Sunday, October 9, 2016

Syria , Iraq & Afghanistan Updates - October 9 , 2016......1) Syria ( Difficult Keeping Track Of Complicated State Of Play - Just Among Opposition Fighting Forces , Competing Resolutions Fail At UNSC. ) 2) Iraq & Kurdistan Situations ( Mosul Campaign , Oil , ISIS , Domestic & International Politics , Security Issues. ) 3) Afghanistan ( Economic Items , State Of Play Regarding Security , Junction Between MENA & Afghanistan Regarding Fight Against Political / Religious Extremists

Syria ....

IS propagandists at Amaq have released English version of infographic re IS suicide attacks in Syria and Iraq in September (no Libya data)

ISIS, Not Russia, Is the Enemy in Syria - I'm not a fan of Buchanan but he does get it right.

Bad news for all: rebel groups in continue to consolidate under Al Qaeda leadership.

In Fight for , Tangled Alliances in Add to -

US refuse to ask proxies to distance themselves from Jihadists= backing them. Killing few core leaders not "killing them"

: Ahrar al-Sham & allied opp. groups have captured Jund al-Aqsa positions in Al-Atareb & are now advancing to its HQ in Sarmin, .

Fighting between Ahrar al-Sham & Jund al-Aqsa continues, despite the latter’s joining JFS. So technically, Ahrar is fighting JFS.

JFS has accepted Jund al-Aqsa [back] into its ranks after 2-3 days of fighting w. Ahrar al-Sham. A *huge* risk by JFS - won't go down well.

spokesperson says "we were not consulted of merge with ex-Nusra. We r not concerned. We continue fighting".

Egypt urges relief in via political solution after 2 opposing draft resolutions failed at UNSC


“Our troops are deployed and prepared & our participation is now confirmed,” Assadi explained.“The Mosul offensive will start in few days,

A strong statement by 's Deputy Parliament Speaker re: Saudi double bombing of civilians: rightfully calling it "a war crime."

statement today >>'s minister wants country to increase output in 2017

Isis loses a third of its territory in Syria and Iraq, analysts say - The Independent

builds 6 defense line to hinder security forces advance toward , .

Saudi market falls 2.2% as Iran and Iraq refuse to attend OPEC talks in Istanbul.

Watch a US coalition airstrike wipe out a factory producing ISIS' deadliest weapon in Iraq

US forces increasing Iraq footprint ahead of Mosul operation


The 'highway of death' between Qayyara and Shargat is littered with burnt-out twisted remains of ISIS vehicles, destroyed by airstrikes.

In pictures: abandoned villages and debris speak of occupation, war

: Kurdish Islamist politician says it has been shown that only federalism works in , adding that political reform is necessary.

al-Sha'bi: operation will start within days.

| al-Luaibi sunday: stresses need to work rapidly to increase Iraq's production through end of 2016 & 2017.

Afghanistan ....

Life in Afghanistan from 1950’s to 1970’s


Ghani Thanks Troops And Gives Update On National Issues

Ghani's Surprise Visits Met With Mixed Reaction

Telecom Services Down In , Kunduz

Officials of Farah province warned Kabul about the fall of entire province 2 Taliban. Council head said they'll surrender if not reinforced.

Ghani says govt has provided facilities for import & export and an air cargo corridor between & India will soon be operational

Ghani states he is aware of economic hardships in country after the draw down of troops but he is working 15 hours a day on economic plans

Ghani says the enemy does not have any plan to stabilize the country but government has plans for development and improvement

Afghanistan is key to fighting extremists in the Middle East. Why the next US admin should stay the course:

Claims 4 Security Posts Overrun In Areas Of , Helmand.

Afghanistan 15 years on: Obama’s sorriest legacy

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman blames helicopter crash on technical problem, rejects claims it was downed - ABC

Barack Obama has relaxed the rules of engagement for NATO’s 13,000 soldiers in Afghanistan

15 years after the invasion of Afghanistan, foreign aid is equal to 40% of the country's GDP

Foreigners pledge more aid to Afghanistan as security worsens