Monday, August 29, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... August 29 , 2016..... Markets & Market Moving News : US Markets Summed by Zero Hedge In One Sentence " Risk-Parity Panic Looms As Bonds, Stocks, Gold Rally; Reject Fed Hawkish Chatter" ; Mexico Oil Hedge Details for 2017; Additional Items Of Interest. 2. Greece In Focus - Refugee Crisis , Economic Items , Creditor Talks / Bailout Tranche Payment Status. 3. Libya Items De Jour - Political Situation , Budget Shortfalls Due To Political Instability Since PC Took Over In March , Additional Items Of Note. 4. Syria News Of Note. 5. Around The Horn In Europe.


More than 42% of mainland bank lending in Jul~Aug are mortgage loans! Oh, only 42%?

HK July Retail Sales -7.7% (last -8.9%), 17 consecutive down. CX the worst airline. But mini-sized flat price new record high! This is HK.


The Dow finished up more than 100 points

Time to hike rates

Risk-Parity Panic Looms As Bonds, Stocks, Gold Rally; Reject Fed Hawkish Chatter

Mexico hedges oil for 2017 at $38 for its oil basket !

BREAKING: completes hedge for 2017 at $38 a barrel for its oil basket (equal to about $46 )

Greece .....

Controversial tender for broadcasting licenses to get under way

New inflows stretching migrant, refugee centers on islands

Greek GDP contraction in H1 was worse than thought

8 Left in Tender for 4 TV Licenses After Epsilon Group Ousted from Auction

Moscovici-Tsakalotos See Improvement in Reforms, Discuss ‘Red Phone’ on Crisis Management

ENFIA Notifications Open Up for Property Owners on Monday

Q2 SA GDP -0.9% YoY Final consumption -1.9% Investments +7% Exports -11.4% Imports -7.1%

Anyone surprised ?


Huge rescue operation , thousands saved...

4 of 9 members of PC meet today (previously set for Sunday.) New proposed GNA allegedly to be named Wednesday.

2 of 9 members UN-backed government continue to boycott. New cabinet to be offered to parliament in days.

Libyan forces capture 1 of 2 remaining districts held by IS in Sirte

Akram Gliwan: There were more than 130 wounded [Sunday], and there are still more coming

| NOC's Sanalla: budget shortfalls have cost AGOCO & Sirte fields loss of 229kbd since pres council took office in march.

Al-Shat (coastal road) blocked by protestors! Huge Traffic jam!

Libya Update 1: UN-backed government navy says it intercepted+ fired warning shots at MSF migrant rescue ship Aug 17. MSF protesting.

Libya Update 2: Offensives against IS in Sirte and Benghazi continue, Casualties mounting. US air strikes continue Sirte.

Libya Upate 3: UN-backed government to present new cabinet for parliament approval this week after previous cabinet rejected.

Libya Update 4: Standoff over eastern Zueitina oil port continues. Tripoli-based govt holds port, Tobruk-based govt says will take it

Navy chief of UN-backed govt explains objections to EU Operation Sophia migration operation (Aug 24) ’s

Most recent statement from MSF, saying will continue migrant rescue ops off Libya despite attack.

Report: 90,449 residents escaped city since takeover, over 75% of population


PKK threatens to directing intervene against Turkey unless Turkey stops fighting YPG. PKK distinction w/ YPG fading.

-6th Day of Operation Euphrates Shield *29.08.2016

Kurdish forces refuse US demands to retreat east of

DOD: Monitoring reports of airstrikes & clashes south of b/w Turkish forces, some opposition groups, & units affiliated with .

DOD: We want to make clear that we find these clashes -- in areas where is not located -- unacceptable and a source of deep concern.

DOD: The United States was not involved in these activities, they were not coordinated with U.S. forces, and we do not support them.

DOD: Accordingly, we call on all armed actors to stand down and take appropriate measures to deconflict & open channels of communication.

Not surprisingly , Kurds not playing ball with US after Jarablus. SDF not heading to Raqqa.

Around The Horn In Europe ( Excluding Greece ) ....

Turkey sets conditions for German access to Incirlik

Some 9,000 children reported to have disappeared in

In light of the ongoing terror & refugee related concerns hitting Europe , not a shocker.

Merkel striking out on plan of getting German companies to hire refugees.

Rajoy doing historic damage to Spain as well.

Spain PSOE Party's Leader: Will Oppose Rajoy’s Re-Election In Investiture Vote On Aug 31 - RTRS

Italian polling..

We agree with Paul de Grauwe the EU should offer the UK a binary choice: EEA or FTA but nothing in between

Manufacturing Confidence and Consumer Trust fall in tandem on stagnant economy.

There's been silence ahead of next ECBmeeting as Draghi has failed so far to boost inflation