Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views...... November 15 , 2016...... Quick Hits For Tuesday -1) Markets & Market Moving News : Asia Markets & Data , Forecasts & Market Moving News For Wednesday ; US Markets - Dow Hits Another Record High , S&P And Nasdaq Soar , Bonds Have A Recovery Day , Oil Soars ( But Falls Back After- 4Pm Close On EIA Private Inventory Data. ) 2) Around The Horn For Europe : Market Wrap ; Brexit Related Matters From UK ; Italy In Focus - Referendum , "Italexit" , Renzi threatens To Veto EU Budget , Additional News Of Note ; Greece In Focus - Obama Somehow Draws Protesters During State Visit , Refugee Related Concerns , Additional News Of Note ; Germany Political Updates & Items Of Interest ; France Political Updates ; Austria Presidential Contest Looms & Additional Items From EU & Europe. 3) US Politics : Transition & Post-Election Related News , Democrats Twisting Themselves Into A Tizzy Items. 4) Odds & Ends - Items From Around The Globe !


Asia - Wednesday November 16th....


ANZ revise yuan forecasts lower

Economic data due from Asia today

US Markets.....

Crude oil futures settle at $45.81, up $2.49

Oil - private inventory data shows a bigger than expected build

Crude: +3.65MM Gasoline: -0.155MM Distillates: +2.98MM Cushing: +1.13MM

Up, Up & Away: Dow Hits New High, Nasdaq Soars as Markets Steam Higher

"They're Buying Everything" - Stocks, Bonds, Oil Surge As VIX Tumbles To 13 Handle

Forexlive Americas forex news wrap: Oil surge leads to CAD strength

Around The Horn For Europe......

Gundlach if Italy will leave Europe next: "I don't know, but there's never just one cockroach"

Overcrowded migrant centers on Greek islands on brink of strife, local observers say as Golden Dawn exploits tension

Google announces new office in London , 3,000 jobs...horror of Brexit on display again. Sarcasm off.

GBPUSD jumps on Sky news report. Brexit could be delayed 2 years

German chancellery denies earlier CNN report, says no decision yet on Merkel fourth term

Forex technical analysis: EURUSD looking to test the 2016 lows

Germany Schaeuble wants Fed and ECB to end low rate policy soon

Italy FM Padoan: Trump's signals on economic policy are worrying


Monte Dei Paschi Intends To Launch Debt-To-Equity Swap At End Of November -- RTRS

Anti-Obama protesters to try will of Police and Gov't ban...

This is big news. EU -Renzi War about to go red hot.

Latest round of talks for Second Review kick off..

After stressing need for Greek debt relief, Obama notes practical obstacles in EU: Other governments of the north have their own politics.

Modest gains for European stocks at the close

Sarkozy alleged to have taken suitcases of cash from Gaddafi.

Former French Economy Minister Macron To Announce On Wednesday He Will Run For Presidency -- RTRS Source

May has a plan. Relax....

December 4th Austria Presidential contest coming into focus.

Italy voices displeasure with Dublin reforms , refugee related concerns have not gone away.

Italy Referendum poll. Another poll showing No firmly in the lead - for whatever polls are worth these days.

SPD's Frank-Walter Steinmeier Set for German Presidency against Chancellor’s wishes. Further evidence of Merkel's fading power & influence.

Government prepares three line Brexit Bill via

Tuesday morning items to consider....

Hard to see 5.3 bn target reached in this debt swap...

detains economy minister for bribe over Rosneft-Bashneft $5 billion deal via

disappoints. GDP grew by 0.2% QoQ in Q3 vs 0.3% expected & down from 0.4% in Q2 & 0.7% in Q1 as net exports contributes negatively.

Good morning from Berlin. Asia mkts under pressure as dollar hovers near 14y high. Divergence between emerging & developed stock mkts grows.

US Politics.....

NEW: Sanders puts damper on party leadership rumors

GOP rushes to embrace Trump just over a month after most of the GOP disavowed Trump

Latest Short List For Trump Cabinet Positions - It's A "Knife Fight"

Transition aide: Ted Cruz has visited Trump Tower in NYC to offer assistance in transition talks; not being considered for cabinet post.

Fwiw , allegedly Bill and HRC , had a difference of opinion as to why HRC's campaign was staggering at the finish..

GOP leadership -- Paul Ryan, McCarthy, Scalise -- getting unanimous support within conference to stay on next year.

Yeah , the GOP Revolution certainly wasn't televised. In fact , no signs of same yet.

This may be an early challenge to Trump regarding his pledge on jobs.

Sources tell Mike Rogers was cut from transition team because of concerns over his Benghazi report

If selected , Rudy G and his business dealings will be examined closely , which is both important & appropriate.

The LANDING TEAMS will prep federal agencies to implement the priorities of new Trump administration. First batch launched as soon as Weds.

More than half of arrested protesters either didn't vote in Oregon or weren't registered in Oregon.

Cost of police OT due to the ongoing protests , goes through the roof !

Supplementing news Steve Mnuchin is frontrunner for Treasury , comes the news Wilbur Ross considered for Commerce.

Carson apparently will not serve in Trump Cabinet.

House Democrats delay leadership election until November 30.

Hmmm , protesters want Bernie Sander as new Minority Leader in the Senate , rather than Schumer !

Odds & Ends....


India Launches War on Corruption, Hits Cash, Chaos Ensues

Huge lines to exchange currency continue in India ....

Update on India...


Multi-nationals getting out of Dodge City - even in that means giving away Venezuelan Operations..


Surprising news from Egypt regarding Morsi. Death penalty overturned , retrial of charges ordered.

Terror fight ....

EU taking steps toward EU Army..

Germany cracks down on Islamists with biggest Operation in 15 years - or since around 9-11-01 !

Syria & Iraq...

Turkey resumes airstrikes as Euphrates Shield Operation closes in on Al -Bab.

is expected to hit and other parts of not exclusively . This is a wide military operation starting today.

Tens of Air attacks on East carried out by Air Force & AF targeting Haidariyah,Hananu & Airport surrounding.

Cease-fire in East is over: Air bombing started with new attacks. Ground troops are also expected to advance into besieged city


UN envoy Martin Kobler heads to Brussels from Cairo after a two day visit discussing developments

Thinni appoints new deputy interior minister after Elabbar withdraws acceptance -

Thinni relents on Oakley sacking as health minister after court rules it illegal -

Thinni calls in water chiefs after Tobruk protests over failing desalination plant -

Misrata fighter Lekraik, who detained UN's GNA PM Sarraj in January, was kidnapped & likely killed today in Tripoli by Haitem Tajouri

Lekraik's car was found with blood and no body, in the manner of killings by Gaddafi security who have returned with Sarraj & Maitieg

Tripoli : UN GNA's Sarraj in very weak position. Much speculation he will soon flee. Doing this to Lekraik shows some militia strength

FYI: After humiliating UN-appointed PM Sarraj in January, Lekraik moved from Mahjoub to Marsa - both major Misrata katibas/brigades.

French-Lebanese businessman says visited 3 times in 06-07, brough back suitcases w/ €5-6 mil cash for Sarkozy

Abu Nassim, Tunisian national and former leader in , arrested by Italian intelligence in

Team of security experts sent by UN Security Council arrive in Tobruk for discussions with parliament

New Libyan ePassport system arrives in Ghat, citizens previously has to travel to Tripoli or Sebha for services

572 Libyans return from in the last 24-hours via Salloum border crossing.

Italian coastguard rescues 550 migrants of the coast of .

Italian tanker departs Ras Lanuf port with 648,000 barrels of crude oil.

Death toll from explosion in eastern at 14.