Sunday, July 17, 2016

Economic News & Views ...... July 17 , 2016 ...... Looking At The Key Stories Of The Week : 1. Turkey - A Look Back At The Coup , Pondering What Comes Next For Turkey , Early Market Reactions - Middle East Only Showing Modest Stocks Declines. 2. Nice Attack Aftermath - Investigation Underway & More Arrests Made. Examination Of Security Failures and Overall Status. 3. UK Politics In Review , Exit From EU Planning. 4. Odds & Ends.


Erdogan explaining why the Coup failed .....

There'll be no stopping Erdoğan now: 's Dexter Filkins on the purge after the coup

Number of blocked news websites reached 17 in Turkish government's media crackdown after

authorities to arrest dozens of government-critical high-profile journalists in the coming days: pro-govt source

Turkish anonymous AKP twitter accnts start listing names of critical journalists who r allegedly to be arrested soon. /via

BREAKING: Turkish military declares the end of the coup attempt and declares it is under complete authority of the state

: President 's military aid Yazici detained over alleged involved in coup attempt.

gov't blocks independent newssites incl.

Pentagon says that US resumes anti ISIS operations out of Incirlik

US access denied and power cutoff , as Turkey demands extradition of Gulen.

BREAKING: John Kerry says Turkey must provide strong evidence if it wants transfer of Gulen

LIVE – PM Yıldırım: Our armed forces should not be mistaken for the Gülenist Terror Organization which attempted the coup


: We will formally submit a request to to hand over .

German FM Steinmeier applauds Turks for 'defying the tanks'


Over 400 judges, prosecutors detained in after thwarted attempt

Commander of Incirlik airbase has been arrested along with 10 soldiers and 1 police chief, turkey

LIVE: Funeral service for victims after coup attempt in

Erdogan keeps taking advantage of the "gift from God " failed coup...

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ says around 6,000 suspects arrested over failed coup & more to follow

Tsipras tells Erdogan soldiers' asylum requests will be examined 'quickly,' official says

On Satrd, Erdogan called Tsipras, who told him asylum procedure will b 'quick' but wt 'absolute respect to international law+human rights'

govt officials estimate and procedures could take two weeks

Commentary: Will Turkey's failed coup break up Erdogan's echo chamber?

Turkey's Deputy PM to investors: We are in charge, no need to worry

Turkey's coup attempt captured in dramatic images

PICS: The failed coup attempt turned into a war zone. Over 260 people have died.

Turkey’s failed coup gives its president a chance to seize more power

So far Erdogan has accused i) the US and ii) a 77-year-old living in PA of masterminding his staged coup

BREAKING: Turkey's Labour Minister says the US is to blame for coup attempt if it does not hand over Fethullah Gulen, cleric in Pennsylvania

's bungled putsch: a strangely 20th century coup that forget coup rule #1: First you have seized the leader.

My Turkish source says this looks more like theatre than coup. Long interesting view here

Mideast stock drop very modestly after coup attempt failed. DFM declines 0.5%, Abu Dhabi’s ADX down 0.1%.


Perhaps the killer did have accomplices , after all.

Here's where things stand. Summary From The Telegraph...

Security Failure ....

Scores still hospitalized after truck attack in , as details emerge on attacker

Lorry driver in researched route earlier in the week, French media reports

A man and a woman have been arrested over the on

: “I am close to every family, and the entire French nation,” who are in mourning

Blaming LGBT and multiculturalism for is wrong.

Two new arrests in ’s truck massacre case

Nice attacker carefully planned carnage, sent $110,000 to family before

Security and Counter-terrorism shock waves hit after

UK Politics  In Review , Exit From Eu Planning....

Realistic scenario: EEA interim while long term deal sorted.

Nice Overview Of Theresa May's Making Of her Cabinet...

Ten civil servants of highest calibre are applying for every individual job in Dept for Exiting the EU - says on

Great to see people like coming back into government

WATCH Owen Smith: It Would Be "Tempting" to Block Brexit [VIDEO]

Here are all the new junior ministerial appointments made overnight >>>


No more denial: let’s accept the inevitable and fight for the best Brexit we can

Trade deal planning...

. and I discussed our strong trade relations + how we can continue to deepen them– Min Freeland

I'll bet you a fiver she won't.....

A cautionary tale for 'the 48%' about public appetite for revisiting the question

Odds & Ends.....

FWIW - 1 Suspect dead , " possibly" two others at large. Note this is still a very fluid situation .

Note Louisiana Gov. Jon Bel Edwards uses term "perpetrators" , seems to confirm East Baton Rouge Sheriffs' Office.

Today: Venezuelans crossing the border to buy food in Colombia.,

Fwiw.....Johnson going to be more of a factor than Stein , but third parties will be a factor in November.

Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: Scary Time Always a must read !

The most explosive chart for Renzi: Suggests that Euro has killed 's economy & lowered living standard.

Spanish Caretaker Gov't pledges to take action to avoid budget deficit fine by EU

Never-ending Spanish Elections ? -

Last night there were 545 at Horgoš alone, mainly Afghans, according to the UN refugee agency

It is turning into a bottleneck after Hungary tightened controls on June 5, with only 10-15 of the 100-200 entering Serbia each day leaving

Mostly women & children among hundreds stuck at Horgoš on 's border with : UNHCR