Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views...... August 16 , 2016.....Quick Hits - 1.Market News : Energy Related News For Tuesday ; US , Europe & Asia Market Updates ; US Data Splash - CPI / Housing Starts & Permits / July Industrial Production / US NY Fed Business Leader Activity. 2. MENA Updates For Tuesday ( Syria / Iran / Libya / Yemen / Turkey In Focus. 3. Europe - Around The Horn !

Markets & Market Moving News...

Crude -1.007 Cushing -0.680 Gasoline +2.176 Distillates +2.406

Gasoline glut's already saved U.S. drivers $38 billion in 2016 via

Energy passes Utilities to become the top performing S&P sector ETF YTD.

Oil makes it four in a row

Iran has not decided whether to join September informal talks ....

Probability of another Fed rate hike at FOMC meetings over the next year...

Why do we call these markets anymore , when just reflecting CBer buying or QE ?

PBOC Fixes Yuan Reference Rate At 6.6056 (prev 6.6305)

China outflows getting worse again, not better (via GS). If you think China stabilizing, take a look.


No record for the Dow, S&P or Nasdaq today

$196 billion in redemptions from Mutual Funds YTD

Frontrunning: August 16

US Core CPI (MoM) Jul: 0.10% (est 0.20%; prev 0.20%) -Core CPI (MoM) Jul: 2.20% (est 2.30%; prev 2.30%)

US CPI (MoM) Jul: 0.00% (est 0.00%; prev 0.20%) -CPI (YoY) Jul: 0.80% (est 0.90%; prev 1.00%)

US Housing Starts Jul: 1.211M (est 1.180M; rev prev 1.186M) -Housing Starts (MoM) Jul: 2.10% (est -0.80%; prev 5.10%)

US Building Permits Jul: 1.152M (est 1.160M; prev 1.153M) -Building Permits (MoM) Jul: -0.10% (est 0.60%; prev 1.50%)



MENA - Syria , Libya , Iran , Iraq ,  Yemen ,  Turkey In Focus

Promises unfulfilled: How a State Department plan to stabilize Iraq broke apart

Did attempt to kill Tajouri spark move by Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade to seize intelligence offices in Tripoli?

Misrata-led forces fought street by street until they liberated the entire residential area 2 of Sirte today

In a parallel universe , grave concerns are raised against the ongoing GCC led campaign against Houthis in Yemen...

For twirps interested in understanding ISIS and how the group cane together , an interesting piece to consider.

Turkey police raid firms with alleged links to Gulen

Note this particular case began long before the Coup attempt in July...

Latest purge updates regarding freedom of the press in Turkey. With closure of Ozgur Gundam , 46 newspapers closed.

Court temporarily shuts down daily Özgür Gündem over alleged PKK propaganda

makes formal request for return of 8 officers who fled to

: National security council:"All our military bases will be used by if necessary to fight in ".

Flying with full bomb loads from Iran’s Hamadan airbase, group attacks on Islamic State & Jabhat al-Nusra positions

Sheikh Nabeel Naim discusses widely believed theorem in Middle East-US created ISIS.Trump's ISIS comment-more fuel.

Europe - Around The Horn.....

Border police in Bulgaria fired for cooperating with human traffickers

Austria may get its wish and we shall see if Austria's pov is correct.

's latest GDP figures and what to expect for the rest of the year. analyses the Q2 data

Farage's spokesman says it is "not true" that he is applying for German citizenship

6 conditions from Ciudadanos to address corruption are key to unlock deadlock-which PP allegedly inclined to accept.

Spain political deadlock about to be broken ?

What happened to the Brexit slowdown?

UK inflation hits 0.6% following Pound plunge after vote.

Treading water....

8,150 Refugees Trapped in North Aegean Islands

Greece Shows €3.5 Bln Primary Surplus in First 7 Months

PM Tsipras: Greece Will Continue Struggle for German Reparations