Sunday, November 13, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ....... November 13 , 2016 ..... Quick Hits For Sunday - 1) India Surprise Move On November 8th To Ban High Denomination Bills , Has Set Off Chaos As People Attempt To Exchange High Denomination Bills With Lower Denomination Bills. 2) Around The Horn For Europe - Items Touching On Italy , Greece , France & Germany. 3) US Post- Election / Transition / Protests Related News & Additional Items Of Interest. 4) Odds & Ends - New Zealand Earthquake , Turkey Related News , Iraq & Syria , Libya All In Focus.


How does a Central Bank run out of cash - or did the Central Bank really have that much actual cash to begin with ?

High denomination bills ( being phased out ) being deposited-extreme pressure exists to replace those bills with lower denomination bills.

This gives an idea of what's going on in India and the size of the bank lines...

In other news, India invents the reverse bank run

India's surprise anti-corruption measure results in bank run


War On Cash Strikes India: PM Scraps Some Currency Notes, Limits ATM Withdrawals To "Fight Corruption"


Around The Horn - Europe.....

France joins UK in snubbing Emergency Meeting Regarding Trump.

That's it. : already at over 800k of 1.6 million of votes. He is the president-elect now. Maia at 45.6%

First results coming in. Dodon leading in front of Sandu by 15 points. 70 % of vote counted. LIVE results:

Another domino to fall in the EU: Pro-Russia ex-air force general Radev wins Bulgaria presidential elections, PM Borisov to resign


Opposition socialist-backed general wins Bulgaria presidential vote: exit polls

Monte dei Paschi board to meet Monday on debt conversion plan: source

Good morning from Berlin on day5 after Trump. This chart shows that is the biggest loser of the global anti-establishment movement.

This chart shows that Italy is more vulnerable to populism than Spain. Italy's 10y ylds have risen by 30bps after Trump victory vs Spains 15

Renzi in the crosshairs as Trump victory emboldens Opposition from the right...

Mitsotakis out to sway undecided, disaffected voters

Greeks 'need hope,' says US President . Exclusive interview with Kathimerini.

Greeks Cutting Back on Dental Care Due to Financial Crisis

Athens: Metro, Tram, Train Work Stoppages from Nov 15 to Nov 25

Doctors Without Borders: Refugees Trapped in Greece Suffering from Depression, Insomnia, Mental Health…

Greek Officials Hope Positive Obama Statement Will Influence Eurogroup Meeting in December

Le Pen - Trump's win a "victory of the people against the elite" and said she hoped a similar electoral outcome could be achieved in France.

Crowds gathering at Place de la République as Paris pays respects on the anniversary of the attacks.

is increasingly clamping down on suspected terrorists to prevent further terror attacks by

Opinion: An Absurd and Dangerous President

"Germany: Don't make the same mistake in 2017. AfD=Trump", at anti-Trump protest in Berlin today.

What does 's election mean for transatlantic relations? Read 's interview w/ FM :

US Post Election / Transition Related News...

Announcement made....

Reince Preibus leading contender for Chief Of Staff....

A top aide to President-elect Donald Trump says both Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus will serve in his future administration.

JUST IN: Trump condemns harassment of Latinos and Muslims

“America’s done it, “ he added. “We’ve actually elected an internet troll as our president.”

As long as protesting is peaceful , it's all good. When the law is broken , protesters should expect the law to be enforced.

Anti-Trump protests continue throughout the country today, the fifth straight day of protests

It would go a long way if Hillary Clinton and POTUS spoke out against "violent rioting" , including throwing projectiles at police officers.


Trump plans to immediately deport approximately two to three million undocumented immigrants. After the border is “secure,” immigration officials will begin to make a “determination” about the remaining undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Border wall part will be built.

Pivoting from campaign trail to focus on governing continues.

Donald Trump isn't planning to create a deportation force to address the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants - Speaker Paul Ryan.

Economic weakness played a role in the results.

A top aide to President-elect Donald Trump says his White House win definitive enough he can make sweeping changes to national policies.

Sunday morning talking heads

If Laura Ingraham becomes Press Secretary , heads are going to start exploding around the Beltway...

