Saturday, July 23, 2016

Economic News & Views .... July 24 , 2016 ..... Quick hits For Sunday .... 1. Greece Updates : Clearance Of Single Property Tax (ENFIA) Exp To Be Completed By End-Jul, Payment In 5-mon installments ; Capital controls Set To Be Relaxed ; Refugees/ Migrants Numbers Increasing At Lesvos Again ; Next Wave To Greece Come From Turkish Political Seekers. 2. Turkey Political - Domestic & International , For Sunday. 3. Spain In Focus : EUC Wants To Halt EU Funds For Spain ; Spain Pays 300 MN In Pensions Annually To Dead People ; Catalan Separatists Outnumber Remainers For First Time. UK - News For Sunday. 5.Libya Political Developments For Sunday. 6. Odds & Ends.


Fiscal targets a priority for government

i(Aug-Dec), Alt FinMin says.

government published in the Government Gazette (the expected) relaxation of capital controls.

- 2 dinghies with 52 arrived on north coast this morning. Numbers are rising.

Greece Fears Wave of Political Asylum Seekers from Turkey

Migrants taken to safety on Lesvos

IOM: Nearly 3,000 Dead Crossing Mediterranean This Year


Placards condemning coup attempt, slogans for democracy. Organizers say 1000s to be distributed to crowd.

Turkey detains top Gulen aide after coup attempt

Mayor of Turkey's capital, Ankara, says US-based cleric Gulen is using djinns to capture his enemies. c

LIVE — CHP's Kılıçdaroğlu: We condemn all perpetrators of this coup attempt and its internal and external supporters

CHP, AKP supporters flock to Istanbul’s Taksim to jointly rally against coup

"Press freedom only threatens states that aren't willing to address own shortcomings" - Kılıçdaroğlu at

. calls on Turkey to renew its commitment to democratic values

LATEST — President Erdoğan to hold joint meeting with PM Yıldırım, CHP's Kılıçdaroğlu and MHP's Bahçeli on Monday

Amnesty says has 'credible evidence' of torture of Turkey coup attempt detainees

UPDATE: Turkish prosecutors are investigating people who claimed on social media that coup attempt was hoax carried out by the government

LIVE — CHP Group Deputy Chairman Altay: The coup attempt targeted parliamentary democracy in Turkey, not just AK Party and President Erdoğan

UPDATE: Turkey will hire 20,000 teachers to replace those sacked following failed coup attempt

Turkey says Gulen is more dangerous that Osama bin Laden

Big anti-coup rally in İstanbul later today. CHP & AKP rallying together. Pure science fiction until a few days ago. #

Gov’t introduces strict legal measures against plotters in State of Emergency decree

Turkey to shut down all Gülen-linked companies

Top Turkish diplomat vows to clean Foreign Ministry of Gülenist diplomats

rejects reference to Its developments at G-20 meeting despite massive cap flight.

Arrest warrant issued for 19 journalists in Antalya. 19 gazeteci hakkında yakalama kararı çıkarıldı

Turkey shuts down country's largest union of judges and prosecutors YARSAV in a major blow to rights of members of judiciary.

Turkey detained 8,831 army officers , 1,329 police, 2,100 judges and prosecutors, 52 civilian administrators and 689 civilians as of today

Number of generals/admirals detained (163) suggests that half of the army involved in the coup. Half of NATO's 2nd largest army is Gulenist?

Turkey seizes over 2,250 institutions in post-coup crackdown:


Spain pays €300m each year in pensions… to dead people

Catalan separatists outnumber 'remainers' for the first time


EU leaders are considering offering Britain a seven-year brake on immigration while retaining single market access.

UK's Hammond: Brexit path might be clearer later this year

G20 pledges to ‘proactively address’ Brexit fallout (but Germany says it the UK's problem)


Nat'l Oil Corp Chairman Mustafa Sanalla rejects unity govt deal w/ Ibrahim Jadhran (Oil Facilities Guard)

NOC's Mustafa Sanalla threatens to withdraw unity govt recognition over Jadhran deal

declares support for BenghaziDefenseBrigades & their "steadfastness" vs "French crusaders" siding w/"coupists"

ill-timed visit by to Ports has caused major ripples in 's landscape

Tripoli warns against fake online pages trying to usurp its identity

Tribes controlling 's eastern oil fields oppose & denounce agreement of UN envoy Kobler with criminal Jadran

's unnoticed terror region, old man hanged to death for unpaid ransom

Odds & Ends...

DNC Leaks....

The strange Odysseus known as the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign....and let's not forget Hillary's Email-gate.

Bernie Sanders calls for Wasserman Schultz to resign in wake of DNC email leaks

DNC leader won't speak at Dem convention after email leak

Leaked emails show Clinton-Sanders split ahead of Democratic convention


UPDATE: Munich gunman left behind a long manifesto on his computer, which authorities are currently investigating.

Update - German prosecutors say the number of people injured in shooting has risen to 35 including 10 people with serious injuries

BREAKING: Bavarian investigators: Munich shooter planned attack for a year.

gunman spent a year planning attack: officials

Munich shooter purchased gun via Darknet - clears up mystery as to how he obtained his weapon.