Saturday, August 27, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... August 27 , 2016...... Around The Horn For Europe For Saturday - - 1. Greece In Focus : Migrant / Refugee Crisis Updates ; Domestic & International ( Troika + 1 ) Politics ; Economic Items. 2. Italy To Hold Day Of Mourning For the 281 Known Dead From Wednesday's Earthquake . 3. Germany In Focus - Economic And Political Items To Consider. 4. UK - Items Of Interest. 5. France In Focus


Greece can handle volume of migrant arrivals, minister says

Tsipras hedges bets on outcome of TV tender, TIF, education bill

One in 4 euros unpaid in first income tax installments

Bank Deposits Drop in July After a Two Month Rise

Mitsotakis: Government Hasn’t Implemented Agreed Measures on Tackling the Refugee Issue

FinMin , Econ Min and Dep FinMin Houliarakis will meet with in Brussels on Aug 29.

deposit flow turns negative, outflows of 153 mln in July


21 hours ago

First Italy earthquake victims are laid to rest

Biggest hurdle for lending: Italian banks represent 31.7% of EZ total stock of NPLs, twice size of Italy in EZ GDP.

Italy has less property insurance than many other EU nations, as earthquake clean-up goes on

Italy is holding a day of mourning for the 281 people who died in Wednesday's earthquake

Italy's tragic failure on earthquake preparedness:


Vice Chancellor Gabriel ( SPD ) expresses critical views on asylum policy of Chancellor Merkel.

German military wants security checks on recruits, newspaper says

Germany: Support for EU membership skyrockets to new high. EU membership brings advantages: 51% disadvantages: 10%

Germany, Infratest dimap poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 33% ↓ SPD-S&D: 22% AfD-ENF: 13% ↑ GRÜNE-G/EFA: 12% ↓ LINKE-LEFT: 9% FDP-ALDE: 5%

's government spendings shows is behind us.

has failed to spur lending across EZ. Despite spreads narrowed, bulk of new loans comes from Germany & France.

RT Virtually all of 's trade surplus is with floating rate currency countries, not the

Eastern EU leaders call for joint army at summit with Germany


BREAKING: A bridge has collapsed onto vehicles on the M20 in Kent after being hit by a lorry.

We agree with Paul de Grauwe the EU should offer the UK a binary choice: EEA or FTA but nothing in between

UK, YouGov poll: CON-ECR: 40% ↑ LAB-S&D: 29% ↓ UKIP-EFDD: 13% LDEM-ALDE: 8% ↓ SNP/PCY-G/EFA: 6% ↓ Green-G/EFA:...

The EU could hit Apple with a $19 billion tax bill next week

Despite fall in £ since vote, UK just hanging on to position as 5th largest world economy, ahead of France

70% have been on or planning 'staycation' as plans revealed to further support UK tourism

Theresa May launches review into how ethnic minorities are treated by public services


Sainsbury Broke Labour Rules, Purging Likely


France's Alstom to provide high-speed trains for US Amtrak's northeastern service

France's burka debate pits two essential sources of identity against each other |

expels two considered serious security threat

Several French mayors have vowed to defy the country's burqini ban suspension

France’s Exclusive Economic Zone.