Sunday, October 9, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views .....October 9 , 2016...... Items For Sunday Ahead Of The Key Presidential Debate - 1) Europe In Focus - Greece ( Creditor Talks News , Refugee Related Concerns ) , ECB / Country - Specific Central Bank Comments , Germany - Deutsch Bank Fails To Reach Settlement With DoJ Over MBS Litigation , Additional News Of Note. 2) US News - Key News & Data For US Presidential Election , Big Debate This Evening , Hurricane Matthew Follow Up Items.

Around The Horn - Europe....


response on Reuters report.

Second bailout review by 's creditors is expected to be completed my mid or end of November, says FinanceMin official /via

’s FinMin Tsakalotos Says 's Position on Debt Is Unrealistic - Bloomberg

IMF will stay out of Greek bailout, to take special status, sources say

131 Migrants Rescued Off Western Greece Coast

Chios refugee center burned in riot

Director of European Department Poul Thomsen on press reports re sending a letter to Lagarde proposing IMF to leave programme.

ECB/ CBer Comments



| Jordan Says Swiss National Bank Can Cut Rates Further If Needed - Bloomberg -

| Draghi Points to 2019 as Time for Inflation Mission Accomplished - Bloomberg -



Deutsche Bank & Germany  .....

According to BIS data the exposure of foreign banks to German counterparties via derivatives contracts stood at $312bn as of Q1 2016.

As expected - Deutsche Bank failed to reach a settlement w/ DoJ to resolve MBS , Germany’s Bild newspaper reported.

| Deutsche Bank’s Cryan Doesn’t Reach Accord With , Bild Says - Bloomberg -

Memorial erected to remember 1.3m East German refugees (to West Germany) who passed through camp

Merkel leaves for Mali to seek migrant deal. "The well-being of Africa is in Germany's interest."

German investigators seek Syrian who plotted Berlin bombing. Some house guests - more trouble than they’re worth.

Germany conducting inquiry into Tesla autopilot system

US News - Election Items , Hurricane Matthew Items....

Hurricane Matthew Items.... Sunday News

Beautiful day in Charleston now that is out of the region.

LATEST: 18 dead from Hurricane Matthew in the U.S.:

Matthew no longer a hurricane, but still just as dangerous: Even though Matthew made its first US landfall Sa...

⚡️ "Matthew no longer a hurricane, 'catastrophic flooding' still expected" by

Haiti begins three days of mourning for hurricane dead as Matthew’s strength dwindles

Today's Daytona Beach News-Journal Headline: After Matthew Destruction on par with Hurricane Charley in 2004

Hurricane Matthew causes power outages, road closures across Hampton Roads

Louisiana National Guard deploys to Florida, South Carolina after Hurricane Matthew - KMBC Kansas City

Important to keep in mind - Hurricane Matthew is going to impact US data.

| The reference period for the October employment report is next week.

US Election Items - Sunday News !

Indy Star: "Mike Pence is sticking with Donald Trump in public, but in private he is holding his options open"

Probably what should have been expected , still interesting to read details...

On WikiLeaks emails—> TAPPER: Is it accurate? KAINE: I have no way of knowing that. TAPPER: Well, you could ask her.

For Trump, 42-35 percent, in a pre-debate survey Sept. 22-25. But in a survey conducted Oct. 5-6, they had swung to Clinton, 46-32 percent.

For damaged Donald Trump, debate with Hillary Clinton is 'now everything'

Trump with Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton and Paula Jones in St. Louis before debate.

Trump appeared with Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Kathy Shelton

Defiant Trump disses GOP leadership, promotes Clinton accuser

Looks like a wide majority of republican voters will look past lewd comments and stand by Trump.

List of Republicans bailing on Trump....

Giuliani Says Trump ‘Ashamed' of Remarks but He and Clinton Are Both ‘Flawed Candidates’ - ABC News

New CBS News polls (pre-Trump tape): OH Clinton 46 Trump 42 PA Clinton 48 Trump 40 WI Clinton 43 Trump 39

The 18 Essential Foreign-Policy Questions Clinton and Trump Need to Answer | Foreign Policy

"Yes, he's been preparing," but the lewd tapes likely have "broken the plans to focus on other things," Trump ally Jeff Sessions says on Fox

The tapes of Trump's lewd comments "not the end of the game, I assure you," Alabama US Sen Jeff Sessions, a Trump adviser, says on Fox News.

"Our Republican colleagues just need to take a deep breath here and slow down," Trump adviser Jeff Sessions says on Fox News.

Trump leads Clinton in Iowa 43-39 in latest Iowa Poll.

Asked if Trump at debate will mention Bill Clinton sex life, Giuliani says no. "I do believe he'll talk about Hillary Clinton's situation."

Chuck Todd: What does her "situation" mean? Giuliani: Trump may bring up "things she has said" about women "in her role as the attacker."

Correction: Pence will be miles away in INDIANA during debate. In North Carolina Monday; Iowa & Nebraska Tues; Virginia Weds, per campaign.

Here are 's full remarks about Trump during speech to dinner in Des Moines:

BREAKING: changes his mind, says he is pulling endorsement from . Will vote

A number of Republican men learned through female staffers and spouses just how problematic the Trump tape was.

Trump retweets Juanita Broaddrick, the 73-year-old Arkansas woman who has made allegations against Bill Clinton.

Giuliani, leaving Trump Tower, signals Trump is ready to wage war against his party. "This is basically the insiders versus the outsiders."

As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of I assure you: when it comes to the there are far worse.

Evangelical leader David Lane says he has prayed for Trump 7 days a week for 1 1/2 years. "The Lord is the only thing that will save" him.

Amazing that almost only statements of re-affirmation of support for today are from religious conservative leaders.

Sources tell - today at Trump Tower was damage control with little debate prep. Trump not dropping out, RNC not pushing him as of now

Senate GOP defections: Ayotte Capito Collins Crapo Fischer Flake Gardner Graham Kirk Lee McCain Murkowski Portman Sasse Sullivan Thune

Sources confirm House R's holding conference call Monday morning. Expected to be Trump-related.