Saturday, August 13, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... August 13 , 2016...... Quick Hits - 1. Germany In Focus : Popularity Of Merkel And CDU Continues To Fall ; Merkel To Hold Summit Urging Companies To Hire Refugees. 2. Spain Political Stalemate Continues , Additional News & Views For Saturday . 3. Syria In Focus - State Of Play At Various Battlegrounds. 4. Turkey In Focus - Purge & Politics. 5. Odds & Ends.


Rivals seek to stop Petry power play as split meets

The poll for ZDF gave conservative Merkel an approval rating of 1.0, < from 1.4 in July on a scale of 5.0 to -5.0.

Leadership: Merkel is organising a summit with Germany's biggest companies to urge them to hire more refugees

Support for Angela Merkel's party falls to level of when she became chancellor in 2005


6. PSOE Wants Parliamentary Inquiry Into PP Financing. They want Rajoy, Aznar and Dolores de Cospedal to appear.

LATEST: PSOE Repeats 'No', Ciudadanos Rejects Formal Coalition

Point of view piece on EUC playing politics with Budget Deficits of Spain and Portugal...

Two people shot after gunman goes on the rampage at shopping centre in Spain

80% of Catalans want a vote on independence. Catalan institutions have unsuccessfully asked Madrid to grant it 18 times. Is Spain demophobe?


Absolutely staggering,unabated numbers of refugees leave for Europe -- & Libyan displacement has yet to hit.

US-led coalition conducts 14 airstrikes against in ,

This is good news - ISIS releases human shields taken while ISIS fled Manjib

Manbij liberation in pictures:

Hundreds of civilians freed from ISIS in Syria by U.S.-backed forces:

Important: Putin, Erdogan have a deal on Syria:

Russian Air Force pounds jihadist rebels in

Freedom....and a long good drag with love from a fully liberated . fully driven out.

Exclusive aerial image of the SW front taken by A Su-24M2 pilot

Major jihadist offensive in northern fails


Turkey sets up concentration camps for Gulenists.

Chief Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul demands US detain Fetullah Gülen,

20 minutes ago
Over 81,000 people are suspended, dismissed after the

's Prime Minister sees no compromise with over Fethullah extradition

Vice President Biden to visit Turkey on Aug. 24 - PM

: Turkey cannot compromise with the US over Fethullah Gulen's extradition, Turkish PM Yildirim quoted by CNN Turk as saying

Turkey sneers at UN rights chief for "revenge" comments on failed coup

Fifteen Turkish citizens have asked for political asylum in in past few days, reports.

Did you know that well-known Turkish journalist and former MP Nazlı Ilıcak is in the 18th day of her arrest?

JOURNALISM IN JAIL: Veteran court reporter and lawyer Büşra Erdal is in the 19th day of her arrest.


Prosecutors in Istanbul indicted HDP co-leader Selahattin Demirtas and filmmaker and Istanbul MP Sirri Sureyya Onder.

Odds & Ends.....

YouGov polling (08-09 Aug) on public perceptions as to which party would best handle…

Terrorism unlikely in Swiss train attack that wounded 6, including child, police say

A 27 year old man attacks Swiss train passengers during an 'Arson & knife Attack', injuring 7 in

Presently unidentified man attacks passengers on a Swiss train....7 injuries noted , at this time.

Updates re: Cryptsy's collapse in January, after months of issues, CEO blamed closure on alleged hack.

Key item to note - bitcoin and blockchain is currently not regulated in Hong Kong,

Basis of friction-back-tracking on political agreement , delays in electoral reform agenda and monopolization of appointments issues.

:Evidence may explain the lack of ISIS resistance in Sirte.Islamist fighters consolidated w/IS move east&south

US Libya envoy urges boycotting (Pro-Tobruk) members of UN-backed govt (Tripoli) to rejoin.

US Libya envoy urges parliament (Tobruk) to cooperate with UN-backed govt (Tripoli).

This chart shows the weak links of the Eurozone. Econ growth has come to a halt in & .

Hezbollah leader quotes Trump at a rally Saturday-saying presidential candidate’s statements were based on facts.

Charles R. Black Jr.,Republican lobbyist for Mr. Trump " The campaign was in a continuing struggle to tame him."

"....normal candidates don’t careen from one self-inflicted wound to another on an hourly basis.”

Clinton leads in all 10 states most likely to decide election, per to our polls-plus model:

Polls suggest Iceland's Pirate party may form next government

US declares Zika public health emergency in Puerto Rico

Fuori dall'euro (Slovacchia esclusa) i Paesi dell'Est crescono spinti dall'aumento della domanda interna.
Translated from Italian by 
Outside the euro (Slovakia) Eastern Europe grow driven by increased domestic demand.

Thaksin's party denies role in Thai blasts as police hunt suspects

Lungu takes early lead in election

Following extreme flooding yesterday, Louisiana expects more rain this weekend.

"roughly 50-60% of the net purchases of foreign debt securities by Japanese investors are hedged" - DB. So yes, Japan will keep buying TSYs

All that commotion about swaps reducing demand for USTs: "Not all Japanese investors who buy US Treasuries hedge FX risk." - DB