Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Economic News , Data & views ..... August 3 , 2016..... Quick Hits - 1. US Stocks Break 7 Day Losing Skid , Crude Oil Rises After Drop In Gasoline Inventories , Unicredit Still Under Pressure , Front-running US Market / Overview Asia & Europe. 2. EZ/ EU Matters De Jour. 3. Turkey Items - Purge , EU-Turkey Deal & More . 4. Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency Items - Bitifinex Hacked & Off-line , With Hack Attack Take Estimated Between 60-75 Million. 5. Wild Day For US Politics - Trump Campaign Coming Apart At The Seams ? 6. Odds & Ends.



Oil futures end 3.3% higher after drop in gasoline inventories


UniCredit shares plunge on capital worries after it posted a surprise fall in its core cap in Q2.

EZ  Items De Jour

What we know regarding the Russell Square stabbing incident...

UK - Police statement on London Russell Square knife attack this night.

Police say terrorism is one possibility in knife attack at London's Russell Square

Austria could start discussion among European leaders to end Turkish accession to the EU -as soon as mid-September.

. on Spain "probably no choice but to stop the illegal Catalan indyref using state security forces"

Canada-EU free trade deal "will now require approval in Europe's 38 national and regional parliaments" - Politico

No confidence in stress tests weighs upon Banks for a third day.

Today's must read article. Hands down

2. It's the story of a secretive body inside ISIS known as the Emni, which is responsible for ID'ing recruits for suicide attacks overseas

3. The story is based on over 100,000 pages of French, Belgian, German and Austrian investigative documents post-Nov 13 attacks.

4. But the real scoop is that we got a sit-down jailhouse interview with German ISIS operative Harry Sarfo, who was recruited by the Emni

Three members of Ukip's ruling NEC resign in protest at decision to exclude Woolfe from leadership race

Bank of England set to be focus on Thursday.Will expectations being set in some quarters , be dashed on the shoals ?

Turkey Updates....

U.S Secretary of State John Kerry to visit towards end of August

TURKEY: Erdogan begins arresting former ministers of his own AK Party -

Turkish authorities detain 21 academics in Kahramanmaras, 7 of them arrested by the court in the post-coup crackdown.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Ming to visit Turkey, express country's support for gov't, President Erdoğan

Turkish police seize millions of liras in Gülen raids

Greece wants ‘Plan B’ over Turkey’s stance to possibly quit EU migrant deal

Greece denies call for 'Plan B' in EU-Turkey migrant deal

foreign tourist arrivals -40.9% in June, the most on record. 11th straight monthly decline, also a record. /via

Erdogan shares his thoughts on how Europe and the West generally responded to the failed Coup attempt.

"Whenever something shocking and horrific happens in Turkey, the reflex is conspiracy"

Bitcoin / Digital Currency News......

Bitcoin is still a problem in search of a solution

The Bitfinex Bitcoin Hack: What We Know (And Don't Know)

So bitfinex were giving Bitcoin account holders option to lend their bitcoins to shorters to earn interest.

BTC-e "Ethereum Classic in the current circumstances is a scam." via /r/CryptoCurrency

US Politics.....

Manafort responds to the campaign in chaos rumors.

. reports Christie is not part of the intervention, sources say it's because he's still mad about the VP process.

Clinton ahead by 8% in new Ipsos national poll Clinton 43% Trump 35%

Extreme run for cover mode today....

NBC NEWS: Trump allies are plotting an intervention after disastrous 48 hours –

Just got off the phone with a top Trump donor and fundraiser. At wit's end. Expletive after expletive. Can't fathom what Trump is doing.

Medal of Honor recipient and Palin son-in-law Meyer: Trump needs to apologize to Khans.

In case you wondering why the GOP Party Leadership is desperate to dump Trump , take a look at the past 24 hours.

Things could be about to go nuts...

Odds & Ends....

Putting aside shoddy construction , it's the second incident of serious theft by a team inside Olympic Village.

Counterattack being beaten back..

Scores of Asian migrants left stranded and penniless in Saudi Arabia