Friday, August 5, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ....... August 5 , 2016...... Quick Hits For Friday - 1. Markets & Market Moving News : VIX In Focus - Down 56% Since Brexit Vote ; Non Fram Payroll Report Beats Expectations , Fed Rate Hike Possibilities Tick Upward ; US Stocks Pop After Jobs Report ; Global Ten Year Yields. 2. EU/EZ Items For Friday. 3. Turkey News De Jour - Purge , Gulen Updates. 4. Libya Items De Jour. 5.Odds & Ends.


Volatility Index down 56% since Brexit, the largest 6-week drop in the history of the . 25.76 to 11.39

S&P 500, Nasdaq rally to record high close on robust jobs data

Update after today's payrolls... Sep '16: 18% Dec '16: 45% Mar '17: 51% Jun '17: 61%

Probability of a Rate Hike at upcoming FOMC Meetings... Sep '16: 12% Dec '16: 33% Mar '17: 37% Jun '17: 45%

Jobs Surge Second Month, +225,000; Unemployment Rate Unchanged at 4.9%

Global 10-Year Yields.

[BREAKING] US Change in Non-Farm Payrolls Jul: 255K (est 180K; rev prev 292K)

8 hours ago
Pam Martens: A Realistic Look at July’s Nonfarm Payrolls

Today's jobs report already catching serious flack based on very "benign" seasonal adjustments.

70... As in 70 consecutive months of job growth, by far the longest streak in history.

EU & EZ Generally....

Eiffel Tower evacuation due to abandoned piece of luggage. Sign of the tense times , but Police have to react.


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Telling rebuke -to IMF Staff by IMF Board Members !

Euro impact on industrial production for Germany and Italy. A devastating chart !

Fears EU-Turkey Deal could collapse continue to be voiced...


Erdogan - Putin Talks set for August 9th. something to keep eyes on.

National Police role very much up in the air...

Challenging is an interesting choice of words....

Delusions of grandeur....

Rajoy has no intentions of conceding anything , seems content to have a third Election.

Another blow for Renzi: June Industrial Production -0.4% M/m; vs a rise of +0.3% expected.


US Officials refute WSJ article saying US has decided against Gulen extradition request.

Purge continues...

Turkey shuts down fertility center in post-coup crackdown: Embryos placed in custody via

Turkey asks Kosovo to Punish a Journalist for Commenting on Coup on Facebook via


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Demonstrations in Benghazi & Tobruk today against GNA Memo to Pentagon: GNA was appointed by UN--not elected

US Africom statement on latest air strikes against IS in Sirte (total strikes so far - 11)

Concern in NOC is it cannot pay for repair work to re-open oil fields unless UN-backed govt. gives funds. Talks ongoing.

Latest oil ports dispute, between UN-backed govt and state oil company (NOC), highlights fact NOC has no independent budget


State oil company (NOC) says key oil ports will stay closed until UN-backed govt pays it money owed.

Eastern Libyan tribal elders met in in presence of CoS Nadhuri and reiterated support for HoR & Interim Govt

Odds & Ends.....

NEW MAP(acc. 2 preliminary reports): repels attack on Artillery Academy,counterattacks at the quarries.

Tangled Web indeed !

Wks ago, I noticed ISIS was asking around4 Portuguese translators part of build-up ahead of attempts to hit Olympics

NBC story on security at Olympics quotes official saying they haven't seen IS threat. Seriously? Here's 1 from today