Thursday, November 10, 2016

Economic News , Data , & Views ....... November 10 , 2016......Quick Hits For Thursday - 1) Asia News , Data & Market Reports ; US Stock Indexes Have Mixed Day - Dow Jumped , Nasdaq Slumps ( FANG Bites Investors ) , S&P Advances Modestly ; European Bourses Slump Today ; Asia Rebounded Off New York Celebratory Mode On Wednesday ; Global Bonds Continue Rout ; EM Currencies Continue Rout ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) US Election - Transition Process Begins , Cabinet Selections Being Considered , Data From Election , Articles & Opinions To Consider. 3) Around The Horn - A Variety Of News Items From Around Europe. 4) Odds & Ends !


China state planner approves CNY 218.8bln of fixed asset investment projects in October


THIS is your currency to watch today. Indonesian Rupiah weakens most in over 3 years. (yes that's a 1-day move on the chart)

PBOC to inject total CNY 210bln via reverse repos - CNY 140bln via 7-day reverse repos - CNY 70bln via 14-day reverse repos

Whoa. China weakens yuan fixing beyond 6.8 for first time since 2010, today's 6.8115 fix vs 6.7885 the biggest weakening move since Oct 21st

China sets Yuan fixing at 6.8115 vs 6.7885 prior

Looking at the percentage move up in yields, Aussie 10Y bonds on track for worst 2 days in over 23 years....

JN PPI (MoM) Oct: -0.1% (est. -0.10%, prev.0.00%) -PPI (YoY) Oct:-2.7% (est. -2.70%, prev. -3.20%)

Park's approval rating remains at record-low 5 pct

Japan business mood improves in encouraging sign for economy-Reuters Tankan

Japan Reuters Tankan Index (Nov) Nov: 14 (prev 10)

Economic data due from Asia today (and an RBA speaker)

The Trump Triumph: Dow Hits Record High Amid Bond Bloodbath, Currency Carnage, And Tech Turmoil

and China's been dumping TSYs

Here's where markets closed on Thursday:

Dow hits all-time high, tech stocks get crushed:

You’re Fired! Nasdaq Crumbles With Amazon, Facebook as Dow Soars 275 Points to New High




European stocks snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

Financials rally in sync w/ higher bond yields. Deutsche Bank jumps by 5.6% as 10y yields has risen to 0.27%.

Ouch. EM currencies get Trumped. Feeling the pain amid Dollar strength and higher US yields.


Ouch! Trump victory wipes $337bn off market as global bonds drop.

Ooops! The yuan falls to a 6y low amid concern Donald Trump will target .

Good morning from Berlin. Asia rebounds in sharp turnaround from Trump shock. Dollar recoups losses. Bulk commodities extend meteoric run.

US crude oil futures settle at $44.66 per barrel

| energy minister Novak thurs: see higher chances of agreement being reached. reuters.

US Election Post-Mortem

( Just Highlights , Much more at Twitter Timeline...)

Looks like Trump has won the popular vote !

They're calling it : Some Californians want to secede after Trump's victory

Tyler Durden: Calexit - California Secession Petition Gaining Strength After Trump Win

After Trump victory, Oregonians submit ballot proposal to secede from the union

Exit polls by age and gender: Men over 45: Trump +21 Men under 45: Trump +2 Women over 45: Clinton +1 Women under 45: Clinton +26

This is why I have little patience for the whining ....

. admits the obvious: Bias was a factor in ridiculous claim that had a 98% chance of beating

Easy to blame third parties , Russia , women voters-end of the day , the chart shows Democratic Party has collapsed.

Data dive , of note , check data for younger male and female voters.

Politico: Even Dems are getting tired of Team Hillary scapegoating

Top 3 priorities- Bigly jobs , healthcare reform, strengthening immigration enforcement. Trump declined to reassert pledge to bar Muslims.

