Saturday, October 8, 2016

Economic News & Views ....... October 8 , 2016........Quick Hits For Saturday - 1) Hurricane Matthew Western Eye Wall Reaches Tybee , Hilton Head ( South Carolina ) , News & Data Updated As Important Items Flash. 2) US Presidential Campaign 2016 - Important Developments : Trump Lewd Audio Rocks Campaign & Existential Firestorm For Trump ; Hillary Leaks ( Nuggets From Wall Street Speeches , John Podesta Emails , Two Boxes Of Hillary Emails Disappearing , State Department Playing Cute Regarding Production Of Emails ) Washed Away By Hurricane Matthew Strength Storm Against Trump After "The Audio Tape." 3) Around The Horn - Europe : Market Moving News For the Week That Passed , Additional Items Of Interest.

Hurricane Matthew......

11 AM EDT - made landfall SE of McClellanville, SC as a Category 1 hurricane. Inland flooding and storm surge are serious problems.

To this point, had done all its damage while hugging the coast. But the eye has now made landfall as Category 1 hurricane in SC

NHC: makes landfall southeast of McClellanville, South Carolina

Factbox: Hurricane Matthew leaves nearly 1.4 million in U.S. Southeast powerless

Haiti's south is "90% destroyed," death toll at 900. One aid group active in that region:

Sweet fancy Moses. Savannah got 17.5 inches of rain. Our neighborhood actually a little more. Luckily sand drains quickly

Gives an idea of what parts of Florida faced....

Conditions quickly deteriorating across Eastern NC. *Significant and life-threatening flooding is likely with Hurricane Matthew.*

10 AM Update barely Cat 1 hurricane now winds down to 75 mph. 30 miles ESE of Charleston

The latest advisory keeps it at hurricane strength thru Sunday & still shows the loop.

Governor Haley : At this point I pray everyone is on high level land, it's search and rescue now

It will likely be Sunday morning before officials can even get out and begin assessing damage.

9AM EDT StrongWInds SpreadInland 30miSE 85miSSW MaxSusWinds 75mph

We have temporarily suspended emergency services. STAY AT HOME.

Horrible storm surge in downtown Charleston, SC

The eye of the storm is south of Charleston. Hurricane Matthew now a Category 1.

Matthew now a Category 1 hurricane battering Charleston, 6ft surge reported on the Battery. Low tide right now.

Charleston, SC continues to see worst of this AM. Rainfall near 10" & counting w/flooding downtown

7:30 Update: 150,000 customers w/o power mainly in Charleston, Beaufort & Richland counties

Cat 2 Hurricane 's eye is just 15 mi off the coast of , with the severe northern eyewall sitting right over the city.

This is Downtown Charleston right now! Roadways looking more like rivers.

Eyewall of Hurricane is moving toward Charleston, SC now. Landfall possible later this morning.

This tells you all you need to know about getting around Charleston right now.

LOTS of water in downtown Charleston right now. Please remain safe everyone

The eye wall of Hurricane Matthew is hitting Charleston, South Carolina now Saturday 7:30AM

Hurricane update issued. 6 am edt position update

Still to come. is almost in Charleston. We still have electricity at 6 AM. Charleston is already flooding water is high.

Hearing the Charleston Battery has been toppled with water. We're on our way

Hurricane Matthew is moving through Charleston and the South Carolina lowcountry now:

⚠️ Move to higher ground! Flash Flood Warning continues for Savannah GA until 10:45 AM EDT

Life-threatening inundation still expected across the upper GA/lower SC coasts. Be alert for water depths up near 9 ft in highlighted spots.

Waterfront storm surge! Knee deep in some spots

118 reports of downed power lines, trees and road impediments in Charleston County

The tide gauge at peaked at 12.56 feet. Ranks as the highest on record, surpassing Hurricane David.

The tide gauge at peaked at 9.29 feet. This ranks as the 3rd highest on record, highest since Hugo.

Matthew's eye wall is now slamming Edisto Beach. Wind gusts up to 100mph.

And now the south end of Tybee Island is gusting to 96 mph!

Tybee Island recently had a wind gust to 94 mph, Hilton Head to 83 mph, and Pritchard's Island to 76 mph.

Hurricane force winds in the western eyewall moving toward the Charleston metro, get ready!

Winds increasing w/ hurricane force gusts near/north of Tybee as the eye wall of moves onshore. Hunker down!

Lauren's St at Washington St in downtown Charleston from .

Hurricane advisory 41 issued.

Western eye wall reaching Tybee, Hilton Head now! If in these areas, DO NOT VENTURE OUTSIDE as significant coastal flooding also continues!!

Holiday Inn Riverview and Bee Street

Tide level at Fort Pulaski has reached 12.22 ft MLLW, which sets a preliminary all-time record!

⚠️ Move to higher ground! Flash Flood Warning continues for Charleston SC until 9:45 AM EDT

US Presidential Election Items .......


