Monday, October 10, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views....... October 10 , 2016...... Monday ( Columbus Day ) Items - 1) Markets & Market Moving News & Data : US Stock Markets Broadly Higher , Commodities Broadly Higher - Oil Bounces On More Production Freeze Jibber Jabber , Bond Market Closed For Columbus Day ; Europe & Asia Broadly Higher On Overseas Fears Of Trump Presidency Lessening - Deutsche Bank Starts Off Weakly But Recovers As The Day Wears On. 2) Around The Horn - Europe : Greece Focus - Greece Gets Part Of Remainder Of 2.8 BN Tranche , Remainder Possible By The End Of Month - Creditor Talks Additional Items , Economic Items & Data ; Italy Industrial Data For August ; Hungary Moving To Change Constitution After Referendum Regarding EU Immigration Policies ; Odds & Ends From Around Europe Broadly. 3) US Politics - Presidential Follies Edition. 4) MENA Items - Yemen , Libya , Iraq & Syria News Of Note.




Frontrunning: October 10

DB was given special treatment in stress tests. $4bn from selling Hua Xia boosted cap even though deal not been done

Deutsche Bank starts lower to week after reports that CEO Cryan failed to reach settlement deal w/ DOJ during meeting in Washington on Fri.

Oil prices extend rise as Putin says supports efforts to freeze and even reduce global output.

Meanwhile , Saudis launch a bond offering as oil price spikes on the production freeze jibber jabber...

Rumors never stop coming with oil production freeze jibber jabber , while actual production just keeps increasing...

Around The Horn - Europe

Greece ....

It seems the hold up of the remaining 1.7 bn is linked to obtaining arrears clearance data -presumably from Greece.

Progress enables ESM to disburse 1.1 billion of the tranche, needing data of September for arrears absorption, need to b assessed by inst

Dijsselbloem says that the has to make its debt sustainability analysis based on 's May decisions and decide.

If secures tranche today, focus moves to 2nd review. Govt sources quoted in GR media see it being completed anytime from Nov to Mar



| AUG IND PROD M/M: +1.7% V -0.1%E; Y/Y: +7.4% V -6.3% PRIOR; WDA Y/Y: +4.1% V -0.3%E


Hungary moves to ban mass resettlement of migrants: … in Hungary on the basis of individually judged request...

Hungarian Leader Seeks to Tighten Constitution on Immigration: BUDAPEST—Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban...

Odds & Ends From Europe .....

RBS's worst-case legal bill could hit $27 billion via

Austria’s Drama Ends With 99% of Bondholders Accepting Deal via << 90 cents on the euro for seniors

Germany doesn't want to extend Juncker's reach or power any further...

German investigators say the bomb plot suspect appears to have Islamic State group connections

US Politics....

BREAKING: Clinton leads Trump by 14 points — NBC/WSJ poll (Oct. 8-9) 2-way Clinton 52 Trump 38 4-way Clinton 46 Trump 35 Johnson 9 Stein 2

Icahn still supports Trump --CNBC

Paul Ryan-in a heated House GOP Conf call , says he won't defend Trump further , but doesn't pull endorsement.

new NBC/WSJ national likely-voter poll after tape release: Clinton leads Trump by 11 in 4-way race, by 14 in 2-way race (52%-38%)

Meanwhile, Trump circle gloating. Privately mocking elected Rs who are agonizing. One laughed and said, "We don't care."

In calls this morning, many Rs privately want to defect from Trump. But they say the debate gave them pause since he roused their base.

NEWS: Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts has nixed a planned fundraiser with Mike Pence scheduled for tomorrow evening.

Mike Pence cancels N.J. Trump fundraiser scheduled for Monday in Ocean County No reasons given for the cancelation

This is sad but accurate..

MENA Items ...


UN HR chief calls on "all states contributing to the conduct of hostilities in in any way to seriously reconsider their support."

UN HR chief Zeid calls Saudi attack on funeral in "outrageous," calls again for international inquiry, which has been blocked twice.

Syria - Iraq.....

Another video of FSA calling American forces in Syria pigs, crusaders, & prostitutes. Promise to f... their Moms, etc.

A month after the raid confirms death of the spokesman responsible for its propaganda videos:

Leipzig: the terror suspect al-Bakr was held by other Syrians, who then called police

Jordan is keeping its border with Syria shut, but will use a crane to drop aid to 75,000 refugees trapped there

| ministry announces Monday it has agreed to limit its oil production target to 4.75mbd - 5mbd. current output ~4.6mbd.

An interesting missive , if accurate of course-to be considered on a Fwiw basis.

France wants bombing of Syria's Aleppo investigated as war crime


Ali Gitrani: We went to Italy and sat down w/ everyone.They understood the Libyan case and we have seen a change in their attitude

Ali Gitrani: The Presidency Council is unable to reach consensus w/ 9 members. We should go back to [LPA] Draft4 w/ 1 president & 2 deputies

Ali Gitrani: We have not yet determined a city in Libya for the Presidency Council meetings

Ali Gitrani: We learned that there is corruption w/ regards to Jadhran. If details are correct, some PC members should be in jail

Ali Gitrani: The Tunis meeting was for all Presidency Council members to agree on a city in Libya to hold their meetings

Ali Gitrani: In the Tunis meeting I asked Presidency Council members about the 45 million LYD that were paid to Ibrahim Jadhran

Images showing employees seriously injured after attack on the Civil Registry Authority HQ in by unknown armed group

GNA is a government I name only , Militias do whatever they choose to do , it would appear

Always trouble afoot...

GNA President Serraj &wife meet with Barack&Michelle Obama. 's "First Lady"resides in the UK along with family