Sunday, August 7, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views...... August 7 , 2016 ..... Quick hits - 1. Bitfinex Imposes 36 % Haircut By Way Of Socialized Losses On All Users After Massive Alleged Hack. 2. Turkey - Purge Items De Jour , Anti-Coup Rally Held In Istanbul . 3. Greece Items De Jour. 4.Libya Political Updates In Focus . 5. Italy In Focus - Through The Eyes Of Holger Zschaepitz et al .


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Bitfinex 36.5% Socialised Losses Scheme is Theft! Report this to your Police Force!: Quo...

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What are you going to do when Bitfinex is online? @

Bitfinex imposes socialization of losses -- " After much thought, analysis, and consultation , 1

Users of hacked Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex will lose 36% of their deposits


Erdogan with biggest rally Turkey has seen in years. Purges set to continue...

right now. 's massive "Democracy and Martyrs' rally against via

FDP leader Lindner draws comparison between Erdogan post coup "purge " and the infamous Reichstag fire of 1933.

‘Dictatorial’ Turkey ‘Has No Place In The EU’ Says Austrian Minister

Having hosted many Syrian refugees, Turkey now being talk of as source of its own refugees.

3 hours ago
Hundreds of thousands of people flocking to joint democracy rally in Istanbul

research scientist and US citizen Serkan Golge has been remanded in custody by on grounds of espionage
Profile photo of Serkan

Turkish teacher, detained on coup charges, was found dead in prison. Gov't refuses to return his dead body to family

Human Tragedies of Turkey's Purge: 86-year-old woman, detained as hostage until her son surrenders, still in jail


Sadly , opportunists sprout like summer weeds whenever money can be made off human misery.

Greece Relieved Over Ankara’s Hesitancy to Investigate Turkish Extradition

Gov’t plans to recruit 20,000 to civil service

Doubly deceived

Summer break to be short-lived as negotiations loom


Army removes Mahdi Barghathi (GNA Defense Min) as head of 204 Tank Brigade renames it 298

Army Breaks off Relations with Defense Minister in Unity Government: Asharq Al-Awsat

| Gergarish road blocked by armed groups +Situation tense b/w Tajouri & Misrata brigades near MoH


Good morning from Italy at the end of my holidays. While I was here, Italy's 5y default probability dropped to 10.2%

In case you missed it: 's highest court set to approve referendum.

. Even the size of 's shadow econ (as share of GDP) has shrunk from ~27% in 2010 to ~20% in 2016.

This chart shows what went wrong in Italy. GDP per Cap has shrunk b/c of low productiv, labor particip, demographics

Another blow for Renzi: 's banks fared worst in post-stress test week. Cc/

Islamic State listing again Italy among its enemies in latest video – this pattern is a prelude to internal attacks

Young adults living with parents Denmark 19% US 32% UK 34% France 37% Spain 57% Italy 65%

Interior Ministry: 10 Tunisians (age 19-34) arrested @ Bouficha trying to cross to in makeshift boat