Friday, November 11, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views .....November 11 , 2016.....Quick Hits For Friday - 1) All Things Being Equal , US Stocks Faired Well After The Election Shocker ; Emerging Markets / Commodity Currencies , Oil , Gold Had Brutal Weeks , Europe & Asia Stock Markets Ended Better Than The Week Before. 2) US Political News - Non Trump. 3) Trump Transition Team Reconfigured ; Trump Showing Considerable Flexibility As Movement From Campaigning To Governing Occurs : Additional Items Of Note. 4) Around The Horn In Europe - News Of Note From Ukraine , France , Greece , EU News , Germany , Spain , Portugal.


Mad world! Dow rose 5.4% this week, marking its best weekly performance since Dec2011 after Trump election win.

S&P closes near highs but still down marginally on the day

Good morning from Berlin. Asia markets stumble as soaring bond yields fuel outflow worries. Indonesia hardest hit, FX intervention suspected

Forexlive Americas forex news wrap: Commodity currencies tumble

US crude oil futures settle down on the day at $43.41

Copper retraces to week's midpoint

When does 10Y yield get too high, slamming stocks? - GS: 2.50% - DB: now

Global bond rout continues...

Trump Triumph Sparks Dow's Best Week In 5 Years As Currencies Crash, Bonds Blow-Up, & Commodities Carnage

1 trillion in losses this week , primarily since the US Election result on Wednesday morning...

Not surprisingly-Nigeria/Iraq , Iran/Libya are pumping like mad. Only surprised production freeze talk believed.

OPEC output +240kbpd to 33.64mbpd in Oct

US Politics - Non Trump , Democrats ,  Obama .....

This is quite interesting......

I'm not going to be shocked if FBI Director Comey resigns , in the near term.

Presented without further comment.

Interesting thread from a discontented Dem.

Obama meeting with various leaders after Election shocker.

Telling employees to resign because of their political views and votes - outrageous !

EXCLUSIVE: NH Dem Party Chair/ DNC Vice Chair Ray Buckley becomes 3rd person to actively explore run for DNC chair. Story soon.

Screaming DNC staffer blames Donna Brazile for Trump win: report

Russian PM Medvedev: Position Is That Sanctions Will Stay In Place After Trump Victory -- RTRS

Trump Transition , Post-Election Items , Odds & Ends....

( Trump "flexibility " or revising  campaign promises so far :  repealing Obamacare ; moving US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem ; ripping up Iran Deal ; no more lobbyists ; Mexico paying for the Wall ;  repealing Dodd- Frank.)

Oregon joins California in proposal to secede from the US , after Trump victory.
But, unlike the Calexit proposal, the distraught Hillary supporters in Oregon are thinking big picture and have invited the states of California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada and Alaska to all band together to form a new nation.

NEW VIDEO - Thousands of anti-Trump protestors Shut Down I-94 in last night

Hundreds of folks are gathered at Portland's City Hall to, among other things, "Start the really integral work that is movement building."

Trump: Maybe we can amend ObamaCare instead of repealing and replacing it

Going to have to make a list of the broken promises -more than just several this week. And this is a bigly yuge one.

JUST IN: Pres.-elect Trump names executive team for transition process.

Atkins is a former SEC commissioner and knows the routine...

Trump's top defense adviser gets money from Turkey, whitewashes Erdogan on Election Day

Might Trump actually extradite Gulen to Turkey?

JUST IN: Trump advisers focusing on scaling back certain Dodd-Frank provisions, not a total repeal - report.


The Election may be over , media war with Trump just getting started apparently.

Big Repudiation of Liberal Elite | MishTalk I see this as the real message of US elections frankly

Petition numbers hits 2.3 million...

First fruits of the Trump Era: Strange new respect for checks and balances

Adviser says Trump won’t rip up Iran deal, signals he may not move embassy

Not a good look...

US "Color Revolution "warming up" , starting in Portland & California ?


Oakland protest day #3: 11 arrests. 7 citations. 7 vandalized buildings

Yes , there actually is a Calexit movement in existence....

Around The Horn In Europe....

Trump needs to learn about Europe, says

Mikheil Saakashvili plans new party, wants early elections in Ukraine

Mr President, I'm Francois and I'll be out in few months. Bye.

Factories shut one after another

Worrying shrinkage in October employment

Social security funds back to their old tricks

German government reaches agreement on climate action plan

Follow DW's and for updates on the German Greens' party gathering

After similar satements by , the EU's Foreign Affairs chief calls for a in the wake of 's win

Foreign office source: The rest of EU has been "churlish and sniffy about Trump's victory. We haven't - that puts us in a much better place"

.'s comments to EU leaders to 'snap out of doom & gloom & whingerama,' are going down a treat in European capitals.

Juncker uses US Election as excuse for his long desired EU Army...

Another brick in the wall....

Hasn't the lesson of 2016 been - expect the unexpected ?

| Economic Ministry Monthly Report: H2 growth likely to be slower from H1

| OCT WHOLESALE PRICE INDEX M/M: 0.4% V 0.4% PRIOR; Y/Y: +0.5% V -0.3%

| Parliament finalises 2017 budget; raises spending by €400M …€400m lol

Frontrunning: November 11

"Barclays sells off Spanish and Portuguese credit card business"