Spotlight: Trump and Clinton both mired in new scandals. An old video showed Trump's vulgar comments about women.

Trump Audio Tape & Recent  Developments....

Trump campaign kicks off this tumultuous Saturday with business as usual: it's regular morning "question of the day" offensive on Clinton.

Updated list of how GOP officials have responded to the Trump video so far (in spreadsheet form ):

NEW: has learned Mike Pence is not going to the Wisconsin GOP event today.

Tune in for Nevada US Rep Joe Heck's event at noon eastern in Vegas, I'm told.

Trump vows he can weather the storm. Not pulling out of the race...

Trump says he will never withdraw from the race.

I will not vote for Donald Trump. Read my statement here:

And now FIORINA: "Today I ask Donald Trump to step aside and for the RNC to replace him with Gov. Mike Pence."

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt calls for Trump to withdraw from nomination.

Top Trump aide tells me that reports stating Sen. Sessions is telling Trump to drop out are "totally false. He wants him to remain in."

Republican U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho un-endorses Trump.

Republicans are reeling in the aftermath of Trump's comments on women, and report

Blowback continues....

Rs who have called on Trump to quit: Rob Engstrom Mike Coffman Jon Huntsman Chris Stewart George Pataki Barbara Comstock Mike Lee Ben Sasse

Trump supporter Greg Ganske, a former Iowa congressman, calls for him to resign. This is what Ganske emailed to Iowa influencers today:

WATCH: CNN anchor tells story on air of Trump trying to kiss her friend

MOVEMENT AFOOT: Some GOP donors have begun looking into whether it’s possible to replace Trump as the 2016 nominee.

. is asking Donald Trump to step down in passionate Facebook live video.

Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia urges Trump to drop out of race

In interviews, some Trump insiders candid about fears lewd tape could prove fatal, but others played down impact.

"Anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who I am," Trump says in video statement posted on Facebook.

Donald Trump's statements were disrespectful and inappropriate, and he was right to apologize.

Chaffetz first to unendorse TODAY.

BREAKING: calls for to step aside "for the good of the country & to give GOP a chance to defeat Clinton."

NEWS: On the record quote from Spencer Zwick, main fundraiser for Paul Ryan now & Romney in 2008 & 2012, on move to replace Trump now

Trump needs to "take full responsibility for the utter lack of respect for women shown in his comments," Majority Ldr Mitch McConnell says.

Utah Gov Gary Herbert (R) denounces Trump, withdraws his endorsement, says he will not vote for Clinton or Trump:

Trump was uninvited. Sources confirmed it before this tweet.

Audio tape blowback. Trump uninvited from Ryan event in Wisconsin....

Trump in statement says: "Pence will be representing me tomorrow in Wisconsin." Says he'll be debate prep with Priebus, Christie, Sessions.

Rubio on "Donald's comments":

We're posting my Sunday column early: It recounts how Trump forced himself on a young woman--in Ivanka's bedroom

Here's Mike Pence's reaction when asked about Trump's "Grab them by the pu--y...You can do anything" remark.

. responding to Trump video: "The time has come for Governor Pence to lead the ticket."

Flashback: Former Trump business associate Jill Harth tells that Trump did, in fact, grab her crotch

Hillary Leaks Blown Away By Storm Over Trump's Lewd Comments & Universal Condemnation Of His Remarks....

A batch of Hillary Clinton's deleted emails made public Friday by the State Department contained dozens of duplicate records ! Lol

whatever it takes......

2 of three big Hillary items which surfaced today.....

Nuggets from Hillary's Wall Street we understand why the Trump lewd audio item got released today.

Around The Horn - Europe....

Low oil impacts - Norway raids S.W.F to cover government deficits-withdrawals > 25% in 2017, to $15 billion. Trying to fill big budget hole.

Police release name of person (Jaber Albakr) suspected in association with bomb threat.

Threat - not an attack. Appears to have been foiled and a suspect been sought.

Planes Grounded at Athens Airport in Rolling Air Traffic Control Strikes

EWG to meet on Mon ahead of Eurogroup to confirm whether bailout sub-tranche of 2.8bln should be released, source tells

IMF unconvinced Greek bailout reforms will produce fiscal goals - Thomsen via

Good morning from Berlin. Global stocks have lost another $234bn in mkt cap this week on ECB taper talk & scary plunge of Great British Peso

JPM sees deeper & higher vol adjustment in Pound as longer-term foreign investors start to repatriate GBP exposure throughout Brexit process

Looks as if may try & use tapering to force fiscal agenda. German Bunds suffer biggest weekly drop since July.

flights face further disruptions before return to normal on Sunday

Flash crash hits pound after Hollande remarks

Airline industry agrees to cut carbon emissions

European industry recovers from shock

Two suicide bombers blow themselves up in Turkey capital during police raid: reports

Northern Ireland's courtroom Brexit battles