Thursday, August 4, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... August 4, 2016 .... Quick Hits - 1. Markets & Market Moving News : US Stocks Tread Water Before Big Monthly Employment Situation Report ; Global Bond Prices Bounce After Bank Of England Eases Policy Thursday ; US Employment Report Not Seen As Providing Fireworks - We'll See In A Matter Of Hours ; Miscellaneous Items 2. Greece - News & Data For Thursday. 3. Turkey In Focus - Purge Items , EU Accession On The Rocks & Other Items Of Note. 4. EU/EZ In The News Today. 5. Odds & Ends.

Markets & Market Moving News....

Credit Suisse & Deutsche Bank are being dropped from the exclusive Stoxx 50 index next week

Thursday's trading session? Undecided

Bonds jump globally as BoE eases policy post-Brexit. Treasuries join rally after BOE announces asset purchases (BBG)

Don't expect much drama from tomorrow's jobs report

Will be interesting to see how market digests package of other measures , rate cut in line with expectations.

Chart (): Retail sales PMI for Germany, France, Italy -


Tsipras eyes southern EU alliance to back debt deal

Mouzalas says no sign refugee pact is failing but cautions about potential impact

Local authorities seek protection from bankruptcy

Documented Greek Unemployment Holds at 23.5% in May

PM Tsipras Invites Leaders from Six EU Countries to Athens in September

New arrears rise by 1.22 bln in Jun, total stock almost at 90 bln


Turkish accession on the rocks , says Germany , if death penalty brought back.

Turkey issues arrest warrant for US-based cleric Gulen over coup

US gauging if documents constitute formal request

US spox :We're still analyzing the docs re Gulen extradition to see if qualified for "official request." Erdogan wont like this

Juncker dismisses calls to halt Turkey membership talks

Opinion: Why does not belong in the EU, by


Here is the heart of the US conundrum regarding the Gulen extradition...

All Around EU/EZ.....

SNB going to be a big time bag holder whenever things go sideways...

Stunning data. In first poll since early July-Merkel approval -12 (to 47%)-Seehofer approval +11(to 44%.)

What we know regarding the Russell Square stabbing incident...

London assistant police commissioner says man detained over knife attacks in Russell Sq was a Norwegian national of Somali origin. ~

Fwiw , Police at this stage of their investigation ( Russell Square stabbings) , do not find evidence suspect had become radicalized.

Point of stress test would be what then ?

Morgan faces stiff hit in Italia...

Odds & Ends......

As "rebranding" is the in thing these days , what is rebranded word for "Ransom Payment" ? Just asking for a friend.

Just what Rio needed.... 🤕

Naturally , a million questions , remains to see if Rio has the answers.

More chaos from Rio...

Significant progress being made by SDF in Manbij...

Great news and the right call.

Bitfinex: we have no idea what is going on (except our system is f**ked)

Seems to be the case..

Bitfinex Releases Initial Relaunch Plans for Bitcoin Exchange

HRC jumps to 11 pt lead in PA, 9 in MI & 15 in NH. Sen Toomey (R-PA) down 1 to Dem. loved boasting abt polls in past. Not these days.

NOC will not lift force majeure on ports until it is paid its outstanding budget: NOC ... -

News blackout on events and casualties in Sirte after a bad first day for the new U.S. bombing campaign...

. talks ISIS, U.S. airstrikes, and the power struggle in Libya.