I'm sure CNN is very confused right about about the "hostile press" causing HRC's loss on Tuesday...

Massive anti-Trump protests planned for Inauguration Day, police on alert

Trump adviser urges Obama, Clinton to speak out on protests - New York Post

Anti-Donald Sweep US for 4th Day I was part of it in DC last night @ the white house.

Portland PD report - dozens of arrests stemming from last night's protest.

Embassy in LA warns expat Emiratis to steer clear of Donald protests in US

AJC: How an incorrect tweet about Trump protests became a national conspiracy theory

31 things happened to help Trump to win the presidency:

Odds & Ends.....

Balance of power has begun to shift within the middle East and KSA position as central pillar , is eroding.

Dignity Operation spokesman: Fighting Presidential Council forces is looming

launched an arrest campaign in & its outskirts to arrest any of Jadran's PGF & affiliates.

Mohamed Sawan: Participants of the Malta meeting agreed that the HoR must amend the Constitutional Declaration

Idris al-Mughrebi: The OilCrescent is a lifeline for Libyans and [used to] produce about 1.3 million barrels of oil per day

Idris al-Mughrebi: If we manage to avert armed conflict in the OilCrescent we can spare our people further crises and suffering

Idris al-Mughrebi: Parties in the east, west and south discussing the OilCrescent situation mostly want to avert war

security forces liberated 1846 sqkm & killed 935 during said Fed Pol cmmndr. The attack on Mosul airport is near

When airport falls & Ghizlan camp is under sec forces, is over. Clearing d city will take time not liberating it .

Current situation in Mosul city Green: Under ISF control Red: Clashes/contested White: ISIS

Important tweet from Mosul Eye on current situation in Mosul , Iraq....

1of the reasons why sec forces r pushing east (& ready2 launch n attack on Mosul airport S) 2raise Iraqi flag over gov bldg in .

" security forces liberated the city of Nimrod from .

| Energy Ministry invited to meeting of experts from producing, countries. says Novak sunday. Interfax.

| Khalid al-Falih in : should reach fair agreement with a "freeze" to an agreed threshold for . APS.

| Khalid al-Falih in sunday: should reach fair agreement, enabling & to increase prod. APS

| Khalid al-Falih in sunday: Algeria will manage to help all countries to reach consensus. APS.

| Khalid al-Falih in sunday: “I am optimistic. We are on the right path. Vienna meeting will be successful” APS

| Khalid al-Falih in sunday: calls to activate Algiers’ agreement in Vienna meeting. APS.

Pumps More as Saudi Minister Calls for OPEC Output Cuts - Bloomberg -

More production coming on line from Iran over the next several years....

Meantime, officially opens 3 new fields: North Azadegan, Yadavaran and North Yaran

‘We are watching’: Russia’s fight to take Aleppo for good is about to begin

Turkey-backed is only 2km away from liberating al-Bab. Land mines and IEDs planted around al-Bab by terrorists were defused.

Rebels reportedly reach outskirts of city of al-Bab in N Aleppo after Turks sent additional forces into pocket.

Hawar Kilis Op Room says al-Bab battle started this morning after capturing Swesian, Awlan, Dana, Qadiyran, Jabal Deir, Hadath, Qubet Sheikh

SAA send text messages to every phone in east asking terrorists to surrender before the launch of "strategic attack" in 24h

: will commence soon. Next few hours are the last chance for militants to surrender and stop fighting a lost battle

Purge continues in Turkey , silence from EU & West continues...

Wow. EU says considering economic sanctions on Turkey over growing crackdown

Turkey purged 310 officers from navy today. Here is the full picture:

BREAKING — Turkey issues travel warning for the U.S. over ongoing anti-Trump protests

Turkish president invites Donald Trump to Turkey

Turkish Defense Ministry suspends 291 military personnel

Earthquake revised up to 7.8 from 7.4...

The Latest: New Zealand officials say powerful quake generated tsunami, with first waves hitting the South Island.

UPDATE: New Zealand quake revised from magnitude-7.4 to magnitude-7.8; plus entire east coast under tsunami threat

USGS now say 7.8 50 x stronger than 2011 threat NZ east coast now