Friday, August 12, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... August 12 , 2016..... Quick Hits - 1. Markets & Market Moving News : Dow & S&P 500 Post Weekly Gains After Backing Off Record Highs Earlier In The Day ; European Data - Germany & Italy GDP Data ; US Data - Retail Sales & PPI Disappoint ; Asia & Europe Markets/ News - Front-running. 2. Turkey Items De Jour - Purge , Geopolitics. 3. Libya - Domestic and International Political Updates. 4. Europe - Additional Items Of Note. 5. US Politics- Hot Stove Items From Presidential Election Season. 6. Odds & Ends.

Markets & Market Moving News .....

“It’s surreal." Value of negative-yielding bonds hits $13.4t...

Evidence of the ravenous, insatiable, dribbling hunger for yield and duration, from BAML.

Another bull get nervous , becomes a bear.......

The Dow and S&P 500 retreated slightly from their record highs but still posted weekly gains


Another blow to Renzi as ’s economy continues to disappoint. Q2 GDP stagnated vs +0.2% expected.

beats: German econ grew 0.4% in Q2, double the speed expected.


Retail Sales July 0.0% Exp. 0.4%, Last 0.6%

Similar to PPI , core retail sales were -0.1 (expectations + 0.3.) US Bond yields crashing -along w/ poor reports.

Huge miss on PPI today as final demand fell quite unexpectedly to -0.4 %. PPI had risen 0.5 % in June.

Chart: Crude oil rally continues -

Here we go again...rig count up as price bounces upward...

Asia overnight , Europe morning news and data , Wall Street Open looms.


This is being noticed finally....

Avoiding the purge...


3 hours ago
Erdogan demands US hand over Gulen. Ultimatum time. This won't go well for Erdogan.

7 hours ago
LATEST — Representatives from AK Party, CHP and MHP to meet again Tuesday, Aug 16 to discuss constitutional amendments, new constitution

Turkey ‘open to conditional terror law talks,’ says envoy to EU

Turkish court rules to seize all properties of Gulen.


Gatrani tears into Serraj .....

Jonathan Winer discusses unifying Libyan forces under Pres. council during visit to Jordan

Hassan Bouhadi resigns as (HoR-recognized) chairman of Libyan Investment Authority

Bouhadi has been disputing leadership with rival AbdulMagid Breish (recognized by GNA, previously by GNC), including in a London court

How long will it be until the GNA is dumped for the next "new and improved" internationally approved Gov't ?

Eastern region’s commander sacks Benghazi’s mayor, appoints a military official instead

Around The Horn In Europe....

Chart: Italian, Irish 10y yields hit new lows -

Findings of war reparations probe head to Parliament

Greek economy grows on quarterly basis but shrinks year-on-year

Number of migrants arriving in Italy rises 12% in July – EU agency via

Depending on what one opts to believe -Chief of Staff dismissed or reassigned , upon request by Aide in question.

Refugees in Greece learn to love the sea again

Inadvertent information on 's special forces in a byproduct of turmoil in Italian politics (M5S & more)

US Politics......

Now they tell us !

Longer Trump delays in releasing his tax returns , the more this can be a distraction from campaign issues.

Very interesting read -Trump Campaign allegedly frustrated with Trump statements undermining efforts of Campaign.

New NBC/Marist polls FL Clinton 44 Trump 39 VA Clinton 46 Trump 33 CO Clinton 46 Trump 32 NC Clinton 48 Trump 39

This is absolutely correct !

Odds & Ends.....

Parts of have seen nearly TWO FEET of rain in the past 24hrs. Major is expected

Interesting item as this is in Anbar Governate . Al Qaim neither in nor near Kurdish territory.

Definitely worth checking out when you get a minute. .

Manbij is completely liberated at 17:05, ANHA reports. So its now official.

7 hours ago
MANBIJ 12 AUG 2016. 1640 UTC. IS reported to have evacuated Al Sarb with 500 civilians. .

Bitfinex ‘Bail-In’ – New Financial System Offers Laboratory For Handling Unexpected Losses

Paris-based surrealist painter Ljubomir 'Ljuba' Popović, a Serb born in , dies after long illness aged 81

US Vice President Joe Biden to ask to recognise 's independence in meetings Tuesday: Danas

Breaking: Two injured in shopping centre shooting

Uppsala PhD student charged in in connection with Czech 'bitcoin poison plot'

Far-right Identitarian Movement comes under gaze of German spies

Danish rental firms 'con' foreign workers: report