Saturday, July 23, 2016

Economic News & Views - July 23 , 2016..... Quick Hits -- 1. Trying To Understand Horrible Tragedy In Munich , Which Has Left Ten Dead - Mainly Children. 2. Turkey Purge Updates - Latest Action In Unfolding State Of Emergency and Ongoing Purge. 3. ISIS Attack In Kabul - Extremely Deadly Attack At Peaceful Protest Over Lack Of Electricity , Perhaps First By Al Qaeda In Afghanistan. 4. Odds & Ends.


there is some unconfirmed evidence that shooter was Shiite Muslim that converted to Christianity, German Interior Minister says

Interior minister: some evidence that shooter had converted to Christianity - but not confirmed

Interior minister: some evidence gnat shooter had converted to Christianity - but not confirmed

Security cabinet: Chllr , FM , different Ministers+heads of security agencies convene.

Munich police presser: shooter most likely ran amok, no discernible links to IS, no polit background

Munich police: most victims children, youngest 14 years old


Turkey pledges to protect democracy as purges continue, rattling allies

Gift from God allowed opportunity of a lifetime...

The conundrum...

Turkey to ready dossier for Gulen extradition in 10 days: Foreign Minister

Turkey detains nephew of the man it claims was behind the attempted coup

State seizures now decreed by Sultan...

Key perception "The pressing question is: why this deep bias against Turkey & ill-will toward current leadership?"

Turkey's Erdogan, using emergency decree, shuts private schools, charities, unions

Is the friendship between Turkey and the West turning to hostility?

Purge continues - Sacked / suspended / detained totals - more than 86,000 people.

1,200 soldiers have been released after failed coup in Turkey, as authorities seek those who fired upon civilians

The number of detained generals and admirals involved in the coup attempt rises to 133. Turkey has 358 generals and admirals.

Erdogan issues decree that includes draconian measures for fired public employees such as: sacked police can't be even a private guard.

Erdogan under econ pressure as his purge has wiped out $35bn of 's market cap, equals to 17% of total value.

Turkey shuts down 15 universities, 934 schools, 104 foundations, 109 dormitories, 35 hospitals, 1,125 associations, 19 unions today.

Opinion: Turkey on its way to becoming an Islamic autocracy


Releases Statement Regarding Suicide Attack.

Daesh claims twin blast that killed at least 80 during protests in Afghanistan's Kabul

Update: 64 dead and 236 wounded in today's Kabul attack.

JUST IN: ISIS claims credit for Kabul bombing that kills at least 61

Dozens killed and wounded in Kabul demo twin suicide attack.

A man walks ahead of the tens of thousands of protesters in with "justice" inked on his forehead.

Afghan Hazara minority protest in Kabul over power line


Anti-GNA forces in are mobilizing their supporters against the Prez Council.

Difficult times ahead for the presidential council in . Either overthrown, or coerced into submission.

8 hours ago
Al-Monitor: Saif attempting to come up with a plan to reunify , already has tribal support

Libyans protesting against intervention in , at the entrance of naval base

Odds & Ends....

He's probably right.

The case for war with Saudi over 9/11 stronger than the one used against Afghanistan or Iraq

OECD Gurria calls for public aid for banks as bail-in rules made on assumption banks had been cleansed. (BBG)

Hillary Clinton has chosen Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) to be her running mate.

Catalan separatists outnumber 'remainers' for the first time

Spain's ABC newspaper borrows from Dali to report PM Mariano Rajoy might delay forming gov. Muy bien!

Ciudadanos' Albert Rivera tells El País: "I'm going to tell the King to ask Sánchez to abstain".

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim: there has been a very loud rejection of globalisation in the West. We need more trade and globalisation.