Sunday, August 14, 2016

Economic News , Data & views......August 14 , 2016 ...... Sunday Quick Hits : 1. Target 2 Inbalances Within EZ In Focus - Italy , France , Spain , Germany And ECB Itself Warrant Scrutiny . 2. Greece In Focus - Refugee Crisis Quietly Raising Its Head Again In Greece , Greece Attempts To Reboot And Grow Its Economy Will Face Various Headwinds. 3. Turkey In Focus - News Of The Day From " Post - Failed Coup & Ongoing Purge" Turkey. 4. Swiss Train Attack Follow Up - Both The Swiss Attacker & One Of His Victims Have Passed Away . 5. Odds & Ends.

Doug Noland's Weekly Missive - " Inflation"

Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: Inflation Always a great read - this week's missive "Inflation."


EZ inbalances rise again: Germany hold largest claims on Target2, matched by significant liabilities in &Spain

Goldman: One feature revealed in the new data is the substantial liability of the ECB itself towards Target 2.

Bundesbank has 3rd highest leverage. Thin cap buffer means Buba may need German govt support in case of losses. (GS)

ANFA portfolios (NCBs hidden purchases) not insignificant notably in , , and . (via GS)


Turkey-Greece spat continues over Cyprus issue

Greece caught in a trap...

Mouzalas spoke about transferring refugees from the eastern Aegean islands to the mainland

Aid & Attention Dwindling, Migrant Crisis Intensifies in Greece. By with &

EU has largely abandonned 57,000 refugees and migrants stuck in (financially broken) Greece.

anti-terror police to track extremists at migrant camps

Migrants into Greece. Not since that EU deal. We'll see how long it holds...


23 seconds agofred walton Retweeted dwnews
Note , Erdogan visited several nations in Africa back in May in a bid to obtain closure of Gulen schools there.

Turks themselves seeking to flee Turkey , apart from refugees seeking to come to Europe.

Turkey’s reputation hit with coup attempt, says Deputy PM Şimşek

43 journalists arrested, while 100 with detention warrants after Turkey's coup attempt

. Joe Biden to visit Turkey as tensions soar | AP Photo

Turkey proposed that Berlin city officials actively oppose supporters of US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Turkey summons Austria charge d'affaires over 'indecent' report

Turkey sets up concentration camps for Gulenists.

Swiss Train Attack Follow up...

The attacker on the swiss train has also passed away from his injuries.

Sadly , one of the train passengers has passed away. Still not clear what caused this person's senseless actions.

Odds & Ends.....

BREAKING: IOC spokesman: Report that swimmer Lochte robbed at gunpoint 'absolutely not true,' according to Lochte and USOC.

Brexit may take until late 2019 due to UK's government being too 'chaotic'

Brexit 'will be delayed for at least another three years'

SDF form "al-Bab Military Council" in preparation for operations to capture the city from IS

Sketch for a suspect released - no "evidence " yet this was an intended hate crime. Investigation just started.

An imam was murdered in New York and the community is blaming Donald Trump

>20 anti-EU migration billboards on road to Budapest airport ahead of ref, 1 links to policy

URGENT: At least 10 injured as blaze strikes German refugee center – reports (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Rival locals and north African youths armed with knives clashed in , up to 500 people involved

Should be the subject of a inquiry by Parliament....

Violence erupts in Milwaukee after fatal police shooting

’s bail-in headache by

Misrata-led forces clash with militants in residential area 2 and Hindiya buildings in

Canadian firm shipped 131 armored cars to despite UN warning

has highest youth unemployment rate in the arab world

Summer over for : , , Seehofer await

Shameful !

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