Thursday, August 11, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views..... August 11, 2016.... Quick Hits- 1. Markets & Market Moving News : S&P 500 , NASDAQ & DOW Hit Record Highs - First time All Three Have done so since 1999 ; Despite Supply Concerns , Oil Hits A Three Week High - Buoyed By Another Set Of Production Freeze Comments - This Time From Saudis ; Europe Stoxx 600 Reflects Brexit Losses Now Erased ; Front Running - Asia Overnight , Europe Morning & Wall Street On Deck. 2. Turkey News For Thursday - Purge Related Items , Geopolitical Developments. 3. Syria Items De Jour. 4. Europe - Around The Horn Today. 5. Odds & Ends.

Asia Updates.....

PBoC Fixes Yuan Reference Rate At 6.6543 (prev 6.6255)

July New Loan only 463.6 bln Yuan! Exp 825 bln. M2 only 10.2%!! Exp 11.0%... A total disaster...

China July data:- Ind Prod: 6.0% (exp 6.1, last 6.2) Retail Sales 10.2% (exp 10.5 last 10.6) Worse than expected...

Markets & Market Moving News....

Party like it's 1999. S&P 500, Dow, Nasdaq hit records together for 1st time since 1999.

U.S. stocks climb to all-time highs thanks to jump in oil

Oil closes near 3-week high as Saudis hint at plan to stabilize crude market

And, to the surprise of , has lifted output nearly 1m b/d year-on-year, while is doing better than expected

Whatever the truth re: minister comments (mistake or selective leak), one thing clear: Riyadh very nervous about strategy

Nearly 2 years after November 2014 meeting, remains sub $50 a barrel and US oil isn't dead (and demand growth is slowing

Saudis have been making various and sundry statements like this for months , but have actually done nothing.

Europe stocks erase Brexit losses. Stoxx600 recovery lagged those of FTSE, which recouped losses in just 4days (BBG)

Asia overnight , Europe this morning , Wall Street on deck.

Turkey News For Thursday......

FM , tomorrow on Friday, will have a one-day trip to to meet president & FM Cavusoglu.


Turkey's Ambassador to Moscow: "Ankara is not opposed to Assad's leadership of Syria during political transition."

Turkey detains journalists and Serpil Berk. Number of detained journalists rises to 82.

Fleeing Erdogan's purge , Military Attaches and diplomatic personnel read tea leaves and take protective actions.

Erdoğan announces end of nationwide protests after failed coup attempt

At least 35,022 people have been detained in Turkey in the past three weeks on coup charges.

Turkey's foreign minister warned Turkey would consider leaving NATO if it does not come to its defense.

Around The Horn From Europe .....

Germany to ease deportations for migrant criminals

Millions of Group cars affected by keyless hack, say researchers

I think this is a very hard sell , under present circumstances.

And how long before other banks - Germany and Elsewhere In EU , take the same action ?

Hryvnia drops as Nato says it's 'deeply concerned' by Eastern Ukraine violence.

Migrant flows to Greek islands increase by 76%, after disputes between Ankara and Europe via

Syria Items To Consider....

Nusra commander defects to ISIS with his battalion

Detailed Look at Clashes for Strategic Roundabout in City (Maps, Photos) via

Military Situ Map Heavy storm is coming,SW will witness tough days HD version :

admin response via : “The US repeatedly condemned indiscriminate bombing…” [That’s not enough]

BREAKING: Minister: Turkey asks Russia to carry out joint operations against "common enemy" Islamic State in Syria.

Here are my latest comments on the battle for & its broader implications for , US, etc:

8 Air strikes on & city of , cutting water, & causing 22 killed and 55 wounded claim ISIS outlet

Odds & Ends....

A third person has been arrested in the investigation into an alleged scam involving airside security passes at Heathrow Airport

Macy's says it expects loss of $1 billion in revenue loss from closure of 100 locations

Valeant May Face Over $1b Damages, Covenants at Risk: Mizuho

Another massive explosion at a chemical plant in China.

Ukraine and Russian tensions spiking again..

Brig. Gen. al-Ghasri says likely to be completely liberated in next 2 days.

Just in from : Secret Service official confirms to that agency has spoken to Trump campaign regarding 2nd Amendment comments

MORE: The campaign told US Secret Service that Trump did not intend to incite violence.

Death Toll=97 total 62 Lawyers 29 Civilians* 02 TV Reporters* 01 Doctor* 03 Law enforcement staff* Severely injured *171. ISPR

French have withdrawn Specials Forces from Benghazi. .


If accurate- a serious split of opinion W/I DOJ on question of whether a public corruption probe was warranted.

Our original and only statement on the murder of US Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.