Monday, November 14, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... November 14 , 2016..... Quick Hits For Monday 1) Markets & Market Moving News : Asia Morning News & Data ; US Markets Report - Stocks , Oil , Bonds , Fed Speakers In Focus . 2) US Political Update : Democratic Party Developments ; Transition Updates ; Additional Items Of Note . 3) Around The Horn - Europe - Italy , Greece , Spain , Ukraine , France , Moldova. 4) Odds & Ends - Syria , Iraq & Libya Items Of note.


Weekly calendar of events...


NZ earthquake - economic impact assessment

Fed's Williams on China: Long-run growth prospects may be changing

Economic data due from Asia today & a Fed speakers)

WSJ: 'New China data shows mixed economic picture'


Trumpnado Sparks Emerging Market Massacre As Dollar Soars, Dow Hits Record Highs

Forexlive Americas forex news wrap:

Goldman Sachs says eco boost from Trump in short-term, but long-term not so positive

ANZ on the 'Trump tantrum' vs. the 'Taper tantrum'

Fed's Lacker: More fiscal stimulus would bolster case for raising rates

crude futures settle at $43.32/bbl.⬇$0.09. -0.21%. _Z6

BBG pre-API/EIA survey Crude +1mb Gasoline -1.63mb Distillates -2mb Refinery Runs +0.5% to 87.6%

| U.S. December total regions crude output forecasted at 4.498mbd.⬇20kbd m/m. November seen⬇30kbd.

| , , still at odds over how to share output cuts. source. BBG.

2 Libya oil tankers on their way...

Commodities pressured by dollar strength-PMs , WTI & Brent , Gasoline RBOB , Heating Oil feeling the effect today.

Iranian output keeps rising: very little incentive for Tehran to play ball with at Nov 30.

US Politics.....

Associated Press: Will anti-Trump protests become a movement?

Whoa. Idaho's secretary of state office reporting that the state's 4 GOP electors have received harassment pressuring them to abstain

Petition calling for electoral college to choose Clinton over Trump now has more than four million signatures

AP: "Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions has been meeting with Trump officials on Monday evening." DOJ announcement likely imminent too

AP reporting Rudy will be S of S. The pick of Giuliani for SecState means that Senator Jeff Sessions is likely to be Trump's pick for DOJ.


Message to Dems...

Evil Empire Plots the way forward...


In the overall scheme of things , I think Obama's observations will prove correct.

Trump and Putin agree on the need to normalize relations. Not going to happen overnight.

Putin and Trump agreed bilateral ties, trade important for relationship, Kremlin says. Agreed it’s necessary to fight terrorism jointly.


Student march concluded. Thanks to ofcs from patrol & Traffic and PPB School Resource officers who marched along to help keep kids safe.

Student protesters continue to talk about going on freeways. Parents of kids involved, pls encourage them to go back to school.

Joint Statement from the Portland Police Bureau and the Multnomah County District Attorney…

Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters have just stormed a mall in Portland.

Paul Ryan will win speaker election

BREAKING: Keith Ellison announces candidacy for chairman of the Democratic National Committee

House Dems ask Nancy Pelosi for time to consider their leadership options

Battle with cancer explains why a voice of reason wasn't heard from during the campaign. ..

Certainly seems that way...

Full interview of Trump and his family. ...for those who missed 60 Minutes.

Looks like Steven Mnuchin set to get the nod for Treasury !

Civil War in Democratic Party looming..


Overnight & morning news to consider for Monday !

Nuts and bolts for Italy's referendum. ..

Holy cow ! Why not just admit the debt is never going to be repaid ? And not a trivial sum here.

The Ukrainian Parliament apparently has an unusual method of debating issues. That chap got his point across though.

Similar to the NYT confession of inaccurate reporting , mea culpas coming from some quarters of the msm..

Italy realizing sanctions have consequences. Will Italy offer a reciprocal rescinding of sanctions to Russia ?

Large protest , focus on independence going to be an issue in 2017 , it would appear.

Fools and their money, always are parted !

70-year maturity bond update. Your loss since issued 11%, your annualized volatility since issued 37%!

Rajoy says his plan A is to get a budget through parliament: "I am not going to talk about plans B".

Paris after the attacks: Tourists still staying away

Greek budget primary surplus to Oct hits 6.5 bln as revenues deliver again

Greek Q3 GDP beats consensus, rises by 0.5 pct QoQ and 1.5 pct YoY

Greek building activity rebounds 16.6 pct in Aug, largely due to low base effect

Talks With Creditors Resume as Greece Rushes to Complete Bailout Program Review

Moldova's pro-Russian president-elect wants a snap parliamentary election to force out the pro-EU crowd

Renzi to engage in brinkmanship: 's PM suggests he may not stay on if Dec referendum fails. Mkts not amused.

DB's Folkerts-Landau on BBG: Italy posing risk for rest of Europe. Mentions possible IMF program if Italy in trouble. Difficult to go to IMF

Trump turmoil in bond and currency markets continues on Monday...

Just speculation Soc Gen & Unicredit merger )...

Emerging Markets extends rout on Trump: Reversal of capital flows drives Lira to fresh life-time low.

Now Renzi is suggesting he might no stay on if the December Referendum fails.....

Deutsche on the potential outcomes for the Italian referendum..... Simple

Italian HICP (MoM) Oct, F: 0.2% (est 0.2% flash 0.2%) -Italian HICP (YoY) Oct, F: -0.1% (est -0.1% flash -0.1%)

Italian CPI (MoM) Oct, F: -0.1% (est 0.0% flash 0.0%) -Italian CPI (YoY) Oct, F: -0.2% (est -0.1% flash 0.0%)

Eurozone Industrial Production (MoM) Sep: -0.8% (est -1.0% rev prev 1.8%) - Industrial Production (YoY) Sep: 1.2% (est 1.0% rev prev 2.2%)

Catalans protest on Sunday for independence from Spain - excessive taxes the driver...

Italy widens once again vs Germany - Italy seen as being in the crosshairs.

Italy widens once again vs Germany - Italy seen as being in the crosshairs.

No vote seen as more likely to prevail than yes vote - Italy Constitution Reforms Referendum.

Odds & Ends.....


JUST IN: Putin tells Trump on call that he is ready for partnership dialogue - Kremlin.

/n War Report – November 14, 2016 via

Iraqi forces reclaim ancient Assyrian city from ISIS

Iraqi Kurds destroy Arab homes and villages in north Iraq

Evidence exists on billions of dollars were taken by Iraqi Kurdistan officials: MPs

Breaking: Two car bombs exploded in city for the first time after its liberation, around 30 killed & wounded until now.


Mansour el-Kikhia: The Democrats didn't do anything in Libya other than bomb Gadhafi and later withdraw

Majbari: I blame Serraj for what can result in collapse of the LPA. I am taking all necessary legal & admin measures to stop transgressions

In meeting with Kobler in Abu Dhabi, Agila Saleh reiterated HoR objection to PC presenting new cabinet and call for a return to LPA Draft4

GNA Presidency Council appoints minister for finance and deputy ministers for foreign affairs, finance and local government (designates)

Black market rate of LYD to USD hits latest new high....still nothing to address lack of liquidity for the Banks.

Zawiya tension revived—again.

Airport shut down after employees strike due to 10 months of unpaid salaries.

LNA Spox: Evidence mounting that Fayez Serraj, Mahdi al-Barghathi & Ibrahim Jadhran planning to advance on oil ports