cellphone. The executions took place at the Western bank.

(4) More than 50 others awaiting execution. We believe ISIL will kill them by tomorrow.

(5) ISIL confiscated tens of houses at the Eastern bank and transformed them into military barracks.

(6) Buses filled with families from southern Mosul are continuing to pour into Mosul. ISIL is forcing those families to move to Mosul.

(7) ISIL's car bombs and weapons are heavily scattered among residential houses and neighborhoods.

(8) Anxiety is increasing at The Western bank despite its quietness.

ISIL "caliphate" crumbling month-by-month. Dark green areas lost last 30 days. 56% retaken in . 27% in .


Syria War will change under Trump , Rebels face a new day...

US juggles relations between SDF & Turkey , can't juggle forever...

Arab Fighters Massively Defect from US-backed and Kurdish led SDF. via

Rare picture of Abdelhamid Abaaoud - "ringleader of " - taken somewhere in Syria with -ns of the Katibat al-Battar.

secured suburb/ district + recaptured almost all areas militants occupied during recent counteroffensive.

In apartment 1070, there were thousands of civilians living in, mainly from east Aleppo. Hundreds of homes destroyed

Jihadists are no longer "silent partners" neither "Syrian rebels" but, to the U.S. administration, Al-Qaida in Syria

The U.S. Intelligence rejected a Lebanese Army request to use Hellfire missile against Al-Qaeda leader in Qalamoun

The guy on the left was just added on the US list of designated terrorists. The guy on the right was just awarded the Press Freedom Award.


In the present chaos , not surprising people long for what now seem to be the good old days.

US planning to expand air strikes outside of

War of atrition in delaying resolution of the battle against .

Mohamed Shoaib: Malta meeting has moved away from theoretical solutions to focusing on reality on the ground.

Arab League Sec Gen: New Special Envoy to , Salah Al-Din Jamali, will attempt to work w/ all parties.

Ain Zara Municipality begins paving road linking Tripoli University and Sidra.

Member of L Dialogue, group that created UN-backed GNA govt. says its meeting decided GNA to use emergency budget for essential needs

Migrants picked up off Libya early this am

Arab League & African Union have both appointed envoys to who are -n and based of course in Tunis with most of the embassies.

In a secret letter Serraj tells ICC prosecutor that HoR violated Intl law with its amnesty law & that PC doesn't recognize it.

's public prosecutor acting on behalf of PC tells ICC prosecutor they wld cover all costs relating to investigations.

's Presidential Council might have landed itself in much bigger troubles with revelations made by the ICC prosecutor.

's PC proposes to cover costs of ICC's work on with its frozen assets abroad.

As foreign entities push factions towards another civil conflict over control of its billion $ resources

340,778 migrants incl. refugees arrived by sea to Europe 4,271 dead/missing

Jumhuriya & Islamic Bank closed their Gharian branches on Wednesday in protest over cash transport robbery (4mn LYD) btwn Zintan & Gharian

| Abu Tifl field back online. 12,000 bbl of crude to begin being pumped next week (was 75kbd before shut in). reuters.

Afriqiyah Airways in turmoil: staff protest against management decision to temporarily shut offices following raid on company last week

The backdrop to this is a management dispute and attempt to impose a new chairman by force, the Afriqiyah administration said in a statement

Last week's attackers -so the current administration- were incited by Abdellatif Kablan,who was appointed chairman in 2015 by Khalifa Ghwell

But this decision was overturned & last week the PC declared in reaction to the raid that the current admin was to remain, so the statement