Saturday, October 8, 2016

MENA Report........ Saturday October 8 , 2016 , Sunday October 9 , 2016 ..... Libya Items Of Note - Round Up On Recent Developments For Domestic Economy , Routine Affairs Of State Political News Of Note , Security Related Matters , East , West & South Libya News Of Interest.

Sunday Updates.......


Libya had one of the best health systems before the country was attacked. Don't blame political fragmentation as the bottleneck for this.

Sebha Crisis Committee does agree to accept 100 ml libyan dinar from CB- East.

financial mismanagement and corruption within the House of Representatives in

If GNA is serious about putting an end to militarization in address the dysfunctionality of local municipal councils urgently.

Clashes in last night clr sign that UN/GNA's interim security arrangements have failed to deliver &militias continue to rule

Such armed clashes occur on a regular basis in . GNA considered irrelevant ceremonial body. No gov’t or rule

Spokesperson for BM forces in says city will be fully liberated from within hours

UK civil aviation to work w/ HoR re EU flight ban for Libyan aircraft, seeking to lift ban in June 2017: GNA TransportMinister-des. Maatuq

Commander says Libyan forces have entered last bastion of IS in Sirte.

US airstrikes against IS at Sirte: 2 missions hit 11 targets Oct 5. Since Aug 1 total missions 210.

In Tunis meeting yday, PCmember Ali Gitrani & MPs Omar Ghaith & Salhin Abdelnabi accused Kobler of repeating his predecessor Leon's mistakes

Ali Gitrani & the two MPs to Kobler: UNSMIL is biased, talking only to one side of the Libyan conflict

Gitrani & 2 MPs: We must freeze Art.8 of LPA additional provisions & return to Draft4. SupremeCommand of ArmedForces must be returned to HoR

Russia stands w/ Libyan people, supports army &police: Interim Govt Deputy PM Hassan Allabad in mtg w/ Russia's ambassador to Libya in Tunis

sent troops to Misrata at US request and backs militias in Tripoli - while doing business with Hafter

US torturing foreigners in secret dungeons for years on end without oversight or judicial process. But who cares? Trump made lewd comments!

Op-Ed by Tulti: plagued by The West's love affair with Islamists, and the UN's LPA brought even more discord

Army-affiliated forces in - Infantry Brigade 4 & 26, Security Agencies, auxiliary forces..- pledge full support for HoR & Haftar

Supreme Council of tribes calls on Libyans to close ranks, work for national reconciliation and support the army leadership

Army Spox Ahmed Mismari presents 3-phase plan to evacuate families left in under supervision of local & int'l human rights groups

Ahmed Mismari: The terrorists who hand themselves in will be given medical care, adequate prisons and fair trials under int'l supervision

Saturday Items


delegation headed by Agila Saleh arrives in Egypt for meeting of Arab Inter-Parliament Union in Sharm el-Sheikh

announced killing of key commanders in airstrikes in . Air strikes conducted by LNA helicopters based in Benina's air base.

Head of 's Municipal Guard conducts inspection of security progress in the city.

EU training of coast guard expected to begin at the end of October.

Municipal Council says will perform maintenance on 65 schools in the city.

Central Hospital receives 4 dead, 35 wounded from clashes against .

Ageila Saleh: Oil revenues will go to the central bank in .

Ageila Saleh planning joint meeting b/w Mustafa Sanallah (Head of NOC) & Ali Hibri (Central Bank Gov Bayda).

No new GNA cabinet in sight. PC members in Tunis agree that next session will be in once they agree on which city to meet in.

Starts Expanding Oil Exports — for Now, at Least

LNA's failed attempts to get families & children trapped in Ganoufa out safely

Eastern Passport Authority announces it will open 7 new passport issuing offices in the city of

The Rada Force arrests 12 in on charges of kidnapping and extortion.

Fayez Serraj: Sadeq al-Kabir (Head of Tripoli Central Bank) is responsible for prolonging liquidity crisis in

Foreign Bank whistleblower Omar Al-Hajaj was kidnapped in lawless Tripoli for issuing a report on high-level LC corruption.

Foreign Bank whistleblower's report has not seen the light of day. And there was no comment on his abduction by Sarraj, Kobler, Winer

Report from Foreign Bank whistleblower implicated numerous current/former officials & triggered his abduction

Foreign Bank deputy CEO Omar Al-Hajaj released, flees country. Impunity for kidnappers in Tripoli.

Misratan commander says US could have destroyed Sirte IS within hours had it wanted -

Central Bank of from East decides to send 100 million LYD to but HoR rep Misbah says branch refuses to accept.

Internet extremely poor these past few days in the South. Slower than normal and very hard to open apps or websites. . .

Presidential Council condemns raid on house of HoR member for Bin Jawad & kidnap of his brother

's Zueitina terminal loads first crude export cargo since 2015 - exports increase but threat remains

Female police officers return to work on 's streets & in Benghazi's police stations

Military developments along 's eastern border. Russia military,joined by large contingent of states,in desert.

Went to bank for fifth time in 8 days to withdraw money. (I have in my account). Bank says they have NO MONEY.

facing over 7 hours of electricity cut + mobile phone & internet services are barely operating