Let her go? Giuliani, Christie throw cold water on Hillary prosecution

Hensarling says he is not pursuing position as Treasury Sec. in Trumps cabinet, wants to work in the house to repeal Dodd-Frank - Rtrs

Don't people understand how Elections work or how Democracy works ? Sometimes your Candidate loses. Suck it up.

Trump may or may not build that Mexico Wall - but NAFTA is going to be renegotiated.

Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau ready to talk. Get Mexico's President on board and discuss the issues.

Schumer pronounces TPP dead. It will not be ratified. Good bye TPP.

Well , yes. This is correct...

Mainly peaceful protests , with some exceptions..

Anti-Trump Protests Continue Across The US Overnight, Burn American Flags, Disrupt Traffic

The campaign and its rhetoric is over. Time for everyone to get to work on transitioning power.

Obama: "I have been very encouraged by the interest in President Elect Trump in wanting to work with my team on many of the issues" US faces

I just continue to caution people not to prejudge - wait and see how Trump conducts himself as POTUS.

If I recall things-Juncker didn't exactly have nice things to say during the Campaign about Trump.Already chirping.

List of Trump’s potential cabinet appointees leaked; Update: Dimon for Treasury?

Pardon still waiting in the wings..

List of leaders to speak to Trump before May quite something: Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea.

Around The Horn - Europe.....

Financials rally in sync w/ higher bond yields. Deutsche Bank jumps by 5.6% as 10y yields has risen to 0.27%.

My view: Hollande and Merkel have failed to understand that Trump's presence alters the tenor of 2017 elections in Europe

UK says & spoke earlier today. PEOTUS: "UK a very, very special place for me & our country"

I'm sure he does and G.L.W.T...

Medium level intensity DDoS attacks launched at russian banks...

EU -Italy set to butt heads over the Budget..

Fringe parties not really "fringe " anymore , as anti-establishment sentiments take hold.

And there is a lot to keep an eye on globally , before the key vote in France...

Juncker calls for an EU army insisting on closer military and security cooperation between EU member states

Frontrunning: November 10


Another blow to Renzi: ’s industrial output falls 0.8% in Sep, Weakening recovery prospects ahead of constitutional referendum.

There are five more dominoes populists want to topple in Europe. (Chart via SG)

’s Next in the Crosshairs for Anti-Establishment Wave. Markets look to constitutional vote in December

Odds & Ends.....

Proliferation of international meetings have however not been matched by any sense among -s that a breakthrough is on the horizon.

Speculation is raging in now about U.S. policy under . For , I anticipate a welcome change from the Obama era.

A 2-day meeting of the Libyan Political Dialogue started today in Malta

Brazil's Rousseff alleges President Temer received illegal funds

Raqqa: Syrian Arab fighters pull out of Kurd-led offensive via

Obama directs Pentagon to target al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, one of the most formidable forces fighting Assad

Fantastic news ! Al Qaeda former franchisee & chief fighting force in Syria ( al Nusra ) , still deemed terror group despite name change.

Syria Kurd women fighters out for revenge against jihadists

Pentagon chose 4pm on day of the US election results to admit 64 new civilian deaths in 24 casualty events in & via

Trump's Syria: 1. Bye bye no-fly-zone 2. Skepticism towards rebels 3. No attacks against regime 4. Cooperation with Russia

Musings On Iraq Mosul Campaign Day Twenty-Four, Nov 9, 2016

Operation: Army Goes Slower to Clear Liberated Areas First -

Number of families fleeing tripled in a week Est. 42,000 people have fled since started

Donna Brazile got an earful at the first post-Trump DNC meeting

The hypocrisy of supporters.

in US territories: 54 cases in American Samoa,602 in Virgin Islands, 30542 in Puerto Rico with a total of 46 cases of per

in the USA: 4714 cases with 3845 travel related and 222 locally transmitted cases with 13 cases associated with ZIKV per

in Brazil: 226 foetal deaths suspected due to neurological infection with 173 cases confir. due to neuro. infection for EW 43