Sunday, August 28, 2016

Economic News & Views..... August 28 , 2016...... Quick Hits For Sunday - 1. Spain's Political Tango Summarized Briefly - Rajoy And Rivera Sign Stillborn Confidence Vote Deal. 2. Turkey - Items for Sunday Consideration. 3. Around The Horn - Europe In focus . Around The MENA Horn - Sans Turkey . 5. US Presidential Campaign Items. 6. Odds & Ends.


Rajoy's turn. Urgency, speed, Spain needs a government, etc. Says he now has support of 170 MPs for confidence vote.

Rajoy admits, again, that 170 MPs is not enough for him to win the vote

Rajoy reading off some statements in his usual dull tone. About zero emotion in his voice

Rajoy reminds journalists that the creation of a working group on constitutional reform "doesn't mean we're going to reform it".

Rajoy finishes reading, looks at his watch, bored: "I don't want to keep you any longer

Rivera says 100 of the 150 measures in the new deal with the PP are the same as the ones he signed with the PSOE in the spring.

Rivera boasts that thanks to Ciudadanos-PP deal on election of judges, "Montesquieu comes back to Spanish politics". He really said that.

Rivera talking up Ciudadanos' role in the talks with PP, says they want PSOE and Podemos to sign up to the "anti-corruption agreement".


Turkish police locate key Gülenist coup imam Adil Öksüz in northwestern Sakarya province

FSA wants to fight SDF in Manbij. SDF captured Manbij from ISIS after 2-months heavy battle, losing over 200 men

More escalation

not an isolated incident. More SDF severely beaten/tortured by Faylaq al Sham Islamist fighters.

Turkish aim to create this security zone, seems to include ?

True intentions become clear as Turkish analysts concede...

Over 50 tanks already n . the objective is not only but all controlled land on borders

Turkey's Intervention in Syria. analysis in answer to three questions by a Turkish journalist

Casualties ( fighters & civilians ) mounting.

" allies" calling great Satan publicly. In same time those sharing human values are being besieged.

Turkish police raided office of 'Azadiya Welat', the only daily paper in publishing in , in

32 military hospitals officially brought under control of Health Ministry

- FSA factions have captured a further 6+ villages from in the last 24hrs, pushing north, south & east from .

- FSA factions have captured 14+ villages from SDF in 24hrs, with no meaningful comment from U.S. Seems Euphrates buffer zone emerging.

& -backed Islamists announce next objective to connect al-Rai & take & al-Bab.

Same event; different version. Turkey says it killed terrorists; monitor says Turkey killed civilians.

Just occurring to CHP Political leader now ?

Better question: Did they first blame Gulen and now struggling to find evidence?

Around the Horn - Europe

Merkel maintains her stated positions...

Tsipras engages in same tired ditty re: give Greece debt relief, which of course he will back down from.

Jul tax revenues at 4.9bn, -196mn vs target. Indirect taxes: 2.22bn, -152mn vs target. Direct taxes: 2.68bn, -44mn vs target

More NIRP , more QE on standby apparently...

Trade talks between EU and US have broken down. German Econ Min says failed.

SPD's Gabriel undercuts Merkel....

Merkel waits on Seehofer , not going to announce until 2017 if she's seeking a third term.

Around MENA Horn -  Syria , Saudi Arabia / Yemen , Iraq , Libya....

toward : Iraqi forces clear Daesh militants from nearby town in Anbar

100 United Seemac foreign workers on strike today in Saudi capital Riyadh. They have 1 demand: their wages be paid.

Iraq Asks Saudi Arabia to Replace Its Ambassador to Baghda... via

-led coalition warplanes strike weapons depot in Saadia village, South Mosul.

Turkey says it killed 25 'terrorists' in Syria. Human rights group says they killed at least 40 civilians

U.S & backed capture Amarnah from U.S backed : Pics of captured/killed YPG () I.D & weapons

To make things simple vetted Faylaq al-Sham showing "spoil of war" from pro- n bordering city alAmarna

Yemen Houthis allegedly capture Saudi army post

*Casualties are higher than preliminary figures reported earlier today by major media around the world. Updates rolling in are worse.

Major casualties today for Bunyan Marsous/Misrata-led forces against /Daesh in : 34 dead and over 100 injured

If on the first and second time you don't succeed , try , try and try again.

Gatrani not willing to rejoin PC as long as it meets in Tripoli.

Gitrani: According to the Libyan Political Agreement the Presidency Council shall meet in Tripoli only when the city is free of militias

Gitrani: We hold on to our previously stated principles,primarily taking into account rights of Cyrenaica & sacrifices made by army & police

Deputy PM Ali Gitrani announces his conditional return to PresidencyCouncil but says PC should leave Tripoli

Source: mufti Hassan Karami, other leaders trapped in 's residential area No. 3

US Election Items....

Partisan media in focus...

Here's how could win the White House: via Reuters/Ipsos poll tool

FWIW, essentially no one in Trump's inner circle is a fan of his "bigot" attack.

Christie on Trump calling Clinton a bigot: She started it.

National GE:
Clinton 39 (+2) Trump 37 Johnson 8 Stein 3 Head-2-head: Clinton 43 (+3) Trump 40 Morning Consult

64% in News/SSRS online poll say Clinton would do more than Trump to help minority communities.

PREDICTION: Next President of the United States chances. Hillary Clinton: 70% Donald Trump: 30%

The Associated Press seems to think Clinton is as big a conspiracy hound as Trump

Odds & Ends....

John Kerry just promised this man millions in aid for "law enforcement."

' does not have a homogeneous mainstream culture,' says sociologist

Uber, Careem suspend services in UAE capital

Sounds as absurd as the majority of economist speak does these days. Why the rise in populism is just starting.