Saturday, August 6, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... August 6 , 2016 ..... Quick Hits - 1. Markets & Market Moving News : Doug Noland's Weekly Missive And Overview Of Global Markets - First Must Read For Saturday ; US Job Report Post-Mortems / Fed Hike Prospects After Jobs Reports ; Brazil's Bovespa Stock Index Up 36% YTD - Despite Everything Occurring In Brazil. 2. Italy In Focus - Banks , Italian Stock Underperformance Despite Latest Ramp Job , Italy Unemployment VS Germany Unemployment , Italy On Rating Watch At DBRS. 3. Turkey In Focus - Post Coup Updates , Matters Of Interest Touching Upon Turkey. 4. Odds & Ends.

Market Moving News... Doug Noland's Credit Bubble Bulletin A Must Read !

Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: Updating Government Finance Qu...

Fear index at lowest level in 2yrs as strong US jobs report & easy mon pol sedate investors.

Note - chances of any Fed Hikes in Sept or November 2016 still only 26 % -less than a 50 % chance until March 2017.

July Nonfarm Payrolls +255k

Unemployment rate 4.9% (last 4.9%) Avg Hourly Earnings 0.3% (last 0.1%) Average Weekly Hours 34.5 (last 34.4) Participation 62.8 (last 62.7)

Investing in Brazil: What Investors Should Know

EU states average GDP growth, 2004-2014 Germany: 1.3% France: 1% UK: 1.3% Italy: -0.2% Spain: 0.9% Poland: 4% Netherlands: 1.1% Greece: -1%

Italy In Focus....

Another blow for Renzi: 's banks fared worst in post-stress test week. Cc/

Italy has underperformed in past week. While global stocks ended wk almost flat, Italian lost €5bn in total mkt cap.

It was only a decade ago that 's unemployment rate was way below 's.

16 hours ago
DBRS has placed 's A (low) rating under review w/ neg implications outside of the regular pre-announced calendar on heightened risks.

DBRS on : Combination of political uncertainty surrounding forthcoming referendum & pressure on Italian banks pose risks to rating.

Turkey ......

Sultan's theme music.....

Erdogan does not really know who exactly planned the coup. Until he finds out, he will be paranoid.

4 minutes ago
This the reason why he asks people to camp in the streets for several weeks already. A message to the army that "we are stronger."

Turkey detains journalist because whistleblower is following her on Twitter.

As Turkey's coup strains ties with West, detente with Russia gathers pace

Following Turkey’s failed coup, we cover the continuing crackdown on the media

Turkey's free press helped Erdogan defeat the coup. Now with arrests he's undermining it.

US Embassy in debunks a fake photo of Ambassador Bass and coup plotter day before failed coup.

Facts About The Fabricated Photo Claimed To Be Of Ambassador Bass.

EU Jean Monnet scholarship program this year cancelled for Turkey

6 hours ago
How President Erdogan hopes to erase Ataturk’s Turkey

Turkey will pay compensation to coup victims and their families

Gulen's lawyers fear Turkey will try to assassinate him | AP Photo

: is the capital of radical racism

Theater actors concerned as 's post-coup crackdown reaches the arts

LATEST — Moody's skips Turkey's credit rating review in first assessment after July 15 coup attempt, keeps rate unchanged

Turkey lacks proof for Gulen extradition: lawyer

John Kerry set to visit Turkey with loaded agenda on Aug 24

There are now 76 journalists are jailed in Turkey. Here is the list of journalists and which jails they are held:

Closing EU door to Turkey 'serious mistake': Juncker

Odds & Ends.....


2 cops in Belgium injured in machete attack; assailant reportedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar'

Belgian PM says Charleroi attack appears to be terrorist incident


Whoa , red flag this item regarding Bitfinex !

BitGo Claims Its Software Not at Fault during Bitfinex Hack

FT Alphaville: Day three post Bitfinex hack: Bitcoin bailouts, liabilities and hard forks


: Jihadists and rebels managed to break the circle from south west .

42 minutes agoOIR Spokesperson Retweeted Free Syria Media Hub
Spokesperson for Manbij Military Council, Shervan Darwish: "We deny news about liberation of "

Islamic State 'almost completely' ousted from Syria's Manbij city: Observatory

Massive reinforcements arrive to drive back jihadists from southwest Aleppo

BREAKING: At least 500 fighters dead in one week in Syria's Aleppo: monitor - AFP

NEW MAP update (acc. 2 preliminary reports): Heavy clashes still ongoing inside Artillery Academy.

Kerry presses on with Russian talks on Syria despite Aleppo setbacks

Jihadist rebels capture key military base in southern


Following Sebha announcement morgue full, same situation reported Benghazi

Ageila Saleh: GNA & Kobler have failed.. Arab league is weak, acquiesces to foreign pressure

demonstrators come out against dialogue, call for removal of UN envoy Kobler

Sirte news gagged inside . 1st day of US strikes: Major casualties for Misrata, Sarraj came for talks - and local news updates ceased.

Major Western media such as are showing very old video and no new info when running stories on new US bombing campaign in .

. reports 9 air strikes so far on Daesh (ISIS) targets in Sirte, Libya. Posted targets struck:

17 members of Constitutional Assembly reject latest draft of constitution.