Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views .... August 9 , 2016.... Quick Hits - 1. Markets & Market Moving News : Tuesday Modestly Risk On - Oil Positive for 2016 , NASDAQ Latest Record Close ; BOE QE Program Hits A Snag - On Day 2 ; S&P 500 Sector ETFs for 2016 - Everything Showing Green ; Global Bonds Get A Lift - Everything Golden Apparently ; Asia Items - Wednesday News & Data. 2.Turkey News De Jour - Purge Updates , Erdogan - Putin Meeting In Moscow. 3. Spain Ciudadanos Sets Six Conditions For Sitting Down To Negotiate With PP. 4. Syria State Of Play , Focus On Aleppo , Idlib And Latakia. 5. Odds & Ends.

Markets & Market Moving News.....

Overnight USD weakness getting another leg (part 2)

Japan’s plunging jobless rate is all about aging, not Abenomics

China’s money outflow goes quiet - for now

Maersk: "We want to focus on more profitable ports and will no longer use 10 Chinese ports of import and export goods from September 1.

Asylum seekers pave Japan’s roads, dig its sewers, lay its water pipes — and it's illegal


Crude Oil turns positive on a YoY basis for the first time since June 2014.

Bank of England bond-buying programme hits trouble - via

BoE QE program hits trouble as they failed to attract enough investors to reach £1.2bn tgt.

The Nasdaq just marked its 2nd record close of 2016

US sells $24bn 3y notes: -BC 2.98(prev 2.69) -HY 0.85% (prev 0.765%) -WI 0.86% -Dir 9.5%(prev 15.8%) -Indir 56.9%(prev 44.7%)

Pound continues to drop as UK-US 10y sovereign spread has widened to -97bp, widest since 2000.

's 10y yields continues to fall after it dropped below 1% on Monday for first time ever.


Probe launched into 600 prison guards for FETÖ links

1,500 more judges and prosecutors to be suspended from judiciary

Turkey accuses EU of failing to set a date for visa free travel. Turkey For Min says Turkey could walk by October.

's intellectuals have started emigrating to the US and Scandinavia /via

Russia may allow Turkish food imports by year-end: Economy Minister

LIVE — Putin in joint conference w Erdoğan: Syrian issue to be discussed in another meeting

The restoration of bilateral ties would benefit both Turkey and Russia, Putin tells Erdoğan

Purge item of the day...


It's a clever move, and puts the onus on the PP and the Socialists. But I can't see a politician as cautious as Rajoy swallowing this one.

Rivera lays out six conditions for starting political talks with Rajoy, incl a parliamentary probe of the PP's slush fund scandal.

Six weeks after election, with no new government, no date for a vote of confidence, Congress will today decide on a seating plan for MPs.

Ciudadanos leader Rivera has announced an unscheduled statement for 5 p.m. after which he will not apparently admit any questions.


Syria conflict: UN says water and power cuts threaten two million in Aleppo via

Aleppo proceeding from bad to worse , far as civilians are concerned.

The breach open in is already closed NOW, the circle is back and the "war-situation" will continue persisting.

Today's offensive is back to square one and Jihadists and rebels lost their crossing already. But war continue in Aleppo

NEW MAP: makes major advances in after massive redeployment of enemy forces to .

: MSF-supported hospital in Idlib Governorate destroyed by bombing

Odds & Ends....

Is Bitfinex a bank? Or is it a ponzi scheme? Is it a figurative event horizon for user bitcoins & funds ? Questions.

Interesting read on some of the hot button issues.

Years later , true on radioactive fallout in Tokyo , slowly being revealed.

Keow Wee Loong visits four the hastily evacuated towns in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone.

France faces ‘catastrophic’ 30-year low in wheat yields

Fair reading of article reveals : a general problem w/sexual assault crimes ; a very specific problem re : refugees.

Denmark joins Austria in calling for an end to Turkey accession talks.

Looks like final devastation of business in Venezuela set to begin...

Refugee situation in northern Italy. ..

How wealthy Chinese move hundreds of billions abroad to buy assets

Lavrov:it’s essential to update list of terrorist organizations so that various groups couldn’t escape by rebranding